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Support services for railway transport

SNCF Réseau | Published November 28, 2017
Tribunal administratif

Services for the safety of personnel with regard to railway traffic during the construction of EOLE project sites.

The contract includes the following tasks: manual traffic announcements, SE assistance, LTV assistance, self-propelled lorry management, perchage site electrical protection, operational safety representative, S9 service provider, SE service provider, SE LTV service provider and LTV , VT / SE service provider, SM service provider, support for work trains, logistics management of the Vernouillet work base and safety supervision mission.

Building internal fittings

SNCF | Published June 18, 2016  -  Deadline July 7, 2016

Channel Terminal * Landscaping Lounge inside the N + 2 and pending redevelopment and shops Airport Lounge

This call for applications concerns 2 lots:

- Lot 1 - Second works (TCE) which includes:

=> Demolition and removal of existing equipment and licensed

=> Construction of commercial hulls (without interior)

=> Redevelopment Waiting (including: architectural treatments and times: soils, paint, lighting)

=> Expectations and network preparation work for installation of specific equipment subsequent train (passenger information screens, signage etc.)

- Lot 2 - furniture includes:

=> Installation of other movable framework contract SNCF (controlled outside the market) by phasing

The work of Lots 1 and 2 will be made in site under Customs and heavily exploited. Night Work is expected.

Site preparation work

SNCF | Published January 17, 2017  -  Deadline February 9, 2017
45100000, 45111100, 45223810, 45223220, 45310000, 45316100

- Asbestos, lead removal and cleaning of premises in the grip of future renovations

- Dismantling after asbestos removal, parking EFFIA of way,

- Cleaning of previously neutralized networks

- Demolition of commercial hulls and equipment rooms,

- Creation of site access,

- Partial demolition of paving and creation of new paving,

- Setting up scalable site cantonments

- Establishment of site isolation partitions,

- Establishment of a lighting, a security lighting and sound an interim phase works in the parts accessible to the public and to train staff,

- Realization of 2 technical rooms,

- Support work to the work of interstitial building.

This call for applications concerns 4 lots:

Lot 1: asbestos - lead removal - sewage - demolition.

Lot 2: construction of facilities.

Lot 3: Demolition - GOE - recovery work under.

Lot 4: CFA - CFO - SSS.

Asbestos removal and cleaning of future rights of way work for the renovation of the Great Hall Travelers and small side hall and rehabilitation interstitial building:

- Partial removal of the Marquise,

- Structural deconstruction of floors and the metal structure of parking,

- File façade G Seine and local side,

- Local - ATZ 1 (Substation)

- Local ice water,

- Local computer,

- File H facade and premises of the museum gallery,

- Roofing - Cooling blocks

- Quay track 13,

- Museum courtyard.

The works included in this lot include:

- The removal of asbestos from local and external footprints representing a treated area of ​​approximately 550 m 2 :

- Removal of plastic flooring and adhesives,

- Withdrawal of the nosing of the stairs,

- Removal of suspended ceiling panels,

- Removal of glues ...

Project management for the constrution of an intergenerational restaurant and for the restructuring of outdoor spaces at the school daudet in Fosses

epa plaine de france. | Published December 10, 2014  -  Deadline January 5, 2015

project management contract for the constrution of an intergenerational restaurant and for the restructuring of outdoor spaces at the school Daudet - Downtown BIA pits (95).