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Construction work for highways, roads

Správa a údržba silnic Jihomoravského kraje, příspěvková organizace kraje | Published December 22, 2016

The subject of the public contract is the reconstruction of the road II / 379 in urban and rural routes of the existing road II / 379 in the section Deblín - Tišnov. The beginning of the reconstruction of roads II / 379 contains the construction Deblín - through road, which builds on past the end of the township building Deblin Deblin - Tišnov. It also includes the construction Cizek - landslide remediation, bridge no. 37910-1 Cizek, bridge no. 37911-1 Žernůvka and bridge no. 3795-3 Kuřimské hawk. The contract also includes related engineering and surveying work.

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Diecézní charita Brno | Published December 23, 2016  -  Deadline January 17, 2017

The contract is the preparation of project documentation (step DÚR, DSP / PDPs, SP), including related surveys.

The contract further engineering (IR) needed to provide current observations, opinions and documents necessary for filing an application for a building permit for the action.

It is also part of the valuation exercise of the author's supervision (AD) during the implementation of the action.

The object of the construction is the reconstruction of the existing building No. 775/58 on the street Bratislavská in Brno Zábrdovice for operating social outpatient services and outreach services for socially disadvantaged and outreach services Vol. Francis.

Construction work

Brněnské komunikace a.s. | Published December 1, 2016  -  Deadline February 1, 2017

The subject of the public contract is repairing road drainage, repair of roads, including sidewalks and green belts adjustments after the reconstruction of utilities to the extent and in accordance with its terms. The subject of the public contract is defined by the model contract annexed to the tender documentation.

"In 00191 - construction of buildings"

PETRUSKA, a.s. | Published January 6, 2017

Reconstruction of sanitary units in BD Mozolky 53, 55, 57, 59 and 61, Poznaňská 20 and 22, 10 and 14, Zagreb, Brno-Žabovřesky

Statutární město Brno, Městská část Brno - Žabovřesky | Published September 2, 2015  -  Deadline December 31, 2020
The subject of the public contract is a contract for work on the complex work whose subject is the reconstruction of sanitary units in apartment buildings. Description of requirements to be fulfilled by meeting VZ: Existing core housing are made of Formica panels, the reconstruction will be replaced by the gypsum core. The reconstruction at the site of the sanitary units are exchanged water, sewer, electric. management and pipeline. Will be performed replacing the existing sewer pipe azbestocementového behind pipe. New residential core will always be dealt with as a separate toilet room and bathroom. The hall will be replaced with PVC wear layer with a new SDK will be made hanging ceiling with recessed lighting and new electrical wiring. The kitchen will be replaced with PVC wear layer with a new one. Will be performed new plumbing and electrical, is installed in the new kitchen with original stove, new hood and a new line will be made ceramic tiles. A description of the subject of the contract: The subject of the public contract is a contract for work on complex construction works whose subject is the reconstruction of 144 pieces of sanitary units in apartment buildings Mozolky 53, 55, 57, 59 and 61, Poznaňská 20 and 22, Zagreb 10 and 14 in Brno -Žabovřeskách the extent and according to project documents, a contract for a building permit. A description of the relationship between the subject and the needs of the contracting authority VZ: The buildings were built in the late sixties and seventies min. century. Existing cores are already hygienically unsatisfactory and unsightly. The new core housing will contribute to improving the quality of life of tenants of apartments. Estimated due date for the public contract: The work will be carried out in stages. The entire work, ie all homes should be restored within 5 years from the signing of the contract.
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