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CEA (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives) | Published March 31, 2017  -  Deadline May 4, 2017

Assistance to the ECA, Project Manager, for monitoring the market "studies and works of civil engineering market, finishing work, handling means," relating to the extension and reconfiguration of buildings EPURE facility.

Benefits include: advisory and expertise, VISA missions, DET, AOR, follow-up mission of raising reserves and overall testing

And especially:

- compliance calculation notes, plans, execution doc

- compliance with the technical notes

- compliance of studies tests, convenience and control of materials produced

- monitoring of safety evidence

- compliance of electrical diagrams; executed projects and works, related to the contractual specifications

- manufacturing control, appros and assembly work on the site

- control of work for compliance breakpoints and info CEA

- tests on-site control and landings

- compliance doc studies related to the contractual specifications.

The set is about 150 local.

The support contract involves civil construction and finishing work, handling and special doors, including:

carcass work (earthworks, embankments, reinforced concrete and structural steel), the second work (metalwork, locksmithing, coatings, paint, resin, partitions, false floors, false ceilings, interior carpentry, plumbing, signage), lifting means , elevators, overhead cranes, VRD, doors, specific radiological doors, casing, sealing, cladding, drainage blanket and drainage under slab, the synthesis of TCE implementation studies (ventilation, electricity. ..) and the execution of studies of the work described above.

steelwork structures are also included in the market.

The volume of concrete to deconstruct the block is to reconfigure the order of a few hundred tonnes.

The contract includes:

a firm hand on VISA missions, DET, AOR blocks G and H

an optional hand on VISA missions, DET, AOR for the block E and monitoring levees reserves and overall testing.

Safety fencing

Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives | Published April 8, 2017  -  Deadline May 9, 2017
34928310, 45342000, 34928200

Establishment of a framework agreement for the implementation of electrified fences protection through subsequent contracts awarded by the ECA as and its needs. The benefits may also include work changes or destruction of existing protective fencing.

The framework agreement includes a firm 3 years and an optional slice of an additional year of execution.

The work includes:

- The execution of studies,

- The construction of electric fences and instrumented, fence system comprises the following subsystems:

* Closing "physical"

* Instrumentation networks and utilities,

* Remote control,

* Supervision,

*video surveillance.

- Attempts,

- Removal of existing protective fences,

- The associated deliverables.

All equipment must be compatible with existing systems they are connected, the latter corresponding to the main systems on the industry.

For information, a set of 1,600 ml to build fences and 1.500 ml of fences to destroy can be controlled during the execution of this framework agreement. These data are estimates and do not engage the CEA on the quantities actually ordered.

During the execution of the framework agreement, each needs the ECA will be a set of specifications, the holder of the framework agreement addressing this need through technical and financial offer, the latter being based on a schedule of unit prices established during this tender.

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