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Motorway construction works

APRR | Published January 10, 2017

A6 - strengthening bearing capacities underpasses, concrete repair, reprofiling work.

Strengthening bearing capacity, concrete repair, reprofiling roadways.

Motorway construction works

APRR | Published January 11, 2017  -  Deadline February 16, 2017

The work involves renewing the road surface and the bonding layer full width (4 lanes + BAU), and promptly repair of concrete slabs and IBC.

The work will include a firm section and an optional slice. As an indication the main estimated quantities are:

- Planing: 152,000 m2 (including 33% in optional tranche)

- EB10 made friends: 152,000 m2 (including 33% in optional tranche)

- EB10 rolled 157 000 m2 (including 36% in optional tranche).

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