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Technical planning services

Infrastructure, grands projets énergie environnement | Published November 10, 2016  -  Deadline December 22, 2016
In other words, the required permissions for the renovation and development are the subject of a simultaneous application. 

Based on analyzes of the state, several studies of renovation and development, SBB AG has identified the following sub-projects, which must be subject to scrutiny under the concession project :

Replacement of equipment of the power plant Châtelard I;

Commissioning of pump equipment of the plant Châtelard II;

Expansion of the Châtelard compensation basin.

The mandate also includes the support to be given to the drafting of technical documents and coordination with third construction agents of amenities listed above, including the environmental aspects in the planning phase of the expansion of the pool of Châtelard compensation.

Module R1 establishment of the final specifications for the main study.

Module R2 establishment of RIE main study.

Project direction.

Module R3 establishment of hydrological report (calculation of flow rates Q347).

R4 Module of reporting on residual flows.

Module M1 establishment of the catalog of measures, validation, feasibility study.

Action planning stage as SIA 21-22.

Module M2 project study of the chosen measures.

Action planning stage as SIA 31-33.

Module P1 establishment of the protection plan and water use (CPUE).

Module P2 planning measures arising from PPUE.

According to the partial phases SIA 31-33.

Module C1 constructive adaptation catchment sort lower and Black Water (sanitation and staffing).

Planning as partial phases SIA 21-33.

Module C2 constructive adaptation of some catchments (endowment).

Planning as partial phases SIA 21-33.

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