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Architectural design services

Debrecen Megyei Jogú Város Önkormányzata | Published January 3, 2017  -  Deadline February 6, 2017

completion of the Great Forest of Debrecen complex construction program, project approval and construction planning tasks.

During the planning phases of successful change is needed based on the following criteria:

according to a) required placement of a bar one) element of the program diagram The design of the two-floor sun terrace at the back;

in accordance with b) a pool of water in the course Plant facing the wall, independent development of the necessary 10 jacuzzi 2) Figure component of the program;

c) water walls in the plant according to court three) elements of the program and to the extent Figure green plant walls should (could) be replaced;

The wave function is necessary to determine retention;

e) on the western side of the design space required for placement of relaxation according sodrómendence 5) Figure component of the program;

necessary f) entertainment planned employment information system.

The contractor originally planned to revise it becomes eligible, but must be borne in mind that contracting right person bringing the recast is in contact with protecting the integrity of the work into account and to this end in the recasting exercise to seek the original designer (Ribbed Peter N 01- 4760).

The planning area is divided into four separate parts, as follows:

Design size subfield area.

development area for beach facilities can accommodate 56 067 m².

provided for the purpose of hotel development space.

(Building, civil engineering, but rest area, sports fields can be placed) 8649 m².

, To be attached to a local area within the beach area planning Border Protection (only sport, recreation and play function structures can be established) 18 103 m².

Development coated on street travel walkway pallagi 5756 m².

The Old Theatre surface parking next to renovation of 2516 m².

Planning a total area (less any existing areas of design, construction design, not being the subject of floor space) 91 091 m².

As a result of the development of public-use facility will be created at the same time that is suitable for 5000-6000 people.

Licences for obtaining assistance and conduct the necessary consultations, the designer responsible for the trade-related regulatory and licensing fees charged to the Customer.

The detailed design documentation shall be made on paper eight copies and 2 copies in digital format (CD / DVD).

The digital delivery requirements:

- Delivered the complete design documentation DWG or AcrobatReader (PDF) format, corresponding to the printed documentation structure.

- The documentation is delivered every element editable formats:

- The text files and spreadsheets in MS Office (or equivalent) format,

- AutoCAD drawing files (or equivalent) format,

- .xls File extension is priced and unpriced budget.

A detailed job description include additional procurement documents.

The seven-month time limit specified maximum time limit for preparation of individual plans.

Road-repair works

Debrecen Megyei Jogú Város Önkormányzata | Published December 31, 2016  -  Deadline February 3, 2017

within the framework of a contract to carry out road maintenance works Debrecen administrative area.

within the framework of a contract to carry out road maintenance works Debrecen administrative area. The purchases are intended to correct errors arising from maintenance work on roads of Debrecen City is located in the administrative area until 12.31.2019.

The contractor responsible for the administrative area of ​​the city of Debrecen in the paving, respectively. accordingly improve járdaburkolatban errors resulting technical requirements described in the applicable standards.

the amount of road maintenance works: 242 000 m² + 20%, net 1,454,976,000 HUF their financial allocations, further specified in procurement documents.

The unit price of a contract.

Contractor is also responsible for the demolition, construction debris, waste, unnecessary excavation and removal within a 15 km radius, acceptance landfill charges.

Where the procurement documents Contracting Authority may make, type, origin, patents or trade marks referred to, there may only have been taken to identify clearly the current nature of an equivalent product Biddable (Govt. Decree 321/2015. (X. 30.) § 46 (3)).

Afforestation services

Hortobágyi Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság | Published January 3, 2017  -  Deadline February 10, 2017

7 Enterprise framework agreement in "the supply of forest management tasks Hortobágyi National Park (approx. 440 hectares in total)" subject.

Contractor shall:

- Tuskózásos complete soil preparation,

- Pasty soil preparation,

- Tuskózás,

- Deep plowing,

- It's hard to dial,

- Smoothing dialing,

- Subsoiling,

- Hand sapling planting,

- Machine seedling planting,

- Drilling pit csemetének,

- Gödörfúrós seedling planting,

- Cutting supplements,

- Acorns Throw,

- Stacking,

- Inline dialing,

- Inline stem-crushing,

- Sorkapálás,

- Sorkaszálás,

- Mowing,

- Szárzúzózás,

- Sarjleverés,

- Herbicide treatment,

- Trimming,

- Alarm wild-fold treatment,

- Implementation of Logging harvest,

- Implementation of Logging thinning,

- To conduct Cleaning,

- Cutting Cleaning,

- Hole Drilling (column)

- Construction of Fence,

- Demolition Fence,

- Expand uncultivated areas.

A more detailed description of the task documentation.

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