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Harku municipality of road surfaces

Harku Vallavalitsus - Siiri Pelisaar | Published January 4, 2017  -  Deadline February 13, 2017
1. Public REFERENCE Harku municipality road surface in accordance with the tender documents accompanying diagrams and Form 8 set volumes. The contractor performs all of the award for the proper performance of the work necessary, seek all labor, materials, tools and machines, assume the obligation to traffic and ensure the safety of the works. 2. Detailed descriptions of the works and volumes of sections of concrete are set out in Part 8 of the form shown in the volume of work and the cost of the table. 3. The period of performance of works is 15.05.2017-31.07.2017. 4. The contracting authority enters into with the successful tenderer submitted a tender and procurement contract for which the project is given in the tender documents Annex 1 to 5. The contract is ühikhindadel based contract. 6. Completed work is calculated according to actual work done. Contractor's site manager fixes "Completed Works Act" actually made during the calendar month backlog and calculates the cost of work on the basis of unit prices. The Contractor shall submit to the object manager "Completed Works Act," the measuring log and covered works "Completed Works Act" included the works supervision of the owner representative for signature. Owners shall submit its audited and signed the "Act of operation 'customer representative. 7. The Customer shall pay to the Contractor within 30 days after the contract in accordance with the form of "Completed Works Act" and the receipt of the invoice. 8. The construction work warranty period of three (3) years. The warranty period begins with the subject of the contract or part of the delivery and acceptance of the signing of the day after.
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