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Construction work

Turun Palvelutilat Oy | Published October 1, 2016  -  Deadline October 21, 2016
The construction project comprises a 5-storey building sheltered the construction of the associated ancillaries and tonttitöineen. The building will be built in Turku 35. kaupunginosan38. 2 blocks on the plot.

Construction of traffic lights in 2017

Turun kaupunki | Published October 21, 2016  -  Deadline November 15, 2016
Construction of traffic lights: - Jaaninitien-industrial street-Munkkionkujan to join, - Garden street and join the Craftsman, - liikennevalokojeen Changing the Garden Street and Humalistonkatu interface liikkennevaloista.

Physician, SH building A part of the construction and building equipment

Varsinais-Suomen sairaanhoitopiirin ky | Published October 21, 2016  -  Deadline November 30, 2016
The construction project comprises Physician's SH building, part A of the inner house construction and technical work plans to the extent indicated. In a separate unloading has been completed-contract. The contractor should be aware that the area around the building continues round-hospital activities. The building interior spaces are not in use during the contract. The building is located at Kiinanmyllynkatu 4-8, 20520 Turku, Finland. As a form of contract is divided into contract with the building contractor engineering works as a general contractor within the meaning of the legislation and the main implementer. The main contractor responsible for construction management and site services obligations YSE 1998 Contract Limitation Annex and in accordance with työselitysten. The client asks directly urakkatarjoukset the following main contract (RU) undergo a side-contracts: - plumbing works (PU), - ventilation works contract (IU), - electrical works contract (SU). In addition to these contracts, the developer performs above 3.3 Procurement and erillisurakoita, which is subjected to the main contract in the contract program. The extent of the contract area is 3645 m² / 12.650 m³, which includes 5 floors and attic spaces.

Construction project management services

Turun seudun puhdistamo Oy | Published October 4, 2016
This is an advance notice of future competitive tendering.

The contract Utö jetty and Galtby

Varsinais-Suomen elinkeino-, liikenne- ja ympäristökeskus | Published October 14, 2016  -  Deadline November 15, 2016
Galtby ferry port contract includes a new Galtby Åland yhteysliikennelaiturin- and construction tihtaalirakenteiden to the extent that they are building plan documents defined. The main work phases include: - a new abutments, pier structures and the hydraulic valve construction, - construction of new tihtaalien, - construction of bridges tihtaaleille service, - removal of the current Åland access road and pier nojausseinän, - removal of the current troolarilaiturin, - the port basin dredging. The contract also includes the demolition of the current position of the ferry Galtby nojausseinän and construction of a new nojausseinän a separate plan Utö ferry pier contract includes construction of a new ferry pier structures to the extent that they are building plan documents defined. The main work phases include: - mining of the harbor basin and dredging, - new caisson and the construction of the platform, - the new abutments and the bow port construction site, - construction of a breakwater, - the current wooden pier and the dismantling of the bow gate seat.

Tiling, kiveys- and the edge of the stonework 30/04/2018 ending the contract period (+ 2-year option)

Turun kaupunki | Published September 23, 2016
The agreement will be agreed for new construction and maintenance of tiling, kiveys- and the edge of the stone work on concrete and natural stone city of Turku to different units.

VSSHP, Physician, PET radiochemistry laboratory, cleanroom extension

Varsinais-Suomen sairaanhoitopiirin ky | Published October 13, 2016  -  Deadline October 24, 2016
The project includes the Turku University Hospital (Turku University Central Hospital) Radiochemistry Laboratory of the PET center for clean rooms as well extension, construction of cleanroom HVAC systems, the construction of basic engineering-level BD (Basic Design) in accordance with the tender documents. Facilities installed 7 pcs Hotcell cabinets clean-room installation element in the final stage. Cabinets come to the University of Turku subscription. A fixed turnkey price shall include all travel, accommodation and subsistence costs.
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