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Sipoo River Valley zoned area (N 40) tori, parks and green areas in general and building plans

Sipoon kunta | Published October 18, 2016  -  Deadline November 4, 2016
the municipality of Sipoo streets and open spaces of the unit to request a quotation of Sipoo River Valley zoned area marketplaces, parks and green areas in general and the preparation of construction plans. A tender under this invitation to tender and its annexes. the subject of the contract is the operational master plan and preparation of the detailed construction plans Sipoo River Valley town plan for public areas (square, parks and open spaces). The plans drawn up must include descriptions and descriptions of all the necessary structures and networks, so that the basis of the plans can be to ask urakkatarjoukset. On-demand plans should describe the principles and their implementation, with the planning area consists of high-quality sites and functionally diverse parks and open-air regional entity. This acquisition will select one reporter in the Annex to the call for tenders described in more detail in task 1 is assigned. Partial bids are not taken into consideration the bidding process. The contract is time-limited. It starts with the signature of the contract and will be valid until the contract obligations have been met. NOTE! Notification of additional information can be found on Offer Service -toimittajaportaalista. Also on offer / request to participate, the transmission is done in this way. Direct link to the notification of additional information can be found here Hilma-notification.
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