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Construction work for electricity power lines

Syndicat energies de l'Isère — SE38 | Published April 25, 2017  -  Deadline May 22, 2017
45231400, 45232200, 45232210, 45232300

- construction and reinforcement of electricity distribution networks and structures, HTA or BT, by air, underground or on façades, with or without coordination with other networks,

- construction of related infrastructure for telecommunication and cable networks.

Building construction work

Conseil général de l'Isère | Published April 14, 2017  -  Deadline May 22, 2017
45210000, 45231112, 45112500, 45262210, 45223220, 45261000, 45261213, 45261420, 45421150, 44316500, 45421140, 45421152, 45442110, 45432111, 45331000, 45232460, 45311200, 45223720

The project involves the construction of a building (area 644 square meters) including: at R 1, a dressing room area, office, rest room for the ERC, as well as local PMI for permanence; home, physician office and bathroom activities / in DRC, garage storage area includes 3 bays, 1 bay workshop and storage facilities for equipment and tooling. External technical area is equipped with: a covered salt shed of 500 t of a signaling storage area, a work shed pozzolan, of a central brine 15m 3 , Of a loading dock, a washing area, with a fuel service station, a material storage area and a parking area véhicules.Forme market: Ordinary . Award of a contract for each lot.

Excavation - HHT.

Special foundations.

Big work.

cladding structure.

Cover steel tray.


exterior and interior joinery.

Steel carpentry - Locksmith.

Dubbing - Partition - Ceiling - Painting.


Heating - ventilation - sanitary.


Gas station.

Construction work

Conseil général de l'Isère | Published April 15, 2017  -  Deadline May 24, 2017
45000000, 45262660, 45223220, 45262500, 44114210, 45261100, 45421150, 45421152, 45442110, 45432100, 45311200, 45330000, 45331000, 45313100, 39181000, 45231112, 39221000

The work involves a major restructuring of all local college for 3500 square meters of renovated space in 3 buildings and include a small extension of 200 square meters and its outdoor spaces (a sports field, a parking lot, and playgrounds). The transaction included all up to standard for ERP (accessibility, electricity, plumbing, insulation thermique¿). The operation will take place in occupied site and 2 phases.forme market: ordinary. Award of a contract for each lot.

Asbestos removal deconstruction.

Shell, masonry, micro-piles, steel structure and timber, cover, seal, door, exterior joinery aluminum and PVC, external insulation, cladding, exterior paints.

interior wooden joinery equipment, dubbing walls, false ceilings, interior paints, flooring panels, tiles, tiles, colored concrete screed.

Electricity, high and low voltage.

Plumbing, ventilation, heating.


Benching, science rooms.

various channels and networks.

Kitchen equipment.

Cogeneration plant construction work

Grenoble Alpes Métropole | Published April 6, 2017  -  Deadline May 2, 2017

Service contract for the realization of the new heat production unit (NUP) / "Biomax" ZAC peninsula in Grenoble. Lot 1 - biomass generator and flue gas treatment.

Design, supply, installation and commissioning of a generator with its treatment of smoke from biomass fuel (wood class A) to comply with current regulations.

Cogeneration plant construction work

Grenoble Alpes Métropole | Published April 19, 2017  -  Deadline May 15, 2017

Service contract for the realization of the new heat production unit "Biomax" ZAC peninsula in Grenoble. Lot 2 - storage and handling biomass.

Design, supply, installation and commissioning of the reception, preparation, handling and storage of biomass from the generator to the unloading.

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

SEM Innovia | Published March 23, 2017  -  Deadline May 9, 2017

The project management market concerns the development of the triangle of Oxford, in the North section of the Avenue des Martyrs and Place de la Resistance. The market is divided into a firm phase and two optional phases defined as follows: firm phase: control of mission work of the Oxford Area public spaces and Martyrs Avenue North - optional tranche 1: control of mission work of the future location the Metrocable station. Optional Unit 2: project of mission near the reconfigured watersports. The estimated cost of the work is known. It follows a final provisional estimate, the amount (VAT) broken down as follows: € 2,550,000 VAT for the firm tranche - 250 000 EUR HT for optional Unit 1 - 200 000 EUR HT for the optional tranche 2. this final provisional estimate was arrested at the stage of the draft in 2015.

Project management mission includes the following missions: pro, act, exe, det and Aor.

This project management mission also includes the following additional tasks:

- Additional Mission 1: Appropriation of april and phasing of firm and optional phases,

- Complementary mission No. 2 UCI,

- Complementary mission No. 3 amo with the SEM Innovia for Assistance in the delivery of books to the licensing authority,

- Complementary mission No. 4 project manager for the implementation of the provisions of articles L 554-1 et seq. And R 554-1 et seq. Of the Environmental Code,

- No. 5 complementary mission of technical coordination with projects in interaction,

- No. 6 complementary mission of developing yards synthesis plans.

Provision of scenic design and construction for the exhibition: "Country Heritage in Isère Voiron '

Conseil general de l'isere | Published April 10, 2017  -  Deadline May 24, 2017

consultation No. A17DCP-FD008 Benefit scenic design and construction for the exhibition: "Country Heritage in Isère Voiron '

Pipelaying construction work

Grenoble – Alpes Métropole | Published April 7, 2017  -  Deadline May 4, 2017
45231110, 45232411, 45232150, 45232440

Substitution - securing the drinking water supply of Vif Public and Le Gua - siting or renewal of wet and dry networks.

Framework agreement with a maximum and a trader. Total orders for the initial duration of the framework agreement is defined as maximum threshold 3.35 million euros before tax. For the initial period. The framework agreement is concluded for a period of 2 years from the notification of the contract. The contracting entity has decided not to launch the consultation in separate lots for the following reasons: the object of the contract does not identify distinct benefits.

District heating

Grenoble Alpes Métropole | Published April 19, 2017  -  Deadline May 29, 2017
09323000, 45232140, 45251250, 71321200

This is a global public market performance combining design, implementation, and maintenance operation went through a contracting entity in the relevant procedure on a competitive basis, and including some benefits to the overall price and some benefits to purchase orders.

This contract includes a part of the overall price for services (referred to as Part A mission in parts of the market):

Part A: design, construction and operation and maintenance, in a process of continuous improvement of performance, a boiler and a wood energy heating system with extra gas, serving - for their heating needs and, for some, DHW - heating consumer buildings Gières town center: municipal buildings, condominiums, businesses;

This contract further includes a portion of benefits in the form of a framework agreement to purchase orders with maximum and an economic operator (called Part B missions in parts of the market):

Part B: as part of a schedule of unit price, design, implementation and operation and maintenance during the contract period, extensions of the heating system (including substations in the future buildings subscribers) .

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