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Building construction work

Fonden for Herning Isstadion | Published April 12, 2017  -  Deadline May 16, 2017

Offering concerns extension of and renovating Herning Isstadion of the Foundation for Herning Isstadion (hereinafter referred builder).

Establish lobby, VIP Lounge and renovate existing facilities.

Total contractor will design, provide authority treatment and perform additions to and renovation of Herning Isstadion located Holingknude 1, 7400 Herning. The task is offered as a turnkey.

Lot 1 is performed Fund Herning Ice Stadium and implemented as a classic turnkey contract where the developer has full ownership of the building and honors turnkey contractor in accordance with the agreed installment payment plan.

Lot 2 concerns the VIP lounge and performed Herning Blue Fox. Vip-lounge area separated from the remainder of Herning Ice Stadium in a separate condominium as turnkey contractor will own.

Total contractor must buy building zone to the VIP lounge of the Foundation for Herning Isstadion 500 exc. VAT per. m². The purchase price is finally determined after construction has been completed by surveying. The purchase price shall be deposited at the acquisition date.

As part of the offering undertake turnkey contractor for renting VIP lounge to Herning Blue Fox for 30 years under the conditions as set out in the lease.

Total contractor is compensated by annual rental payments, which after 10 years is adjusted annually by the change in the consumer price index. There will be worked out an installment plan for payment during the period of execution. All the turnkey contractor's costs related to the VIP lounge must be contained; including a sum for return on investment and risk.

Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work

KPC København A/S | Published April 11, 2017  -  Deadline April 28, 2017

1,050 m² of retail space on the ground level (grocery stores), 6,600 m² of public housing, divided into 72 residential units and 6,650 m² private residences spread over 71 units.

The project is located on Foundry Street 9, DK-2450 Copenhagen SV and has a floor space of 7,500 m².

General bricklaying of all exterior facades.

Drywall suspended ceilings, insulation of ceilings, etc.

General delivery and installation of street floors in all apartments and common rooms.

General delivery and assembly of all kitchens and wardrobes for the project - apartments, common rooms and grocery supermarket.

In public housing should not supplied lockers.

There must not delivered any kind of cabinets for bathrooms.

All rooms are located in the basement level.

Protection, guard on the roof, French balustrades, handrails by exterior staircase rates etc.

Three elevators run to the cellar. Miscellaneous to ground level.

Disabled lift.

Al sprinkling is in the cellar.

Furthermore vents for garbage room, elevators and waste shafts.

Painting work of precast concrete walls, felt and paint treatment of precast concrete walls (private apartments), painter treatment of aerated concrete walls, plaster walls, plasterboard ceilings, etc.

Flashings around roof penetrations, tar paper covering the inside lying balconies, hedge battlements, fall arrest system on roofs and whatever else may be related to the subject.

General planting, coverings with associated edges, water channels, rubber tiles, rough furniture, fences and whatever else may be related to the subject.

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