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Motorway construction works

Vejdirektoratet | Published January 12, 2017

With Budget 2017, the government adopted an expansion of the E45 from 4 to 6 tracks from Skanderborg Syd Aarhus Syd.

Negotiations are currently an EIA screening of project and construction work is expected to be offered in Q2 2017.

Before tendering phase, the Vejdirektoratet an initial market acc. TVergG § 39 in the form of technical dialogue. Road Directorate would like to encourage contractors and other stakeholders to contribute ideas to a good and well-planned course of the project.

Technical dialogue can be in the form of a dialogue per. email, per. phone or in a meeting. Interested parties may contact the Danish Road Directorate, see. Contact details in the section. I.1).

A request for a meeting shall be justified by specific subjects to be discussed.

The possibility of technical dialogue runs until 01.03.2017, and any meetings sought held in February 2017. If the interest in meetings is very large, the Danish Road Directorate reserves the right to prioritize whom hold meetings.

The timetable means that contract work is carried out from autumn 2017 to the end of 2018 so that the 6 tracks can be deployed by the end of 2018. However performed screeds and certain minor works until 2019.

The work includes traffic reorganization, earthworks, drainage and surfacing and bygværksarbejder, noise barriers, etc. Of this, surfacing in the order of 50%.

The majority of work expected to be offered as a turnkey contract.

The estimated value of the item. II.1.5) is very preliminary.

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