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Tabasalu nursing home construction works concession granting procedure

Harku Vallavalitsus - Siiri Pelisaar | Published March 3, 2017

Tabasalu nursing home construction works concession granting procedure

Home ÜVK Tabasalu streets and stormwater piping construction and reconstruction of the design and construction

Osaühing Strantum - MEELIS HÄRMS | Published March 14, 2017  -  Deadline March 30, 2017
45231300, 71250000

Procurement is an object of Harku Parish Residential area in Home and Home transverse streets and estates adjacent to the water, wastewater and stormwater sewer pipelines construction and reconstruction. Contract volume of work shall be drawn up for carrying out the necessary project documentation and procured all the necessary approvals and permits to complete the work as a whole.

Residential homes construction work

Harku Vallavalitsus | Published March 7, 2017  -  Deadline April 25, 2017

The contracting authority wishes to award a works concession pursuant to the procedure set building lease (superficies) Harku municipality owned by the property at Klooga mnt 13 (register No. 14591502, cadastral register number 19801: 001: 2372, Purpose: public buildings, the land of 100%, an area of ​​19 432 m2). Building lease conditions are as follows:

1. The building lease term is 50 years;

2. The owner (vendor) will ensure the building of infrastructure Klooga mnt 13 property (cadastral register number 19801: 001: 2372), by the border of 05.31.2018. Superficiary to a nursing home is required to start construction no later than 01.10.2018;

3. superficiary undertakes to establish Klooga mnt 13 real estate (cadastral register number 19801: 001: 2372), a nursing home in accordance with the public procurement "Tabasalu nursing home construction works concession granting procedure" document and application for the concession, to ensure the building (s) to use the necessary permits in place and nursing services no later than 31.12. 2019th Nursing home offers üldhooldusteenust clock for the elderly, the handicapped and demented, and day care for the elderly, the handicapped and demented.

4. The building lease fee is not paid.

The concession document is attached to the main building lease terms (Appendix 1), the concession project (Appendix 2), and service requirements (Annex 3).

Swan's path (from Klooga highway to serve the dunes) and light traffic in the dunes of the promenade construction

Harku Vallavalitsus - Siiri Pelisaar | Published March 27, 2017  -  Deadline April 19, 2017

Job ID 014049 "(Appendix 1, available electronically link the tender document) and the Bill of Quantities (Form 8). 2. The contracting authority notes that the volume of procurement not included in the draft Luige tee 9 park construction, landscaping side of the promenade, the beach, playground area for children, sports games area Easy Home mini modules of wood and wood-laudiskattega footpath laudiskattega istumisplatvorm. 3. The contracting authority enters into with the successful tenderer submitted a tender award, which the project is given in the contract documents in Annex 2 to the final deadline for entries (08.11.2017) must be completed by all works submitted to the Contracting Authority and signed by both Parties täitedokumentatsioon works, delivery and receipt. 5. The Supplier must take into account that the first construction phase of the contract will start construction of the promenade, to enable visitors and local residents have access to the coastal zone. Contractor Project fixes "Completed Works Act" actually made during the calendar month backlog and calculates the unit prices of the costs of the work. Customer shall pay to the Contractor within 30 calendar days after the contract in accordance with the form of "Completed Works Act" and the receipt of the invoice. 8. The client does not provide for the possibility of an advance payment.
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