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The unique exhibition of old vehicles and the renovation of the hall design and construction

Järva-Jaani Tuletõrje Selts - UKU TALVIK | Published October 21, 2016  -  Deadline November 18, 2016
The aim of the NGO Järva-Jaani Fire Company in a unique exhibition of old vehicles and the renovation and construction of a gray design. Note 2) The project must comply with the MTM 17/07/2015 Regulation No. 97 "Requirements for the construction project," which shall be composed of the following parts: • Architecture-building component • Heating and ventilation of the water and sewerage osa.a. Regulation No 54 "Buildings Fire safety requirements for" building fabrications designed according to Eurocodes series of standards EN 1990 ... EVS-EN 1999 of building architecture construction part shall contain the figure of greenery, squares, access and means of escape, and their construction volumes Construction volumes presented in Excel-format Note 1 If a building construction requires any utilities or structures around the building, then the size of the project includes reconfiguring the respective utilities or facilities project planning. Approved construction project shall be submitted to the Contracting Authority at least three (3) copies on paper and digitally on two (2) CD-ROM. Construction work must commence only after the client's approval. Commissioned to design the building requirements of the building immovable Lai 1, Järva-Jaani alev (25701: 001: 0139), in parallel to Broad Street, one line of the reconstructed building of the museum. The building, designed must consist of two parts, one of which is not heated, and the second part of the exhibition hall to repair the heated hall. The aim of the exhibition hall is a technique exhibiting and protecting the external weather conditions. Repair Hall must be heated, which would be able to carry out the exhibits restoration of the building closed net area should be between 580-600 sqm, which repairs the gray area of ​​at least 120 m² Rental Hall equip both sides of the lift doors (repair hall passage optional) width of min 3,000 mm and a height of min 3,500 mm. One tõstukuks wicket exhibition hall equipped with one lift door (on the side) and one gear door (at the end of the building) repair hall designed to repair the channel length 8000 mm, width of 900 mm and a depth of 1200 mm. Repair hall and an exhibition hall between the partition wall equipped with observation windows and doors Profile vintage Tin coating on the color scheme, approved by the Employer. Repair hall heating air heating pump designed on the basis of supply is required for basic living conditions (drinking water, hand washing, toilet) reasons. The building design stage to solve the electricity supply for electricity metering. Widely street driveway repair design gray asphalt pavement, in front of the entrances to the courtyard's stone-paved street width of 3.5 m and a length of 5 m. Vintage door running sidewalk reconstructed museum building solved in cooperation with the museum building renovation Builder.
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