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Construction work

Staatliches Bauamt Weilheim | Published January 18, 2017
To counteract this are 

The existing roof is canceled and the Venus Grotto, including cultivation with

200 m 2 , Base Venus Rotte: ca.

1640 m 2 , Surface wire lath shell: 3 500m 2 , Modeled total in caves inside: ca.


close coordination with the environmental construction is required.

Repair and complement historic metal hangers and

Substructure of wire lath shell.

Creating a functional building as an extension to historic

Concrete reinforced concrete and masonry.

Metal structures as coverings for openings in historic vault revision platforms and walkways.

Sealing of historic dome, apply a

Green roof structure.

Leak detection system in sealing under green roof build on

historic vault.

Working only part way possible in small individual areas.

Plaster work on masonry and concrete walls.

Manufacture of ceramic tiles in the new building on Wall and

Floor surfaces.

Manufacturing floor in new building.

Delivery and installation of windows and exterior doors.

Delivery and Einabu of interior doors.

Supply and installation of built-in furniture.

Coatings on walls, ceilings and floors.

Manufacture of drywall, facings, suspended

Ceiling and service shafts.

Elements for site security.

Setup and hold crane.

Repeated Baureinigung during and Baufeinreinigung ago

Completion of the works, several appointments with separate directions.

Space, and working scaffolds.

Vibration Measurement System.

Disposal PAK-containing material.


Electrical systems.


Heating, ventilation and plumbing.

Gardening and landscaping.

Transportation of excavated material.

Restoration of art objects.

Dismantling and demolition.

Curtain, ventilated facade.

Plumbing works.

Road construction

Staatliches Bauamt Weilheim | Published December 23, 2016  -  Deadline January 31, 2017

Electrical fitting work

Staatliches Bauamt Weilheim | Published December 10, 2016  -  Deadline January 31, 2017

Electrical installation.

- 1 pc main distribution;

- Central Battery System with approx 60 pcs safety lights;

- Approximately 11 700 meters cables and wires;

- Approximately 3 900 m cable ducts;

- 200 m cable channels, including device installation ducts;.

- Penetration seals at cable and pipe penetrations;

- 110 St. installing equipment;

- 70 St. luminaires for indoor and outdoor lighting;

- Erdung- and lightning protection systems;

- Site electricity and construction site lighting;

- 700 m² disassembly, low installation density.

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