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Stadt Bayreuth – Sanierung Stadthalle | Published December 22, 2016

08 Carpentry and timber construction; 09 steel works; 10 roofing works; 11 plaster and stucco, insulation systems; 14 joinery (fixed installations o doors.); 16 Metallbau-, locksmith services (ambulatory); 19 Bodenbelagsarbeiten; 20 Trockenbauarbeiten; 21 Screed works; 22 Fassadensanierung historically; 24 Betonwerksteinarbeiten; 26 steel doors; 40 heating systems; 42 Sanitary; 48 building automation; 49 Sprinkler Systems; 53 ELT, SSA; 69 elevators, conveyors; 70 communication and information technology systems; 75 Air conditioning systems; 78 chillers for air-conditioning systems; 79 Kitchen Equipment; 85 stage machinery; 86 Scenic lighting (stage lighting); 87 Audio and video; 89 Stage wood.

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

TenneT TSO GmbH | Published December 23, 2016  -  Deadline February 3, 2017
The line between Conneforde and Merzen is divided on the part of TenneT in three plan approval sections. 

In all sections §4 BBPlG underground cable sections can be used on links according.

For cost estimation following restrictions is to be taken as:

PFV-section A: Two possible route sections:

Length of 5 km.

13km of

5 km

PFV Section C: Two possible route sections

- 22 km route (Only overhead line)

- 18 km route (Only overhead line) -

Due to the first beginning in 2018 expected regional planning determination is initially assumed that the processing of all line sections; after regional planning finding only still relevant to the.

The following services are provided:

Accompaniment of Scopingprozesses and possibly more necessary coordination with the relevant authorities;

As study area is of a range of 300 m to go to the track center line;

- Implementing the necessary FFH / Natura 2000 (preliminary) exams;

- Creation of landscape conservation support plan: creation of concepts for engagement balancing, negotiating with area agencies / surface pools and the conceptual design of compensatory measures and care concepts;

Habitat types and Wäler (individual trees / habitat trees, Horst trees etc.), species (bats, small mammals, dragonflies, amphibians, reptiles, etc.) need to be recorded extensively:

- Supervision of PFV: Editing comments and objections in cooperation with the customer (AG) and the technical plan of heritage work plan changes and accompaniment of the public hearing;

There, the AG is an expert in environmental technical topics.

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