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Construction of rural roads "Over the River" in the cadastral Uhliště

Česká republika-Státní pozemkový úřad | Published September 22, 2016
The subject of this contract is the construction of rural roads RCV 4, NCV 3 and 5 in the cadastral RCV Uhliště. The total length of rural roads RCV 4, and NCV 3 847.31 meters. The total length of dirt roads RCV 5 160.46 meters. Paths are designed with a surface of asphalt concrete (ACO 11). Dirt road RCV NCV 3 and 5 intersect the existing water pipes. Field trips NCV 3 (km 0.000 to km approx 0.150) and 5 RCV (0,017 km 50) crosses the underground cable NN. Field trips are designed as single-lane category P 4.5 / 30, the width of exits on the adjacent land is proposed. 6.0 m turnouts are designed intersections field trips and access to local roads, according to the direction and elevation view. Drainage of surface waters dirt roads NCV 3 and 4 of the RCV into adjacent terrain and drains, which will be provided with an inspection shafts. The construction of rural roads as well as landscaping.

Bolešiny - sewerage and wastewater treatment plants

Obec Bolešiny | Published July 17, 2015  -  Deadline September 29, 2017
Procured the construction of a new central wastewater treatment plant for EO 800 in the village Bolešiny. The wastewater treatment plant is designed as a mechanical-biological compact reinforced concrete building with aboveground building. The project includes construction of a sewer with a total length of 1621.05 mA sewers on public lands.

Roofing parking object in Klatovské hospital as

Klatovská nemocnice, a.s. | Published September 30, 2016
The subject of procurement will be construction work on the new building roofing above the fourth floor of the existing parking object within Klatovské hospital as Scope VZ includes all required works, which are necessary for the implementation of new roofing parking object. The offer will be protected to the extent of project documentation and a list of works that are attached to this TD.

Kick in the cadastral Svojše - completion

Česká republika-Státní pozemkový úřad | Published September 26, 2016
The subject of performance below threshold VZ services to the completion of the draft comprehensive landscaping (the "kick") in the cadastral Svojše, including the necessary geodetic work in the accuracy class intended for recovery cadastre Decree no. 357/2013 Coll., As amended. As part of the completion of processing kick you need to update the inventory of claims and any changes sent to the affected owners according to SOD. It is also necessary to update and finalize the plan of joint facilities. Proposal will be awarded processed so that it can be registered in the Land Registry. The result of completion will be awarded the processing of new land arrangement and digital cadastral maps with all requirements pursuant to Act no. 256/2013 Coll., On cadastre. 7) certificate of authorization under the Act no. 360/1992 Coll., On the profession of authorized architects and the profession of authorized engineers and technicians active in construction, as amended, for the field of "Construction of water management and landscape engineering" ( "Water construction "8)) certificate of authorization under the Act no. 360/1992 Coll., on the profession of authorized architects and the profession of authorized engineers and technicians active in construction, as amended, to design USES (territorial systems of ecological stability) or in the field Landscape architecture.

The landfill TKO Štěpánovice

město Klatovy | Published September 27, 2016
The contract is the implementation of the second part III. Stage II and further reclamation. Stage - overlap landfill soil, sealing foil, a layer of soil about one meter. Construction technically and operationally builds on the previous phase of the landfill TKO. The subject of the landscaping, earth dam, sealing foundation, drainage, exterior lighting, intercepting ditches, fencing, operational communication. Sponsor reserves the following rights: a) The candidates themselves bear all costs associated with its participation in the tender. b) Candidates are required to abstain from any acts that might disrupt the discriminatory conduct of the procurement procedure, in particular the negotiations, which would result in a distortion of competition between candidates in the context of public procurement. c) The Contracting Authority reserves the right to cancel the tender in accordance with § 84 of the PPA. d) The Contracting Authority reserves the right to publish the text of the Treaty, including its changes and amendments to the submitter profiles according to § 147a PPA and the registers of contracts pursuant to the Act no. 340/2015 Coll. e) Applicants expressly consent to the processing of their (personal) data with respect to the Act no. 106/1999 Coll., on Free Access to Information, as amended, and in accordance with law no. 101/2000 Coll., on Personal Data Protection , as amended. This consent is provided in the future for an indefinite period for the internal needs of the client and for the purpose of informing the public about its activities. f) The contracting authority pursuant to § 82, para. 8 PPA right to withdraw from the contract if the contractor said menu information or documents which do not correspond to reality and should or could affect the outcome of the tender procedure.
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