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Construction work

DB RegioNetz Verkehrs GmbH Kurhessen | Published December 24, 2016
But in the northern areas of the former station area Lokbahnhofs Korbach available. 

The following investments are planned under this measure:

Construction of a new workshop for two working states,

Construction of a two-storey factory building following the workshop,

Construction of a cleaning plant (WWTP) with subsequent functional building,

Construction of a new underground mine cleaning,

New construction of outdoor facilities for connection to the track of DB Netz AG as well as roadside development,

Construction of new facilities for media supply and disposal,

Construction of a rainwater reservoir for the introduction of rainwater into the Muffiansgraben.

Workshop hall:

- The newly built workshop hall is a double track, single-storey plant, each with a working state.

11,40 m at the ridge of the saddle roof.

Industrial buildings:

- The longitudinally adjacent to the workshop hall, two-storey factory building is monolithic, built in masonry construction.

46.6 m long, 8.7 m wide and 7.8 m (First) high.

ARA with functional building:

- The ARA consists of the wash bay and functional buildings and is built to the west to the workshop on the track 14th

56,80 m and a width of 8.19 m.

Track construction:

- 430m track delivery and installation.

Points heating.



Kabeltief- and pipeline.

Rainwater retention basin area 750 m 2 with dividing structure,, sedimentation and throttle structure.

New electrical equipment in workshop shed, operating buildings, cleaning plant and function building

- Distribution system (main and sub-distribution).

- Lighting systems including emergency lighting.

- Socket systems (electrants).

Connections of provided resources.

Power installations.

- Grounding / potential equalization.

Waste and water systems

Supply and waste pipes.

- Domestic hot water production with distribution in the office building and the workshop (loop).

- Drinking water and hot water distribution networks in the functional building and ARA.

- Wastewater and sewage networks in all buildings, with underground pipes in the ground.

Heating systems

- Heat with boiler (118 kW) and CHP (39/20 kW).

- Heat distribution networks for static heating system (operational and functional building).

- Floor heating (social facilities and working pits).

- Radiant ceiling panels (workshop and ARA).

Washing Technology + Abwasserreinigungsanlage

WC washing machine,

Exhaust Gas Extraction,

RadAufstandsKraftMessEinrichtung (RAKME)

Trucks for Powerpack exchange,


Roof Platforms.

The individual machine installations are advertised with functional service descriptions.

Engineering works and construction works

Hessen Mobil Straßen- und Verkehrsmanagement Kassel | Published December 24, 2016  -  Deadline March 1, 2017

Construction of a steel composite bridge the incremental launching method, length 300m, incl. Concrete pools.

Bodenaushaub about 71.000m 3 ; Embankment about 71.000m 3 ; Soil mixing binder about 3.700t; Unreinforced concrete substructures approximately 7.400m 3 ; Reinforced concrete substructures approximately 6.400m 3 ; Reinforcing substructures about 790t; Reinforced concrete superstructure approximately 3.900m 3 ; Reinforcement superstructure approx 1.000t; Structural steel superstructure 2.700t; Anticorrosive about 29.900m . 2 ; Mastic asphalt protective and covering layer approximately 6.300m 2

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Hessen Mobil – Straßen und Verkehrsmanagement Kassel | Published January 20, 2017  -  Deadline February 22, 2017

Monitoring should between Hess. Lichtenau Walburg and Waldkappel Bischhausen to the new line A44 Kassel - Herleshausen be performed. Construction there are largely completed. The opening to traffic of the highway sections is planned for spring 2018th

The plan supplementary order RLO 32 and the zoning decision RLO 33 for construction of the motorway 44 Kassel-Herleshausen provide monitoring for evidence of adequate function of Schadensvermeidungs- and control measures for species greater mouse-eared and Bechstein's bat to 2 years after opening to traffic in a secondary provision. Parallel to this is the subject of monitoring the audit of the conservation status / state of exploitation of populations of these two species. For this purpose, repeated censuses until 2024 part of the assignment.

. Called for the under point II.1.4) of this notice projects are to provide the following services mainly:

Monitoring the effectiveness of damage prevention measures and the development of Bechstein's bat and greater mouse-eared.

Period of performance, deadlines:

expected start of execution: 04.2017;

expected completion: 10.2024.

Other interim deadlines resulting from the tender documents.

Construction work

Hessen Mobil Straßen- und Verkehrsmanagement Kassel | Published January 21, 2017  -  Deadline March 2, 2017

Soil extraction at new line A 49, VKE 20 in Schwalmstadt (district Schwalm-Eder; Hessen) and shipments of Hirschberg colliery in Hessich-Lichtenau (district Werra-Meissner, Hessen). Incl soil preparation.

Approximately 10 000 m 2 produce bituminous access roads; 30 000m 3 solve, transport and install the ground; 160 000m 2 Prepare reclamation area.

L 3320, L 3214, railing repair bridges (VG-0522-2017-0006)

Hessen Mobil Kassel | Published January 14, 2017  -  Deadline February 22, 2017
Type of service L 3320, UF Wiehoffbach in weighting village; L 3320, UF Emsbach in Merxhausen; L 3214, 5 Buildings; Railing Maintenance (Kassel district) the scope of the power total construction including detailed design, execution time is about 16 working days railing repairs of 7 buildings, roadworks approximately 110 running meters railing renewal about 6 lm railing repairs about 16 worksites (different structures)

Health and social work services

Sozialversicherung für Landwirtschaft, Forsten und Gartenbau (SVLFG) | Published December 30, 2016  -  Deadline February 15, 2017

In response to an open tender procedure gem. § 15 VgV the service "Occupational health care in several locations of SVLFG" into 6 lots (area method) is advertised. It is an appropriate, serious, professional and reliable service companies are found in the loading area of ​​occupational health care, offering the appropriate services for our requirements for conclusion of the above contract for the Contracting Authority economically.

The term of the contract will start with a trial period of six months on 04/01/2017 and ends on 31/03/2021.

Further information about the tender subject, refer to the construction contract documents.

Ancillary works for pipelines and cables

EAM GmbH & Co. KG | Published December 24, 2016

Prequalification "construction and assembly services in the Mid / low-voltage network and / or gas supply network of the energy grid Mitte GmbH".

built to extension and upgrading of the distribution network as well as to ensure security of supply and maintains the energy grid Mitte GmbH within the coverage area electricity and gas networks, which over the states of Hesse and on Südniedersachsen, parts of East Westphalia, West Thuringia and parts of the district Altenkirchen in Rhineland-Palatinate extend.

Implementation of civil engineering and installation services in low- and medium-voltage network and the high-, medium- and low-pressure gas network and surveying services in the networks of the energy network center GmbH.

Creation or expansion of a list of qualified companies for further selecting tenderers in the context of a negotiated procedure for concluding framework agreements and project agreements.

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