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Paks Város Önkormányzata | Published December 31, 2016  -  Deadline February 13, 2017

The National Stadium Development Program under completion at Paks football sports facility construction and development works.

The National Stadium Development Program under completion at Paks football sports facility construction and development works.

In order to ensure continuous operation of the facility authorities carried out four phases of construction, the builder would like to place on the scheduled proceeding.

Implementation a) complete, turnkey construction on the basis of a valid building permit and other permits, as well as the detailed design documentation.

prepared and sanctioned b) the documentations submitted become very necessary project documentation.

Purchase c) In addition to the required building permits for construction and construction permits, property, services, user contributions.

all the permits required d) The startup, acquisition, ownership and service providers, operators contributions.

Quantitative characteristics of the design:

Demolished facilities:

Current főlelátó gross built-up area: 12.63 x 35.57 = 449.25 sqm.

Other elements built around the existing stadium (pavements, unused utilities, fences, smaller buildings, additional building and boxing hall building parts, mounted on stands).

Facilities to be held:

Contractor's job to protect the listed facilities, preservation during the construction works.

The basic data to be established football stadium:

Planned built-up area: 932.7 m² 3.

Planned paved surface: 6 557.43 m².

Planned total useful floor area of ​​2 266.17 m².

of which:

- The bleachers 1 719.71 m²,

- B grandstand 405.20 m²,

- C grandstand 59.67 m²,

- V grandstand 81.59 m².

Maximum building height: 7.94 m.

Precast concrete structures: 930.8 m³.

Steel supporting structure: to 165.33.

Other service facilities:

service roads, parking lots, sidewalks, installation of utilities, environmental planning, establishment locsolókút within the plot.

The construction work planned basic function:

- Football Stadium;

- Ticket offices, dressing rooms, maintenance areas, by sector canteens and toilets,

SKY-boxes, the VIP grandstand,

- Crafted media premises,

- Server operations management offices, meeting rooms.


Execution date of delivery of the work area (within 5 days of signing the contract) technical handover procedure completion, and not a final occupancy permit obtaining 120 days.

The work area will be transferred to the beat I, at the same time.

III. pace associated workspace handed over to 2016-17. It will be made within five working days after the last round of the year NB1.

The workspace is opened in Annexes I and II. days after the rate of occupancy permit becomes final will be held.

Match Day 3 hours before the match start of the work to be completed, the work area must be closed and deleted.

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