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Construction work

Boligselskabet Sjælland | Published November 25, 2016  -  Deadline December 20, 2016

Provision of a framework agreement for the construction of social housing as a turnkey contract.

The Framework Agreement is based on a partnering similar cooperation with a delivery team, consisting of contractor (s), technical advisors (architects, engineers and landscape architects), and possibly byggemodul- and building materials manufacturers, which supply the team develops a standardized construction system that can guide the delivery and completion of social housing units in high architectural and technical quality.

The new housing will support our overall vision of empowerment, efficiency, social responsibility and development.

The concept for the homes is thus based on a build system that can be repeatedly used for construction of various housing estates.

The logistical advantages of the system used for the efficient planning process, both at the individual building project, coherent building projects and in planning future construction projects.

In addition, the housing association to seek to impart additional building projects for execution under the framework agreement.

Closed cases are detailed in the tender documentation, which also contains information about other potential buildings.

The buildings will typically be 2-3 storeys but 4 floors can also become an issue.

Further details in tender documentation.

In the price competition parameters included a form of 'reverse tendering', taking the basic version of the houses competing to provide the best value compared to the assumed disposable income. Other price competition parameters concerns an acquisition catalog and prices for project consultancy in project proposals phases.

It identifies one winner of the framework agreement.

Construction work

Roskilde Kommune | Published December 1, 2016  -  Deadline January 9, 2017
Performed new office, as well as a new entrance and lobby / cafe. 

There, three new inside neighboring courtyards.

Materials generally: - Facades like glass-alu parties, with fillings in front of the rear walls with posts by screen printing. - Flashings of taghat, skylights and stern performed with the system aluminum cladding - Roof surface performed with bitumen coating - Basement walls, basement slab and promenade deck of pools is carried out as in-situ cast concrete.

Insulation and roofing coating on the roof, insulation and roofing felt coating on new and excl. Cellar deck, roof windows and flashings.

Glass facades incl. doors and windows - and glued corners and inside. fillings, Aperture Fields with posts of wood veneer, Integration with eg. building.

Water, heating, sanitation, drainage, ventilation works, Technical insulation (plumbing and ventilation), EL.

Water treatment plants for all pools, ATM / sænkebro in 50 m. Pool.

Works 2015 / S 237-429690

Roskilde Kommune | Published December 8, 2015  -  Deadline January 9, 2017
The building includes: building and construction tasks in connection with on - and extension of Roskilde Badet. The existing swimming pool be expanded with new 50-meter pool, spa area, warm water pool and activity pool. Performed new office and meeting facilities, as well as a new entrance and lobby / cafe. Existing locker rooms expanded and totally renovated. All extensions performed in one floor, however, carried 50-meter pool in double height above the water area with taghat. Performed new rambla to the new main staircase at the entrance to the swimming pool. Existing parking space is maintained, and the availability of new parking on the area in front of the main entrance. There, three new inside neighboring courtyards. Materials general: - Facades as glass-aluminum parties, with fillings in front of the rear walls with posts by silkscreen or veneer - flashings of taghat, skylights and stern performed with system aluminum cladding - Roof surface is carried out with roofing coating - Basement walls, basement slab and promenade deck of pools performed as in-situ cast concrete - bearing walls on the ground floor is performed as pre-fabricated concrete elements - Non-bearing partition walls are constructed as aerated concrete walls - Tagdæk performed as pre-fabricated tagdækelementer in concrete, in-situ concrete slabs and pre fabricated tagdækelementer steel.
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