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Sewage-treatment plant construction work

Entwässerungsbetrieb der Stadt Erlangen | Published March 29, 2017  -  Deadline May 4, 2017
45252100, 45111100

Construction of the power station with cogeneration, energy storage, social and sanitary facilities, as well as

Sludge dewatering and sludge water treatment (Deammonification).

Partial demolition nacelle 1

Year: 1956

Extensions: 1971, 1983 and 1990

Nacelle: basement and ground floor

Control room and social areas: basement, ground, upper floor and attic

RS-Pumwerk / lifting plant biology: Basement

Stahlbetonsekelett with lining

Gabled roof (roof trusses made of wood with tiles coverage)

Facade with corrugated metal cladding and insulation KMF

43 x 17 x 12 m

16 x 17 x 7 m

The nacelle 1 comprises the functional units

- control room sewage treatment plant;

- buildings for sewage plant personnel;

- CHP: 3 gas engines, three steel chimneys, heat storage, etc .;

- Medium Voltage 20 kV: 2 transformers, switchgear MSP;

- low-voltage switchgear;

- RS-pump station / lifting plant biology;

- trickling filter pump station.

1.5 m below ground are canceled.

Before the actual demolition work, the components of Technology

to dismantle equipment and electrical and household wiring and the

deep basement (lifting plant biology / RS-pumping station, pumping station trickling filter)

for reasons of upward pressure reliability with lagerndem on site soil

to fill.

The building known pollutants:

TRGS 521);

- asbestos rope seals between the outer wall and exhaust pipe gas engine

Total Demolition New Energy Source

Year: 1983

Extensions: 1998 and 2006

45 x 7 x 6 m

Construction: reinforced concrete frame with brick lining

Pent roof (roof trusses made of wood with asbestos cement corrugated sheets)

The New Energy Center includes the functional units

- fan chamber 1;

- oil storage;

- medium voltage 6 kV: 4 transformers, switchgear MSP;

- low-voltage switchgear.

The building known pollutants:

- roof support made of asbestos cement corrugated sheets;

TRGS 521).

Return u v new pedestrian bridges over the Röthelheimgraben -.. Demolition and new construction.

Stadt Erlangen, Tiefbauamt, Schuhstraße 40, 91052 Erlangen | Published March 27, 2017  -  Deadline April 25, 2017

Site equipment, provision, maintenance, dismantling building book 80 m² clearing work 13 m³ topsoil work 140 m³ excavation material 125 m³ excavation backfill 12 St ornamental and wood bollard 4 St precast concrete bridge abutments 5 m³ footings 4 St building demolition footbridges stock 25 m² paving expand produce 8 m³ frost protection layer to produce 10 m³ gravel layer 20 m high granite board produce 30 m granite Absenker produce 40 m deep granite board produce 80 m² concrete paving surface produce 20 produce t riprap
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