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Construction work

Senaatti-kiinteistöt | Published November 17, 2016  -  Deadline January 2, 2017

The Registry shall transfer the shelves are placed in Part A of Turku Academy 1st floor of the house.

The construction work carried out in the project management as a service, where the lots by reference to the agreements made in the name of the subscriber.

Works tendered subcontracts.

This contract notice relates to the Registry of the transfer shelves contract.

Racking System:

- Entirely of steel,

- All the shelves are removable and equipped.

A hand-operated crank:

- A pull-out shelf each between the flat bed attachment, 1 pc.

The middle hyllymodulissa:

- Shelf system model pound sh or another supplier.


- Steel parts powder coated color RAL 9002 -.

The standard color gray-white

Dimensions of shelves:

- Length of 2 400 mm (800 + 800 + 800 mm)

- The depth of 300mm (transfer shelf element 620 mm)

- Height 2371 mm (6 shelves + ceiling, shelf spacing 331.

mm = mappiväli.

Lockable storage cabinets:

- Pound hk or equivalent from another manufacturer,

- All the shelves are removable,

- Steel parts powder coated color RAL 9002 -.

Standard color is gray white:

- Doors with double doors, 4 pcs / closet,

- Lockable, in accordance with the serialization of the subscriber.

the dimensions of the cabinets:

- Length of 2 400 mm (800 + 800 + 800 mm)

- The depth of 423 mm,

- Height 2371 mm (6 shelves + ceiling, shelf spacing = 331 mm mappiväli)

Worktops (booking / user acquisition):

- Free-standing, 2 pieces,

- Steel legs, powder coated color RAL 9002 -.

Standard color is gray white:

- Table height 850 mm,

- Standard white laminate, HPL.

Dimensions checked the construction site.

Construction work

Turun Kaupunki | Published November 29, 2016  -  Deadline January 5, 2017

Puolala the school's renovation of the co-operation contract.

The candidate must fill in the attached notice osallistumisilmoitus- and the ESPD-form Puolala to participate in the school's co-contractor in the tender.

The customer selects the five candidates in the negotiation stage and go with them in a more detailed negotiations on the contents of the project in early 2017.

The contractor must, in order to reach the negotiation stage, meet the minimum requirements, in addition to the contractor must be presented in the notice of participation.:

- Lead Designer / Architect,

- Structural design,

- HEVAC designer,

- Electrical design,

- Measuring carrying out the work,

- Modeling Coordinator.

If the contractors that meet the minimum requirements of more than 5, scored contractors to participate, according to the notice of ways. 5 best score obtained contractors have access to the negotiation stage.

During the negotiation phase specifies the common objectives, agreements and a final tender.

Contractor for the overall most economically advantageous tender left faction.

If the stage of development achieved the objectives set and the subscriber decides to move to the implementation phase, with the move to the implementation phase of the group. Implementation is done project management contract.

VARELY bridge repair works 1-2017

Varsinais-Suomen elinkeino-, liikenne- ja ympäristökeskus | Published November 2, 2016  -  Deadline December 2, 2016
The contract will involve repairing the bridges, to the extent construction planning documents is defined in all road arrangements, equipment and fittings: - Chipping Loimaa River bridge on Highway 9. The bridge is continuous reinforced concrete slab bridge with a total length of 37 meters and HL = 10 meters. - Railway yard in Loimaa overpass on the highway 213. The bridge is continuous reinforced concrete box girder bridge with a total length of 232 meters and HL = 14.5 meters.

Pipeline, piping, pipes, casing, tubing and related items

Arkea Kunnossapito Oy | Published November 30, 2016  -  Deadline January 16, 2017

Everyday life is the object of the contract Maintenance Oy acquired plumbing supplies. The acquired volume products are specified in the Annex to the tender offer form, as a basis for comparison of offers. In addition, can be acquired outside of the volume of the product list of other plumbing supplies. said Tarjouslomakkeessa procurement volumes are rough estimates, and the contract form to the subscriber number of the purchase obligation.

The tenderer must have at least one pick-up store in the city of Turku region in which the customer representative can self-select / collect products.

If the pick-shop provider of products exist on the client needed, the customer shall have the right to acquire such products was directly from a store.

Products offered must meet the minimum requirements set out tarjouslomakkeessa, as well as the EU Construction Products Regulation 305/2011 provisions concerning (products with CE marking).

The acquisition is the EU threshold in excess of the acquisition. The acquisition of the law applicable to public procurement (348/2007, "Procurement") and the complementary Regulation Act (614/2007), the Act on the Contractor's Obligations and Liability when Work Act (1233/2006 "Contractor's Law").

the conclusion of the procedure or the tender participation fee is not paid. The tender documents are available in the Finnish language. Offer shall be drawn up in the Finnish language.

After the opening of tenders carried out the review and evaluation of tenders received in due time.

evaluation and comparison of tenders made in three (3) stages:

1) an assessment of the suitability and eligibility of tenderers;

2) check the conformity of the tender bids;

3) comparison of tenders.

reached the third stage of the offers are included in the final comparison. Bidders capacity will be assessed against the eligibility and minimum requirements on the basis of stated criteria in point. The offer shall correspond to the invitation to tender and the requirements mentioned therein.

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