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Building construction work

Τεχνικό Επιμελητήριο Ελλάδας | Published December 2, 2016  -  Deadline March 14, 2017
Building construction work

Construction work for highways, roads

Υπουργείο Υποδομών, Μεταφορών και Δικτύων / Γ.Γ.Υ. / Γ.Δ.Σ.Υ. / Διεύθυνση Οδικών Υποδομών (Δ.Ο.Υ.) | Published December 28, 2016
Construction of highways, roads

Motorway construction works

Εγνατία Οδός Α.Ε. | Published January 3, 2017  -  Deadline February 21, 2017

Basic design of the project is the construction of Toll Station of Thessaloniki on Egnatia Street, as reflected in the CMD 6686 / 11.14.2014. The technical scope of the project includes the necessary widening road works, construction of retaining walls and shifting side roads, where required, for the configuration and construction of the toll station hopper, the construction of suitable roads, construction administration building and bungalows collectors, islets the supply and installation of E / M equipment, the construction of the steel roof and signage - insurance in the toll station area and any other work that it becomes the toll station ready for operation. The project included excavation work, technical, paving, asphalt, lighting, signage - road safety, construction, water supply, sewerage and E / M installations and equipment.

As in II.1.4.

Parts of machinery for mining, quarrying and construction

Δημόσια Επιχείρηση Ηλεκτρισμού Α.Ε./Διεύθυνση Υλικού και Προμηθειών | Published December 20, 2016  -  Deadline January 31, 2017
Parts of machinery for mining, quarrying and construction

Construction work for highways, roads

Υπουργείο Υποδομών και Μεταφορών / Γ.Γ.Υ. / Γ.Δ.Σ.Υ. / Διεύθυνση Οδικών Υποδομών (Δ.Ο.Υ.) | Published December 24, 2016  -  Deadline February 7, 2017

The project will be implemented within the administrative boundaries of the Prefecture of Ilia. The construction works are to:

46 + 500, 9km long, adapted to new alignment. Note that performed at venues unfinished earthworks of another contractor.

46 + 016).

(C) New and upgradeable lateral and vertical paths.

(D) Other projects Synod.

(E) Work remaining in manufactured / imikataskefasmena technical.

(F) Green Works.

(G) Temporary variations roads and traffic arrangements during construction works.

The project will be implemented within the administrative boundaries of the Prefecture of Ilia. The construction works are to:

46 + 500, 9km long, adapted to new alignment. Note that performed at venues unfinished earthworks of another contractor.

46 + 016).

(C) New and upgradeable lateral and vertical paths.

(D) Other projects Synod, namely sewerage storm - drainage, signage projects - Security - fencing, engineering structures (Upper and Lower Crossings, culverts, etc.), environmental projects, road lighting facilities, telephone services, irrigation - firefighting networks, Others

(E) Work remaining in manufactured / imikataskefasmena technical (Upper & Lower Crossings and culverts) to artful completion.

(F) Green Works.

(G) Temporary variations roads and traffic arrangements during construction works.

The subject of the project to construct included a performance of any kind of earthworks (with relevant borrow and apothesiothalamon projects), engineering structures (bridges, Upper and Lower crossings, culverts, curbs, paving, etc.), and slope stability works improving behavior works against depressions (decontamination), paving, asphalt, marking (vertical and horizontal), security, fence for road works, sewerage-drainage, electrical installations (street lighting, irrigation, infrastructure telephone services, pumping, etc.) green installation, irrigation green, green maintenance, displacement - restoring PUO networks, etc.

The Project Owner may exercise an option for an additional amount of up to 3 EUR 300 000 (including VAT). This right can be exercised at any time within three years after the conclusion of the Convention which relate to the implementation work:

- For widening existing 3,50km long route around the AK Kyllini until the junction with the PEO Patras - Pyrgos

- For the reconstruction of the pavement PEO length of about 3 km.

Highways engineering services

Εγνατία Οδός Α.Ε. | Published December 23, 2016
Engineering services related to construction of motorways

Motor vehicles

Δήμος Καλλιθέας | Published December 31, 2016  -  Deadline January 30, 2017

Supply of three (3) new vehicles (one (1) garbage press, one (1) VAN type truck and one (1) small pickup truck with reversal) for the needs of the Municipality cleaning Kallithea to be used in the collection, waste bulky Objects, boxes, debris, etc.

Garbage car (which consists of a frame and superstructure) have a compression system of the press type garbage capacity of sixteen (16) cubic meters and a bucket elevator system to be used for waste collection in the Municipality of Kallithea. Be suitable for loading waste with high water content and high volume waste, and meet all the existing provisions to permit the circulation in Greece legally authorized. For this reason it must be absolutely new, unused, recent construction, recognized type and manufacturer with good reputation in Greece and abroad.

All requirements of the technical specifications are essential and inviolable, the existence of any deviation would mean rejection of the bid. At the rear of the car must be no specific steps and handles to stand, be supported and held in the collection of garbage two workers, certainly.

The useable exploitable specific load of the car scrap compressed in accordance with its potential and existing regulations must be greater than or equal to 425 kg per cubic meter of useful volume of the superstructure (ie 16 m3 x 425 kg / m3 = 6800kg, beneficial to waste). The refuse collection vehicle comprises drive frame suitable for construction of a refuse collection (collection and transport of waste). The vehicle identification type is 4x2. The total gross load will be less than 19 tonnes.

As a total payload vehicle load is considered the balance to the same weight of the frame and blank ...

Wind farm

Ανώνυμη Εταιρεία Διαχείρισης Ανανεώσιμων Πηγών Ενέργειας με διακριτικό τίτλο ΔΕΗ Ανανεώσιμες Α.Ε. | Published December 24, 2016  -  Deadline January 30, 2017

Study, supply, transportation, installation and commissioning of one (1) new wind farms totaling 7.5 MW in place Palaiopyrgos - partridges Toplou Sitia, Crete.

The following are included in the scope of the Project:

1. The planning, design, industrialization, manufacture, supply, testing in factories, transportation and storage location, assembly, erection, installation, testing in situ of BP, commissioning equipment, operation and maintenance until the approval of the CA temporary acceptance protocol and then for fourteen (14) years with the signing of the relevant Agreement operation and maintenance of the CA, which will be activated with the signing of the Protocol provisional acceptance of the CA, as specifically provided for in Article 2.6 of the Issue "Call" and described in Issue 12 "Basic Minimum Terms Agreement Operation and Maintenance".

2. Further, the provision of any required technical service, planning, design and construction of the necessary infrastructures namely Electrical works and civil engineering, as well as all required auxiliary facilities, implementation of the Supervisory Control and Metering System controlling and monitoring the operation of CAs remotely around the clock via computer network and specialized software, measuring the power curve of a wind turbine of AP, the calculation of the availability of the CA, the measurement of BP noise, full training the entity personnel, the connection of the AP to the network and, finally, the delivery of the CA, as specifically described and analyzed in the tender documents.

Civil Engineering works include internal roads (new or improve existing) access to the A / C of CA, improving or even the opening of a new external access road to the AP (if necessary) explicitly excluding such authorization, the .. .

Wind farm

Ανώνυμη Εταιρεία Διαχείρισης Ανανεώσιμων Πηγών Ενέργειας με διακριτικό τίτλο ΔΕΗ Ανανεώσιμες Α.Ε. | Published December 24, 2016  -  Deadline January 31, 2017

Study, supply, transportation, installation and commissioning of eleven (11) wind parks of total capacity 24,30 MW in the following locations: Marmari Evia power 5,40 MW, Perdiki 0.90 MW power Ikaria, Agios Ioannis power Karpathos 0.90 MW, Sigri Lesvos power 2,70 MW, Lookout Limnos 0.90 MW power Lakakia Pythagorion Samos 1,80 MW power Melanios Chios 2,70 MW power, Prophet Elias Psara power 1,80 MW, Rivers power Chios 0.90 MW, Pan power Mykonos 1,80 MW and moms Tinos 4,50 MW.

The following are included in the scope of the Project:

1.The design, study, industrialization, manufacture, supply, testing in factories, transportation and storage location, assembly, erection, installation, testing on site of the wind farm (CA) the commissioning of the equipment, operation and maintenance until the adoption of the Protocol of provisional acceptance of the CA and then for fourteen (14) years with the signing of the relevant Agreement operation and maintenance of the CA, which will be activated with the signing of the interim Protocol receipt of the CA, as specifically provided for in Article 2.6 of the Issue "Call" and described in Issue 12 "Basic Minimum Terms Agreement Operation and Maintenance".

2.Peraitero, the supply of any required technical service, planning, design and construction of the necessary infrastructures namely Electrical works and civil engineering, as well as all required auxiliary facilities, implementation of the Supervisory Control and Metering System for control and monitoring of the CA operating remotely around the clock via computer network and specialized software, measurement of wind turbine power curve (one per type a / C all CAs) and the availability of CA, the measurement of noise CA (only CA Perdiki Ikaria and moms Tinos), full training of entity personnel, connecting ...

Services related to the oil and gas industry

Δημόσια Επιχείρηση Αερίου (ΔΕΠΑ) ΑΕ | Published December 31, 2016  -  Deadline February 3, 2017

"Providing Operational Support Services DEPA SA" as described in detail in volume II - General contract conditions Article 1 Object Services Declaration. The services will be provided every day during working days and hours (five days a week for eight hours a day), during which it signed the Convention.

The objective of this competition is to Provide Operational Support Services for the period from 03/01/2017 until 28/02/2019, namely:

- Support of International Projects.

- International Operations Support.

- Risk / Portfolio Management.

- Trading Management.

- Trade Policy Support.

- Customer Contract Management.

- Commercial Affairs Support.

- Procurement Management Procurement Gas.

- Support Topics Procurement Gas.

- Support Energy Analyses to the International Market NG

- Trade Issues Distribution Support.

- Subsidiary Monitoring.

- Monitoring and Supervision of Construction.

- Conventional and Technical Project Monitoring.

- Topics Support Managing Authority and Sufficiency.

- Studies and Support of Special Corporate Development Projects.

- Support Aeriokinisis Project Team.

- Regulatory Affairs Support.

- Operational Planning and Training Business Plans.

- Development Services Information Systems and Procedures.

Transport equipment and auxiliary products to transportation

Δήμος Καλλιθέας | Published January 12, 2017  -  Deadline February 10, 2017

Supply of two new machines "one (1) Bucket (crane) and one (1) Wheel excavator-loader" for the needs of the Municipality of Kallithea services (cleaning, green, lighting).

The supply to aerial vehicle should be at least new 17,5m working height and 8 meters horizontal working. It consists of car and superstructure frame with lifting mechanism and is sturdily built. It is a recognized type, known and good reputation factory, will bring

CE marked in accordance with EU directives and Greek legislation and should be built based on the Directive 2006 / 42cm and be consistent with EN 280: 2013. The weights per axle and other components must comply with the applicable provisions to enable the vehicle to travel safely and legally in the Greek roads, for minimum working load basket 220 kg. Charging the axles with full load dependency must not exceed the maximum permissible limits by the manufacturer. Under construction of the mechanism the arms in the car will be based will be placed the necessary markings and other distinguishing marks to be determined by the Municipality. The factory should have sufficient expertise for specific procurement, for this reason copies of sales invoices must be submitted, and corresponding certificates proving that the factory has supplied to at least three (3) Greek market elevators the last three years . There will be a full electric lighting installation according to current traffic regulations They will be equipped with the necessary lighting and sound systems.

With the delivery of the machine - the vehicle will lodge:

A) Certificate AA lifting capacity from certified body renewed every two years (GG 1186/2003).

B) of the CE manufacturer declaration of conformity.

C) maintenance book and manuals.

D) Type approval.

To the Prom ...

Office refurbishment and related infrastructure works

Det Europæiske Agentur for Net- og Informationssikkerhed | Published December 20, 2016  -  Deadline January 25, 2017

Formålet med denne udbudsprocedure er at indgå en bygge- og anlægskontrakt vedrørende »kontorrenoveringsarbejder« i forbindelse med agenturets lokaler beliggende på Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Attiki, GRÆKENLAND.

Bygge- og anlægsarbejder, elektromekanik- og infrastrukturarbejder planlægges udført på stueetagen af ovennævnte kontorbygning. En generel beskrivelse af arbejderne, der skal udføres, er vist nedenfor. En detaljeret liste over arbejder stilles kun til rådighed for de godkendte ansøgere i anden fase af denne udbudsprocedure.

Bygge- og anlægsarbejder: herunder indre skillevægge, indervægge, belysningsarmaturer, glaspartier og døre, sanitetsartikler og badeværelsesfliser, maling af alle vægge og lofter.

Elektromekaniske arbejder: tilpasning af elektromekaniske installationer (belysning, elnet, opvarmning/køling, it-infrastruktur, alarmsystem, tv-overvågningssystem, branddetekteringssystem, adgangskontrolsystem, osv.) for at dække behovene i forbindelse med den nye indretning af området.

Ziel dieses Ausschreibungsverfahren ist der Abschluss eines Bauvertrags über „Bürorenovierungsarbeiten“ in den Räumlichkeiten der Agentur mit der Anschrift Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Attiki, GRIECHENLAND.

Es ist vorgesehen, dass im Erdgeschoss des oben genannten Bürogebäudes Bau-, Elektromechanik- und Infrastrukturarbeiten ausgeführt werden. Eine allgemeine Beschreibung der auszuführenden Bauarbeiten ist nachstehend angegeben. Eine ausführliche Aufstellung der Bauarbeiten wird nur den zur zweiten Phase dieses Ausschreibungsverfahrens zugelassenen Bewerbern zur Verfügung gestellt.

Bauarbeiten: umfassen die inneren Zwischenwände, Innenwände, Beleuchtungsvorrichtungen, Glastrennwände und Türen, Sanitärkeramik und Badfliesen sowie den Anstrich aller Wände und Decken.

Elektromechanische Arbeiten: Neuanpassung der elektromechanischen Anlagen (Beleuchtung, Stromnetze, Heizung/Kühlung, IT-Infrastruktur, Alarmanlage, Videoüberwachungsanlage, Brandmeldeanlage, Zugangskontrollsystem usw.), um die Bedürfnisse im Zusammenhang mit der Neugestaltung der Flächen abzudecken.

The objective of this tender procedure is to conclude a works contract for ‘Office refurbishment works’ for the Agency's premises situated at Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Attiki, GREECE.

Construction, electro-mechanical and infrastructure works are envisaged to be carried out on the ground floor of the abovementioned office building. A general description of works to be performed is provided below. A detailed list of works will only be provided to the approved applicants at the second stage of this tender procedure.

Civil works: including internal partitions, internal walls, lighting fixtures, glass partitions and doors, sanitary ware and WC tiles, painting of all walls and ceilings.

Electro-mechanical works: readjustment of electro-mechanical installations (lighting, electrical networks, heating/cooling, IT infrastructure, alarm system, CCTV system, fire detection system, access control system, etc.) to cover the needs of the new layouts of the area.

El objetivo del presente procedimiento de licitación consiste en celebrar un contrato de obras para la ejecución de «Obras de reacondicionamiento de oficinas» de las instalaciones de la Agencia ubicadas en Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Attiki, GRECIA.

Se ha previsto la realización de obras de construcción, de infraestructura y electromecánicas en la planta baja del edificio de oficinas anteriormente mencionado. A continuación se incluye una descripción general de las obras que se realizarán. Únicamente se facilitará una lista detallada de las obras a los solicitantes seleccionados en la segunda fase del presente procedimiento de licitación.

Obras civiles: incluidos tabiques, paredes interiores, dispositivos de iluminación, mamparas y puertas de cristal, sanitarios y azulejos de los baños, pintura de todas las paredes y techos.

Obras electromecánicas: reajuste de las instalaciones electromecánicas (iluminación, redes de electricidad, calefacción y refrigeración, infraestructura informática, sistema de alarma, sistema de circuito cerrado de televisión, sistema de detección de incendios, sistema de control de acceso, etc.), para atender las necesidades de las nuevas disposiciones de la zona.

Tämän tarjousmenettelyn tavoitteena on urakkasopimuksen tekeminen toimistojen kunnostustöitä varten Euroopan unionin verkko- ja tietoturvaviraston toimitiloissa, jotka sijaitsevat osoitteessa Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Attiki, KREIKKA.

Rakennustöitä, sähkömekaanisia töitä ja infrastruktuuria koskevia töitä suunnitellaan toteutettaviksi edellä mainitun toimistorakennuksen pohjakerroksessa. Yleiskuvaus suoritettavista töistä annetaan jäljempänä tässä ilmoituksessa. Yksityiskohtainen luettelo töistä toimitetaan vain hyväksytyille hakijoille tämän tarjousmenettelyn toisessa vaiheessa.

Rakennustyöt: mukaan luettuina sisäiset väliseinät, sisäiset seinät, valaistuslaitteet, lasiseinät ja -ovet, saniteettikalusteet ja WC:n laatat, kaikkien seinien ja kattojen maalaus.

Sähkömekaaniset työt: sähkömekaanisten asennusten (valaistus, sähköverkot, lämmitys/jäähdytys, tietotekninen infrastruktuuri, hälytysjärjestelmä, videovalvontajärjestelmä (closed circuit television – CCTV), paloilmoitinjärjestelmä, kulunvalvontajärjestelmä jne.) mukauttaminen alueen uusiin pohjapiirroksiin liittyvien tarpeiden täyttämiseksi.

L'objectif de la présente procédure d'appel d'offres est de conclure un contrat portant sur des travaux de réaménagement de bureaux dans les locaux de l'Agence situés Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Attiki, GRÈCE.

Des travaux de construction, des travaux électromécaniques et d'infrastructure sont prévus au rez-de-chaussée de l'immeuble de bureaux visé ci-dessus. Une description générale des travaux à réaliser figure ci-après. Une liste détaillée des travaux sera uniquement fournie aux candidats retenus au second stade de la présente procédure d'appel d'offres.

Travaux de génie civil: comprenant cloisons et murs intérieurs, dispositifs d'éclairage, cloisons et portes vitrées, équipements sanitaires et carrelages des toilettes, peinture de tous les murs et plafonds.

Travaux électromécaniques: réadaptation des installations électromécaniques (éclairage, réseaux électriques, chauffage/refroidissement, infrastructure informatique, système d'alarme, système de télévision en circuit fermé, système de détection d'incendie, système de contrôle d'accès, etc.) afin de répondre aux exigences des nouveaux aménagements de l'espace.

Ο στόχος της παρούσας διαδικασίας διαγωνισμού είναι η σύναψη σύμβασης εργασιών για «Εργασίες ανακαίνισης γραφείων» για τις εγκαταστάσεις του Οργανισμού που βρίσκονται στη διεύθυνση Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Attiki, ΕΛΛΑΔΑ.

Προβλέπεται ότι θα εκτελεστούν κατασκευαστικές, ηλεκτρομηχανολογικές εργασίες και εργασίες υποδομών στο ισόγειο του προαναφερθέντος κτιρίου γραφείων. Κατωτέρω παρέχεται γενική περιγραφή των προς εκτέλεση εργασιών. Λεπτομερής κατάλογος εργασιών θα παρασχεθεί μόνον στους εγκεκριμένους υποψηφίους κατά το δεύτερο στάδιο της παρούσας διαδικασίας διαγωνισμού.

Έργα πολιτικού μηχανικού: συμπεριλαμβανομένων εσωτερικών διαχωριστικών, εσωτερικών τοίχων, διατάξεων φωτισμού, γυάλινων διαχωριστικών και θυρών, ειδών υγιεινής και πλακιδίων τουαλετών, βαφής όλων των τοίχων και οροφών.

Ηλεκτρομηχανολογικές εργασίες: αναπροσαρμογή ηλεκτρομηχανολογικών εγκαταστάσεων (φωτισμός, ηλεκτρικά δίκτυα, θέρμανση/ψύξη, υποδομή πληροφορικής, σύστημα συναγερμού, κλειστό κύκλωμα τηλεόρασης, σύστημα ανίχνευσης πυρκαγιάς, σύστημα ελέγχου πρόσβασης κ.λπ.) για την κάλυψη των αναγκών των νέων διατάξεων του χώρου.

L'obiettivo della presente procedura di gara è concludere un contratto di lavori relativo ai «lavori di rinnovo degli uffici» per i locali dell'Agenzia situati in Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Attiki, GRECIA.

Sono previsti lavori infrastrutturali, elettromeccanici e di costruzione da eseguire al piano terra dell'edificio per uffici summenzionato. Una descrizione generale dei lavori da eseguire è fornita di seguito. Un elenco dettagliato di lavori sarà fornito solo ai candidati ammessi alla seconda fase della presente procedura di gara.

Opere civili: comprendenti tramezzi interni, pareti interne, impianti di illuminazione, pareti vetrate e porte, sanitari e piastrelle delle toilette, tinteggiatura delle pareti e dei soffitti.

Lavori elettromeccanici: riassetto degli impianti elettromeccanici (illuminazione, reti elettriche, riscaldamento/raffreddamento, infrastruttura informatica, sistema d'allarme, sistema televisivo a circuito chiuso, sistema di rilevamento incendi, sistema di controllo dell'accesso ecc.) per soddisfare le esigenze relative alle nuove disposizioni dell'area.

De doelstelling van deze aanbestedingsprocedure is het sluiten van een overeenkomst voor werken inzake „kantoorrenovatiewerkzaamheden” voor de kantoren van het Agentschap op het volgende adres: Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Attiki, GRIEKENLAND.

Er zijn bouw-, elektromechanische en infrastructuurwerkzaamheden gepland die moeten worden uitgevoerd op de benedenverdieping van het voornoemde kantoorgebouw. Hieronder is een algemene beschrijving weergegeven van de werkzaamheden die moeten worden uitgevoerd. Een gedetailleerde lijst van de werkzaamheden wordt enkel verstrekt aan de geselecteerde aanvragers tijdens de tweede fase van deze aanbestedingsprocedure.

Civiele werkzaamheden: onder meer aan interne scheidingswanden, binnenmuren, lichtarmaturen, glazen wanden en deuren, sanitaire elementen en wc-tegels, schilderwerken van alle wanden en plafonds.

Elektromechanische werkzaamheden: het bijstellen van elektromechanische installaties (verlichting, elektriciteitsnetten, verwaming/koeling, IT-infrastructuur, alarmsysteem, CCTV-systeem, branddetectiesysteem, toegangscontrolesysteem, enz.) om te voldoen aan de behoeften van de nieuwe inrichting van de ruimte.

O objetivo do presente concurso consiste em celebrar um contrato de empreitada de obras para «Obras de modernização de escritórios» para as instalações da agência situadas em Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Attiki, GRÉCIA.

Estão previstas obras de infraestruturas, eletromecânicas e de construção, a realizar no rés do chão do edifício de escritórios supramencionado. É disponibilizada abaixo uma descrição geral das obras a realizar. Será disponibilizada uma lista pormenorizada das obras apenas aos candidatos aprovados na segunda fase do presente concurso.

Obras de construção civil: incluindo divisórias internas, paredes internas, aparelhos de iluminação, portas e divisórias em vidro, azulejos e louças das instalações sanitárias, pintura de todos os tetos e paredes.

Obras eletromecânicas: readequação das instalações eletromecânicas (iluminação, redes elétricas, aquecimento/refrigeração, infraestrutura TI, sistema de alarme, sistema de televisão em circuito fechado, sistema de deteção de incêndios, sistema de controlo de acessos, etc.) para satisfazer as necessidades das novas disposições da zona.

Målet med detta upphandlingsförfarande är att teckna ett byggentreprenadkontrakt för kontorsrenoveringsarbete för byråns lokaler belägna på adressen Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Attiki, GREKLAND.

Avsikten är att utföra anläggningsarbeten, elektromekaniska arbeten och infrastrukturarbeten på bottenvåningen i ovannämnda kontorsbyggnad. En allmän beskrivning av de arbeten som ska utföras ges nedan. En detaljerad förteckning över arbeten kommer endast tillhandahållas de sökande som godkänns under den andra etappen av detta upphandlingsförfarande.

Anläggningsarbeten: Inbegriper inre skiljeväggar, innerväggar, belysningsarmatur, skiljeväggar och dörrar av glas, sanitetsgods och badrumskakel samt målning av samtliga väggar och tak.

Elektromekaniska arbeten: Omjustering av elektromekaniska anläggningar (belysning, elnät, uppvärmning/kylning, IT-infrastruktur, larmsystem, CCTV-system, system för branddetektering, system för åtkomstkontroll etc.) för att täcka behoven för områdets nya utformning.

Cílem tohoto nabídkového řízení je uzavřít smlouvy o provedení prací v rámci projektu „Práce na renovaci kanceláří“ v prostorách agentury na adrese Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Attiki, ŘECKO.

Počítá se s tím, že stavební práce, práce na elektromechanickém vybavení a infrastruktuře budou provedeny na přízemí výše uvedené kancelářské budovy. Níže je uveden obecný popis prací, které budou provedeny. Podrobný seznam prací bude poskytnut jen schváleným uchazečům v druhé fázi nabídkového řízení.

Stavební práce: včetně vnitřních příček, vnitřních zdí, svítidel, skleněných příček a dveří, hygienického zařízení a kachlíčkového obložení na toaletách, vymalování veškerých stěn a stropů.

Elektromechanické práce: přizpůsobení elektromechanických zařízení (osvětlení, elektrické sítě, vytápění/chlazení, IT infrastruktura, poplašný systém, systém průmyslové televize, systém detekce požáru, systém kontroly vtsupů atd.) na pokrytí potřeb nového rozvržení prostor.

Pakkumismenetluse eesmärk on sõlmida ehitustööde leping ENISA büroohoone remontimise tööde kohta. See hoone asub aadressil Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Atika, KREEKA.

Eespool nimetatud büroohoone 0-korrusel tuleb teha ehitustöid, elektromehaanikatöid ja infrastruktuuritöid. Tehtavate ehitustööde üldkirjeldus on esitatud allpool. Ehitustööde üksikasjalik loetelu esitatakse heakskiidetud taotlejatele käesoleva pakkumismenetluse 2. etapis.

Tsiviilehitustööd: sh sisevaheseinad, siseseinad, valgustid, klaasvaheseinad ja -uksed, sanitaarseadmed, tualettruumide kahhelkivid, kõigi seinte ja lagede värvimine.

Elektromehaanikatööd: elektromehaaniliste paigaldiste (valgustus, elektrivõrgud, kütmine/jahutamine, IT-infrastruktuur, häiresüsteem, videojärelevalvesüsteem, tulekahjude avastamise süsteem, juurdepääsukontrolli süsteem jne) ümberseadistamine, et need vastaksid uue asendiplaaniga ruumide vajadustele.

A pályázati eljárás általános célkitűzése az ügynökség Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Attiki, GÖRÖGORSZÁG címen lévő telephelyén végzett „irodafelújítási építési beruházás”-sal kapcsolatban építési beruházásra irányuló közbeszerzési szerződés megkötése.

Építési, elektromechanikai és infrastrukturális építési beruházást terveznek a fent említett irodaépület földszintjén. Alább látható a teljesítendő építési beruházások általános leírása. Az építési beruházások részletes felsorolását csak a jóváhagyott jelentkezők kapják meg a pályázati eljárás második szakaszában.

Magas- és mélyépítési munkák: többek között: belső térelválasztók, belső falak, világítási szerelvények, üveg térelválasztók és ajtók, szaniteráruk és WC csempék, falak és mennyezetek festése.

Elektromechanikai munkálatok: az elektromechanikai berendezések ismételt beállítása (világítás, elektromos hálózatok, fűtés/hűtés, IT-infrastruktúra, riasztórendszer, CCTV rendszer, tűzjelző rendszer, beléptető rendszer stb.) a terület új elrendezéséből adódó igények kielégítése céljából.

Šios pirkimo procedūros tikslas – sudaryti darbų sutartį dėl biuro atnaujinimo darbų agentūros patalpose, esančiose Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Attiki, GRAIKIJA.

Minėto biurų pastato vestibiulyje numatoma atlikti statybos, elektromechanikos ir infrastruktūros darbus. Bendras darbų, kurie bus atliekami, aprašymas pateikiamas toliau. Išsamus darbų sąrašas bus pateiktas tik patvirtintiems pareiškėjams antruoju šios pirkimo procedūros etapu.

Statybos darbai: vidaus pertvarų, vidaus sienų, apšvietimo įrenginių, stiklo pertvarų ir durų, santechnikos gaminių ir tualete esančių plytelių, visų sienų ir lubų dažymo.

Elektromechanikos darbai: elektromechanikos įrenginių (apšvietimo, elektros tinklų, šildymo / aušinimo, IT infrastruktūros, signalizacijos sistemos, apsauginės vaizdo stebėjimo (AVSS) sistemos, gaisro aptikimo sistemos, prieigos valdymo sistemos ir kt.) pritaikymas siekiant patenkinti naujų ploto schemų poreikį.

Šīs konkursa procedūras mērķis ir noslēgt būvdarbu līgumu par biroja atjaunošanas darbiem aģentūras telpās, kas atrodas Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Attiki, GRIEĶIJĀ.

Paredzēts veikt būvdarbus, elektromehāniskus un infrastruktūras darbus iepriekš minētās biroju ēkas apakšstāvā. Turpmāk sniegts veicamo darbu vispārīgs apraksts. Detalizēts darbu saraksts tiks sniegts tikai apstiprinātajiem pieteikumu iesniedzējiem šīs konkursa procedūras otrajā posmā.

Civilceltniecības darbi aptver iekšējās starpsienas, iekšējās sienas, gaismekļu armatūru, stikla starpsienas un durvis, sanitārtehnikas piederumus un tualetes flīzes, visu sienu un griestu krāsošanu.

Elektromehāniskie darbi: elektromehānisko iekārtu (apgaismojums, elektrotīkli, apkure/dzesēšana, IT infrastruktūra, signalizācijas sistēma, videonovērošanas (closed-circuit television – CCTV) sistēma, ugunsgrēka signalizācijas sistēma, piekļuves kontroles sistēma u. c.) noregulēšana, kas nepieciešama, lai apmierinātu jaunā teritorijas plānojuma vajadzības.

L-objettiv ta' din il-proċedura tas-sejħa għall-offerti hu li jsir kuntratt ta' xogħlijiet ta' rranġar mill-ġdid tal-uffiċċji' għall-bini tal-Aġenzija li jinsab f'Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Attiki, IL-GREĊJA.

Ix-xogħlijiet tal-kostruzzjoni, elettro-mekkaniċi u tal-infrastruttura huma previsti li se jitwettqu fis-sular ta' mat-triq tal-binja tal-uffiċċji hawn fuq imsemmija. Hawn taħt qiegħda tingħata deskrizzjoni ġenerali tax-xogħlijiet li jridu jsiru. Il-lista ddettaljata tax-xogħlijiet se tingħata biss lill-applikanti li jkunu approvati fit-tieni fażi ta' din il-proċedura tas-sejħa għall-offerti.

Xogħlijiet ċivili: inkluż il-partixins interni, il-ħitan interni, il-fittjaturi tad-dawl, il-partixins tal-ħġieġ u l-bibien, l-oġġetti sanitarji u l-madum tad-WC, iż-żebgħa tal-ħitan u s-soqfa.

Xogħlijiet elettro-mekkaniċi: l-aġġustament mill-ġdid ta' installazzjonijiet elettro-mekkaniċi (id-dawl, in-netwerks tal-elettriku, it-tisħin/it-tkessiħ, l-infrastruttura tat-TI, is-sistema tal-allarm, is-sistema għall-idditektjar tan-nar, is-sistema tal-kontroll tal-aċċess, eċċ.) biex ikopru l-ħtiġijiet tat-tifsiliet ġodda.

Ogólnym celem postępowania o udzielenie zamówienia jest zawarcie umowy o roboty związane z remontem biur w siedzibie Agencji pod adresem Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Attiki, GRECJA.

Przewiduje się wykonanie robót budowlanych, elektromechanicznych i infrastrukturalnych na parterze oraz na pierwszym i drugim piętrze budynku biurowego wspomnianego powyżej. Ogólny opis robót, które należy wykonać, jest zawarty poniżej. Szczegółowy wykaz robót otrzymają wyłącznie zakwalifikowani wnioskodawcy na drugim etapie postępowania o udzielenie zamówienia.

Roboty inżynieryjne: w tym przegrody wewnętrzne, ściany wewnętrzne, oprawy oświetleniowe, szklane przegrody i drzwi, wyposażenie sanitarne i płytki w toaletach, malowanie wszystkich ścian i sufitów.

Roboty elektromechaniczne: dostosowanie instalacji elektromechanicznych (oświetlenia, sieci elektrycznych, ogrzewania/chłodzenia, infrastruktury komputerowej, systemu alarmowego, telewizji przemysłowej, systemu wykrywania pożaru, systemu kontroli dostępu itd.) odpowiednio do zapotrzebowania związanego z nowym układem przedmiotowych pomieszczeń.

Cieľom tohto súťažného konania je uzatvoriť zmluvu na vykonanie prác pre „Práce na obnove kancelárií“ v priestoroch agentúry, ktoré sa nachádzajú na adrese Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Attiki, GRÉCKO.

Práce na výstavbe, elektromechanické práce a práce na infraštruktúre sa budú podľa plánov vykonávať na prízemí vyššie uvedenej kancelárskej budovy. Všeobecný opis prác, ktoré sa majú vykonať, sa nachádza nižšie. Podrobný zoznam prác bude poskytnutý len schváleným uchádzačom v druhej fáze tohto súťažného konania.

Stavebné práce: zahŕňajúce vnútorné časti, vnútorné steny, osvetľovacie telesá, sklenené deliace steny a dvere, sanitárny tovar a obkladačky na toaletách, maľovanie všetkých stien a stropov.

Elektromechanické práce: úprava elektromechanických zariadení (osvetlenie, elektrické siete, vykurovanie/chladenie, IT infraštruktúra, poplachový systém, systém uzavretého televízneho okruhu, požiarny detekčný systém, vstupný kontrolný systém atď.) na pokrytie potrieb nových úprav priestoru.

Splošni cilj tega razpisnega postopka je sklenitev naročila gradenj za „Dela za obnovo pisarn“ v prostorih Agencije na Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Atika, GRČIJA.

Predvidena so gradbena, električna in strojna ter infrastrukturna dela v pritličju prej omenjene pisarniške stavbe. Splošen opis del, ki jih je treba izvesti, je podan v nadaljevanju. Podroben seznam del bo izbranim ponudnikom na voljo v drugi fazi tega razpisnega postopka.

Gradbena dela: vključujejo notranje pregrade, notranje stene, razsvetljavo, steklene pregrade in vrata, sanitarno opremo in ploščice na straniščih, pleskanje vseh sten in stropov.

Električna in strojna dela: ponovna prilagoditev električnih in strojnih napeljav (razsvetljava, električna omrežja, ogrevanje/hlajenje, infrastruktura IT, alarmni sistem, sistem za video nadzor, naprave za odkrivanje ognja, sistem za nadzor dostopa itd.) za potrebe nove ureditve prostorov.

Is é cuspóir an nós imeachta tairisceana seo conradh oibreacha a dhéanamh maidir le 'hOibreacha athchóirithe oifige' le haghaidh áitreabh na Gníomhaireachta atá suite ag Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Attiki, AN GHRÉIG.

Tá oibreacha tógála, leictrimheicniúla agus bonneagair réamh-mheasta le déanamh ar an mbunurlár den fhoirgneamh oifigí thuasluaite. Tá cur síos ginearálta ar na hoibreacha atá le déanamh curtha ar fáil thíos. Ní chuirfear liosta mionsonraithe de na hoibreacha ar fáil ach do na hiarratasóirí faofa ag dara céim an nós imeachta tairisceana seo.

Oibreacha sibhialta: leana n-áirítear spiaraí inmheánacha, ballaí inmheánacha, feistis soilsithe, spiaraí agus doirse gloine, earraí sláintíocha agus tíleanna leithris, na ballaí agus na síleálacha uile a phéinteáil.

Oibreacha leictrimheicniúla: suiteálacha leictrimheicniúla a athchoigeartú (soilsiú, líonraí leictreacha, téamh/fuarú, bonneagar TF, córas aláraim, córas TCI, córas braite dóiteáin, córas rialaithe rochtana, srl) chun riachtanais leaganacha nua an limistéir a chlúdach.

Целта на тази тръжна процедура е сключването на договор за строителство за „Дейности по обновяване на офис“ за помещенията на агенцията, намиращи се на Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Attiki, ГЪРЦИЯ.

Предвидено е строителните дейности, електро-механичните дейности и инфраструктурните дейности да бъдат извършени на приземния етаж на горепосочената офис сграда. По-долу е предоставено общо описание на строителните дейности, който ще се извършват. Подробен списък на строителните дейности ще бъде предоставен само до одобрените кандидати на втория етап на тази тръжна процедура.

Строителни дейности: включително вътрешни разделителни стени, вътрешни стени, осветителни тела, стъклени преградни стени и врати, санитарно-хигиенни изделия и фаянсови плочки за тоалетна, боядисване на стени и тавани.

Електро-механични дейности: допълнително регулиране на електро-механични инсталации (осветление, електрически мрежи, отопление/охлаждане, ИТ инфраструктура, алармена система, CCTV система, система за засичане на пожари, система за контрол на достъпа и т.н.), за да се покрият нуждите по новото оформление на площта.

Obiectivul acestei proceduri de licitație este de a încheia un contract de lucrări pentru „lucrări de renovare a birourilor” pentru sediul agenției situat la adresa Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Attiki, GRECIA.

Lucrări de construcții, electromecanice și de infrastructură sunt prevăzute a fi realizate la parterul clădirii de birouri menționate mai sus. O descriere generală a lucrărilor care urmează să fie executate este furnizată mai jos. O listă detaliată a lucrărilor va fi furnizată numai candidaților selectați în a doua etapă a acestei proceduri de licitație.

Lucrări civile: inclusiv pereți despărțitori interiori, pereți interiori, corpuri de iluminat, pereți despărțitori și uși din sticlă, obiecte sanitare și faianță și gresie pentru toalete, zugrăvirea tuturor pereților și plafoanelor.

Lucrări electromecanice: reajustarea instalațiilor electromecanice (iluminat, rețele electrice, încălzire/răcire, infrastructură informatică, sistem de alarmă, sistem CCTV, sistem de detectare a incendiilor, sistem de control al accesului etc.) pentru a acoperi nevoile noilor configurații ale suprafeței.

Cilj je ovog postupka nadmetanja sklapanje ugovora o radovima za „Radove sanacije ureda” za prostorije Agencije na adresi Vasilissis Sofias 1, Marousi, Atika, GRČKA.

Zamišljeno je da se građevinski, električarski, mehanički i infrastrukturalni radovi provode u prizemlju prethodno spomenute uredske zgrade. Općeniti opis radova koje je potrebno provesti naveden je u nastavku. Detaljni popis radova bit će dostupan samo odobrenim natjecateljima u drugoj fazi ovog postupka nadmetanja.

Građevinski radovi: uključujući unutarnje pregrade, unutarnje zidove, rasvjetu, staklene pregrade i vrata, sanitarije i pločice u zahodu, bojanje svih zidova i stropova.

Električni i mehanički radovi: podešavanje električnih i mehaničkih instalacija (rasvjete, električnih mreža, grijanja/hlađenja, IT infrastrukture, alarma, sustava videonadzora, sustava za otkrivanje požara, sustava za nadzor pristupa, TV mreže) radi obuhvaćanja potreba uslijed novog rasporeda prostora.

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