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Construction work for bridges

Stadt Regensburg, Vergabeamt | Published December 15, 2016  -  Deadline January 31, 2017

The construction project is the construction of a Footbridge in steel construction on the eastern bypass Regensburg (Pilsen-Allee) and the railway line Regensburg-Weiden at web-km 5.800.


The superstructure is designed as a two-span steel girder with span 20.82 m and 33.84 m. The bridge cross-section is designed as a trough cross-section 1.55 m high truss girders longitudinally and an orthotropic plate. The width between the rails is 4.0 m. The railings, contact protection for the DB and integrated in the handrail LED lighting are performed as part of the bridge construction.

Piers and abutments:

The abutments and the central pier of the steel superstructure are shallow foundation. The northern abutment wall of the eastern abutment is extended by a retaining wall. The western abutment consists of a support with pedestal (platform).

Access to the western abutment:

Access to the western pillar via a stair tower made of reinforced concrete with two intermediate platforms. In addition, access is via a U-shaped ramp of reinforced concrete with about twice 90 m is possible. The lower portion of the ramp is designed as a trough, the upper part as a bridge with round columns.

Platzgestaltung and ramps to the bridge:

The forecourt to the west with pavements, bus stop and the service roads in the area of ​​the bridge accesses the east incl. Coverings are with running.


- Steel for the bridge superstructure about 65 to;

- Reinforced concrete 900 m 3 ;

- Reinforcing bars 100 to;

- Railing total approximately 530 m;

- Earth masses total about 7 500 meters 3 ;

- Asphalt surface 700m 2 ;

- Reaction resin coating layer about 235 m . 2

Construction work for highways, roads

Staatliches Bauamt Regensburg | Published December 10, 2016  -  Deadline January 19, 2017

Bridge construction work.

New bridge construction BW 0-2

Grave underpass as over spilled reinforced concrete frame structure

with bored pile foundation

Overall length: 28,43 m

Width between railings: 27,75 m

Bridge area: 200 m 2 ,

Police station construction work

Staatliches Bauamt Regensburg | Published December 30, 2016  -  Deadline February 7, 2017

Carpentry and timber construction.

2 350 m 2 Dismantling, demolition roofing incl. Battens completely,

230 m decommissioning, demolition soffit boards, canopies,

1600 kg demolition antenna tower, steel,

48 St. demolition hipped and drag dormers incl. Window

2 350 m 2 Roof sheathing, battens, underfunding new,

48 St. dormers New,

46 m 3 Upgrading work and various modifications roof,

renew 165 m rafters.

Construction work for highways, roads

Staatliches Bauamt Regensburg | Published December 29, 2016  -  Deadline January 31, 2017

Bridge construction BW 2-2.

Five soaked field structure with reinforced concrete superstructure. Load Model 1 as vertical load model to Euro Code. 1

Total span 84 meters.

Bridge area 1 365 m 2 ,

Foundation: bored piles.

Police station construction work

Staatliches Bauamt Regensburg | Published December 30, 2016  -  Deadline February 2, 2017

Roof covering and roof sealing works.

2 350 m 2 Dismantling, demolition provisional battens;

230 m decommissioning, demolition gutter, roof drainage;

2 350 m 2 Battens, laths, nail sealing tape New;

2 350 m 2 Roofing, beavertail, double coverage Neu;

3500 St. St ventilation tile, Bieberschwanz coverage Neu;

48 St. Gaube coverage, hipped roofs and drag New;

450 m Snow hampers with ice guards, copper;

240 m 2 Dormers, wall coverings, copper;

230 m hanging gutter, Gr. 400, copper;

170 m downpipe, Gr. 120, copper;

385 m sill covers, copper, Z 200 and Z 400th

Police station construction work

Staatliches Bauamt Regensburg | Published December 31, 2016  -  Deadline February 8, 2017

Plaster and stucco work.

External plaster work:

1700 m 2 Milling not profiled external plaster surfaces,

1200 m low-pressure wet blasting, profiled cornices, facades,

700 m 2 Defective exterior plaster refuse,

700 m 2 Exterior plaster system New,

2500 m 2 Finishing plaster with lime plaster, walls and jambs.


9800 m 2 Old plaster on walls tee,

2500 m old plaster ceilings refuse,

2600 m old render window and door reveals refuse,

2670 m 2 Refurbishment walls, KG,

770 m 2 Refurbishment ceiling, KG,

2900 m 2 Remove old layers of paint wall surfaces,

9100 m 2 Interior plaster system new,

270 m 2 Cement plaster damp rooms, walls,

1 400 m 2 Leveling walls, ceilings all over.

Interior insulation:

1850 m 2 Mineral internal insulation to walls,

870 m Laibungsdämmplatten,

1700 m 2 Mineral plaster system to internal insulation,

350 m 2 EIFS, interior insulation blankets.

Joinery and carpentry installation work

Barmherzige Brüder gemeinnützige Krankenhaus GmbH | Published December 20, 2016  -  Deadline February 2, 2017

VE 3930: Rammschutz

Note: There are only mentioned the main works.



Wall protection from HPL in different heights

Building material class B1

Building class A

Total: 790 m 2

Execution times:

Construction phase 1a compound Structure: Smooth expansion

a) Start:. from July 25, 2017

b) End:. until August 14, 2017

Construction phase 1a IMC ZEA: fine expansion

a) Start:. from June 20, 2017

b) End:. to 24 July 2017

Construction phase 1b recovery: fine expansion

a) Start:. From 08 December 2017

b) End:. to January 12, 2018

Construction phase 2a properties: fine expansion:

. A) Start: April 25, 2018

b) End:. to 03.Juli 2018

Construction phase 2b Connection Inventory: fine expansion:

. A) Start: June 14, 2018

b) End:. to 24 July 2018

Construction phase 3a ICU: fine expansion: '

. A) Start: April 22, 2019

b) End:. until May 24, 2019

Construction phase 3a ZNA North: Fine expansion:

a) Start:. from November 22, 2018

b) End:. until December 12, 2018

Construction phase 3b ZNA South: Fein expansion:

a.) beginning from June 10, 2019

. B) End: until June 21 of 2019.

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