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Road bridge construction work

Hessen Mobil Dillenburg | Published November 4, 2016
Demolition and replacement construction of two buildings at the A485 (UF DB at casting / Klein-Linden and UF L3475 AS Linden), execution is carried out in steel composite,

Construction works for power plants and heating plants

EAM Natur GmbH | Published November 9, 2016  -  Deadline December 5, 2016

At the site of the EAM Natur GmbH, Kirchhain-Stausebach a biomass cogeneration plant (BMZ II) is within the framework of a new building created, processed which calorific biomass fractions and is and use thermally to generate heat for the location of the EAM nature-spanning for one here district heating network.

In these proceedings the civil engineering / construction services and construction of outdoor facilities are procured.

Compressed-air generating plant construction work

Kreisausschuss des Lahn-Dill-Kreises, Bauabteilung – Schulen | Published November 4, 2016  -  Deadline December 8, 2016
1 pcs. Druckluftkompressor incl. The necessary

Structural steel erection work for structures

Kreisausschuss des Lahn-Dill-Kreises, 35.1 Technisches Gebäudemanagement – Schulen | Published November 9, 2016
Approximately 80 tons of steel frame as supporting structure for increased 2nd floor for receiving the roofing and facade glazing, resulting in damage class CC 2, stress category SC1, manufacturing category 1 PC, execution class EXC 2, incl. F30 paint supply and install,
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