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Construction project management services

Freistaat Thüringen, Landesamt für Bau und Verkehr, Abteilung 5, Hochbau | Published October 4, 2017  -  Deadline October 30, 2017

For the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, the new building of a contemporary campus will be used to bundle central functions in an inner-city area on the island square in a central inner-city location of Jena. The space program of the new buildings of the university comprises various areas of use in various new buildings totaling some 18,500 square meters.

The procurement includes services for the project control of the entire construction measures according to the services advertised.

The purpose of the contract is to provide the services of the project management, including partial project preparation and planning services, as well as the optional step-by-step commissioning of project control services for the construction of the Campus of the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena. The planning is based on a preliminary draft on the basis of an architectural competition. Together with the other specialist planners, an innovative overall concept is to be developed and implemented within the framework of planning.

The complete performance profile can be viewed under the tender documents.

Road construction works

Landesamt für Bau und Verkehr Dez. 31, Neubau | Published February 10, 2017
Strabag AG
45233120, 45221110

Road construction, bridge construction, utility trenches, TW-line, AW channel.

Earthworks, Road Construction, Underground drainage, construction of 2 bridges and a rainwater treatment plant, reconstruction of a stormwater treatment plant, drinking water supply, pressure sewer, Earthworks for gas pipeline and telecommunications cable

BT 0 - rata per client

BT 1 to 7 and 9 proportionately -. TLBV

BT 8 and 9 proportionately -. City administration Neustadt adO

BT 10 - Stadtwerke Neustadt Orla GmbH

BT 11 - German Telekom GmbH

BT 12 to 14 - Zweckverband water sewage Orla.

Construction work for buildings relating to law and order

Freistaat Thüringen, Landesamt für Bau und Verkehr | Published June 10, 2016
HTI Hoch-, Tief- und Industriebau GmbH

Accommodation of police stations and offices of the Thuringian Ministry of Home Affairs and Local, Kranichfelder Road 1, Road House 3, 3 courtyard house and parking platform C.

Railway construction works

DB ProjektBau GmbH im Namen und auf Rechnung der DB Energie GmbH | Published February 6, 2015

OLSP Thüringen und Bayern

Engineering services

Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Thüringen mbH | Published January 12, 2017
71300000, 71420000

Contracts include the design services for the complex redevelopment of a whole new

Industrial area, the major industrial area "Artern / Unstrut" which covers an area of ​​about 200 ha


Components of the project include the planning and implementation of measures to build

Transport equipment, including street lighting, sanitation (sewage and

Rainwater), for drinking and fire water supply and gas supply. Furthermore necessary

are measures to establish public parks as well as compensatory measures. The

require compensatory measures as a result of investigations under the Habitats Directive

comprehensive measures in wildlife and landscape protection as in the extensive measures in the

present hamster population gem. § 7 para. No. 14 BNatSchG. The development measures

is also an archaeological support necessary so that the competent State Office

Contract is required, the measures should be carried out during construction.

The estimated total investment cost for the development will be approximately

EUR 33.0 million net. The necessary planning services for opening up to with

present tender will be awarded.

The planning services are commissioned in stages: Work phases 1 to 3 in solid form; phases

4 to 9 optionally.

The development measure is funded by the Joint Task "Improvement of Regional

Economic structure "(GRW) promoted. The planning of the work phases 1 to 3 are within

to provide six months of order placement. The necessary planning work for

Development to be awarded with the present tender.

Construction work for military buildings and installations

Freistaat Thüringen, Landesamt für Bau und Verkehr | Published July 30, 2015
Wagner Tief- und Straßenbau GmbH

Löber field army barracks Erfurt, Zeppelin Straße 18 in 99096 Erfurt, new hotel building (Building 017), new service building career center with AC (Building 016), new service building LogKdoBw (Building 015), Public Works - Earthworks, Underground drainage, Road construction, procurement number .: 0365-15-B-EO-21st

Weapons and ammunition disposal services

Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Thüringen mbH | Published March 18, 2017  -  Deadline April 25, 2017

It is to carry out a basic deep ordnance free search in three subareas. The infilled with various waste Main. Gravel extraction have too many to noise, so fill in all 3 faces completely in advance of the surface free search excavate and must be stored at the side of the free search. Then is a free measurement possible, this should be carried out and the surfaces are freizusuchen. Topsoil is previously remove and store the side of the replacement. The removed soil / waste is freizusuchen and either re-installed or when requisite (mountable not again) be disposed of in accordance with its declaration.

Volume site clearance with layer-specific Verification: approximately 46 600 meters 3 Demolishing of foundation remains: about 50 m3uR, surveying the faces: approximately 29 500 m 2 , Surveying sites, splinter protection for gas pipe, securing ordnance / disruptive bodies, sampling soil / waste and declaration: about 50 pieces, waste (hazardous soil DK III about 1 500 tonnes of non-hazardous soil DK I / II: approximately 13 000 t, of non-hazardous construction waste> Z2 500 tonnes, construction waste to Z2: approximately 1 000 tonnes of municipal waste DK I / II: 2 300 tons, metal: about 50 t) replacement (topsoil: approximately 15,600 m 3 Freely sought excavation: 22 000 m 3 ).

Court building construction work

Freistaat Thüringen Landesamt für Bau und Verkehr | Published May 11, 2017

Reconstruction, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Amtsgericht Rudolstadt.

Electrical installation.

Construction work

Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Thüringen mbH | Published June 17, 2016
Meliorations-, Straßen- und Tiefbau GmbH Laucha

Los 2b:

TO 4.1.1 - Road access road,

TO 4.4.1 - Public street lighting.

Court building construction work

Freistaat Thüringen Landesamt für Bau und Verkehr | Published December 28, 2016
Bauunternehmen Hansjörg Kunze GmbH

New, reconstruction and renovation Amtsgericht Rudolstadt.

Polytechnic construction work

Freistaat Thüringen Landesamt für Bau und Verkehr | Published July 7, 2015
G. Käppler GmbH

Conversion and rehabilitation homes 5a and 6, including integrating the campus cafeteria.

Railway construction works

DB Netz AG, vertreten durch DB ProjektBau GmbH | Published June 12, 2015
45234100, 45234160

15TEI14454; OLA Restleistungen BA 3140 Bf Creidlitz, BA 3150 Bf Coburg Pfb, VBK Nord

Engineering services

Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Thüringen mbH | Published October 25, 2016
Bietergemeinschaft Lahmeyer Hydroprojekt GmbH und Ingenieurbüro Lopp GmbH
71300000, 71322200, 71322500, 71327000, 71350000

The existing industrial area "Kölleda-Kiebitzhöhe" to be expanded in the area of ​​the development plan 1/02.

The envisaged enlargement is approximately 95 ha. Part of the expansion, the planning of measures for the construction of transport facilities incl. Lighting, disposal of sewage (wastewater and rainwater), for drinking water and fire water supply as well as compensation measures. The purpose estimated capital cost of the development will be approximately 20 million EUR net.

The necessary planning services for the development to be awarded with the present tender.

The planning services are commissioned in stages:

Phases 1-3 fixed; Phases 4 to 9 optional.

The planning of the work phases 1 to 3 are to be provided within 3 months after contract award.

The development measure is to be funded by the Joint Task "Improvement of regional economic structure" (GRW).

Building construction work

Thüringer Landgesellschaft mbH | Published April 14, 2017

be located on the site of the equestrian stadium in Gera Milbitz buildings and outdoor facilities that operated by the riding club Gera / Thuringia and for the training and competition operations

be used. By the floods in June 2013, existing buildings, facilities and outdoor areas were flooded on the site of the equestrian stadium Gera Milbitz and thereby structurally and functionally severely damaged.

Basis of a list report on the damage caused to buildings and facilities, some buildings / installations have been demolished in the last two years.

For reasons of conservation, the statics and cost a replacement building of the riding school is required.

This year, the construction of a new functional building still takes place. a new indoor arena is to be built onto the west side of the building function.

The entire equestrian center (functional buildings and indoor riding arena) should completely within a mutually

new flood protection system to be redesigned.

The situation in the flood area, the new building will be constructed in flood-adapted design. The riding hall will mainly in monolithic or prefabricated construction

are made of reinforced concrete and masonry. The planned replacement building is in an area of ​​approximately 2822 m 2 built in one-story construction. The building obtains a gable roof (9 ° DN) and stands on a strip foundation. The facade is equipped with sandwich panels. The building contains several functional areas such as the stable area, feed storage areas and storage rooms for riding accessories. The development of the building is circulating through gates and doors on all sides of the hall.

Machinery for mining, quarrying, construction equipment

ThüringenForst – Anstalt öffentlichen Rechts | Published November 17, 2016
GP Papenburg Maschinenbau GmbH
43000000, 43260000, 43220000

Buy 2 brand new chain excavators with multidirectional sliding plate and 2 brand new way planing for forest road construction.

Buy 2 brand new chain excavators with multidirectional sliding plate for forest road construction, delivery not later than 01.03.2017.

Buy 2 brand new way planing for forest road construction, delivery not later than 03.01.2017.

District-heating mains construction work

SWE Energie GmbH | Published April 6, 2016
Helmar GmbH Rohr-und Anlagenbau

Construction of district heating routes in Erfurt: Blumenstraße, Borntalbogen, Born Talweg.

Engineering design services

Landeshauptstadt Erfurt, Stadtverwaltung vertreten durch den Entwässerungsbetrieb der Stadt Erfurt | Published July 7, 2016
Planungsbüro Poch+Zänker GmbH
71320000, 71300000

The drainage operation of Erfurt intends in the area of ​​the school yard Karlstraße establishing a Stormwater Overflow to relieve the central sewage treatment plant Erfurt Kühnhausen and below-lying channel networks from a hydraulic overload and to protect the receiving water Gera from objectionable contaminant entry. The CSO in 2272 at the site Karlstraße is a pool that is to fulfill this function in accordance with recognized codes of practice.

In one study, a common pool building with two partition structures for the HS 10 and HS 13 has been designated as the preferred option.

The location of the pool is on a school playground. The schoolyard is part of the BUGA competition area, which makes a rapid onset of design services for the measure necessary. The separation structures are arranged on public roads.

The cost estimate is approximately 3.2 million EUR net. Construction should be about 2 years. The implementation of the planning work is to take place in the years 2016 and 2017th

Court building construction work

Freistaat Thüringen Landesamt für Bau und Verkehr | Published February 15, 2017
Betting AG

New, reconstruction and renovation Amtsgericht Rudolstadt.

Architectural services for buildings

Freistaat Thüringen Landesamt für Bau und Verkehr – Abteilung 5, Hochbau | Published December 28, 2016
Bietergemeinschaft / ARGE Kummer.Lubk.Partner – Hoffmann.Seifert.Partner

At the same time to ensure that the current service mode (current use) by the construction work is not unnecessarily disturbed.

Construction work for military buildings and installations

Freistaat Thüringen Landesamt für Bau und Verkehr | Published September 30, 2016
Dachdeckermeisterbetrieb, Strickrodt & Söhne GmbH

Training area Sondershausen, road to stubbornness, 99706 Sondershausen, new location shooting, shooting buildings carpentry work, plumbing work assignment No .: 0852-16-B-EO-21st