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Design of Piping of Wetterbohrlöchern.

Deutsche Gesellschaft zum Bau und Betrieb von Endlagern für Abfallstoffe mbH (DBE) | Published September 24, 2014  -  Deadline October 23, 2014

As part of the construction of a repository for radioactive waste in the former iron ore mine Konrad the ventilation of the mine will be changed. For this purpose, the planning and procurement of Sonderbewetterungsanlagen of storage is required. Terms of quality assurance of work performed increased demands are made (quality assurance region (QSB) 3.1) for the planned Konrad repository. The QSB 3.1 includes the planning, procurement, manufacturing, commissioning and operation (including decommissioning) of plant components, systems and components that are specified for the additional quality assurance requirements from nuclear run. The detailed design for these components will be submitted for approval in good time before the establishment of regulatory supervision. The components of the Sonderbewetterung the incorporation are filed in the QSB 3.1. This invitation to tender involves a detailed planning of the piping of the Wetterbohrlöcher between the storage compartments in the storage box 5.1 and the overlying Abwettersammelstrecke and thus a part of the Sonderbewetterung of storage. This is the planning of four newly created Weather holes in the storage chambers and to adapt to changing a stock bore pit dimensions. The aim is to create an auditable Vorprüfunterlage for submission to the repository monitoring.
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