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Road viaduct construction work

Cofiroute | Published January 31, 2017  -  Deadline February 27, 2017
45221121, 45233110, 45261100

Running a viaduct situated on the A85 motorway, in the department of Indre et Loire: Langeais viaduct.

Work will be performed in highway service.

The work concerns an indication the following: earthworks, foundations, civil engineering, structural steelwork, sanitation, roads, facilities.

A digital model (Building Information Modelling "BIM") will be performed at runtime.

The book draws attention Maitre candidates on particularly complex technical specifications related to highway operating constraints in service as well as environmental constraints.

The project involves:

- To build a viaduct 1 x 2-way, parallel to the existing apron,

- Connecting the book to the motorway network configuration 2 x 2 channels.

For this, it is especially to perform:

- The performance of studies

- Facilities and access,

- The engineering structure (mixed double girder type viaduct)

- Connecting the structure to the current section,

- Culverts, sewerage and drainage,

- Earthworks,

- Interim and final supports,

- Pavement and annexes (emergency stop strips and medians)

- Deviations or arrangements of various networks,

- Own equipment to the operation of the book:

- Vertical and horizontal signs,

- Safety devices,

- The emergency call network.

- Work on the existing structure (modification restraints, signage, removing the metal cornice bank etc.).

- Achievement and providing a digital model (Building Information Modellin "BIM") at runtime.

- The perfect completion

The viaduct building has the following main features:

Viaduct Langeais:

Largeu ...

Construction, foundation and surface works for highways, roads

Cofiroute | Published January 28, 2017  -  Deadline March 2, 2017
45233000, 45100000, 45240000, 45112000, 45233292, 34928230, 45340000

The section of the A28 motorway concerned by the work presents a cross section in 2x2 and Strips Emergency Stop (BAU). BAU have a width of 2.50 m. The 2x2 have widths of 3.50 m to the slow lanes and 3.00 m for expressways. The operation consists in final configuration profiles across this section with the width of highways 3.00 m to 3.50 m with a broadening out. This means the final configuration of the cross sections also require treatment of singular points specified in the tender documents of companies.

The enlargement of the cross section of the section is provided on a line of about 42 km highway.

The enlargement of 0.50 m is to be performed by outside and in each direction.

The expansion work includes:

- Sanitation achievement,

- Earth / fill / subgrade

- Ground work in line with the enlargement of BAU,

- Metal restraints and concrete,

- Horizontal and vertical signage,

- Dynamic equipment,

- Markings.

- Demolition and reconstruction of an acoustic screen (including foundations) of about 450 m 2 .

Construction work for pipelines, communication and power lines, for highways, roads, airfields and railways; flatwork

Soc. publ. local aménagt. Rueil Aménagement | Published February 16, 2017  -  Deadline March 15, 2017
45230000, 45316000

Framework agreement - development work - ZAC Arsenal.

Lot 1: earthworks / VRD / fountains / green areas.

Lot 2: electricity / lighting / SLT / low current.

Earthmoving / VRD / fountains / Green spaces.

Electricity / lighting / SLT / low currents.

Health and safety consultancy services

Cofiroute | Published January 24, 2017  -  Deadline March 3, 2017

of safety coordination and protection of one category of health (according to Law No. 93-1418 of 31.12.1993 and its implementing decree No. 94-1159 of 26.12.1994) for the design and implementation, carried on motorways in service of the development of the A11 motorway project corresponding to the enlargement to 2x3 lanes north bypass of Angers, notably including rights of way clearance, earthworks, drainage and sanitation, demolition, construction or enlargement of 'highway structures, structures for protection and water treatment, roads, communication recoveries, screens and barricades acoustic protection, provisional and final safety equipment, horizontal and vertical signage, landscape planning.

SPS coordination of the mission, in design and construction phases, regarding the proposed development of the A11 motorway in the north of Angers between the exchanger Angers Centre (No. 15) and the exchanger Angers- West (No. 17).

The operation includes:

- The development of a 3- th lane on the A11 in both directions between the viaduct and exchanger excluded Maine Angers-West (No. 17)

- The development of a 3- th lane on the A11 between the viaduct included Maine and exchanger Angers Centre (No. 15) resulting in the doubling of the viaduct Maine.

The viaduct building has a length of about 550 m with spans of up to 63.5 meters for the longest.

The market is broken down into tranches:

- Firm phase: Phase link design with the contractor for the parts between junction 15 and junction 17, including the doubling of the viaduct Maine

- Optional slice: Phase achievement for the expansion of the motorway section to 2x3 lanes between the overpass and interchange excluded Maine Angers West No. 17.

The terms of strengthening optional tranches will be specified in ...

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