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DRC Urban Water Supply Project (FY09) - P091092

Cellule d Execution des Projets de la REGIDESO | Published October 5, 2016  -  Deadline December 22, 2016
Realisation Of The First Phase (110,000 M3 / d) From Industrial Complex D Drinking Water Production in Kinshasa Binza-ozone, Including One From Capture Station Of The Congo River And The Supply and Installation D Discharge Driving A NOTICE OF APPEAL on OFFRESINTERNATIONAL duCongo Democratic Republic (DRC) Realization of premièrephase (110,000 m3 / d) of complexeindustriel production of drinking water in Kinshasa Binza-Ozone, including unestation capture on the Congo River and the supply and installation of uneconduitede discharge between the sensor station and AOI processing complex No. 01 / CEP-PEMU / FA / DET / ICB / ECFMI / 2016 Don IDAD102-ZR 18 mars2016 IDA Grant H435-ZR 19 January 2009 this call 'offresfait following the general opinion procurement of indiquéci above project published in Development Business, noWB1939-04 / 16 of 28 Avril2016. The Government of theRepublic of Congo Democratic obtained a gift of the AssociationInternationale Development (IDA) under the Additional Financing for Supply Project Drinking Water in Urban Areas (PEMU) and intends to use part of the money granted for effectuerlespaiements under the contract defined in AOI No. 01 / CEP-PEMU / FA / DET / ICB / ECFMI / 2016. CEP-O / REGIDESOsollicitedes sealed bids from eligible bidders for laréalisation the first phase of the industrial complex of productiond'eaupotable Kinshasa Binza-Ozone, including the main activitéssuivantes: Design, equipment constructionet an abstraction raw water on the Congo River; Supply and installation of uneconduite DN 1800-refoulement supply of raw water; Design, equipment constructionet of a water treatment plant site Binza-Ozone; Design, equipment constructionet reservoirs and a pumping station for water deboisson adestination distribution networks. The appeld'offres process will take place as described in point 7 below, in accordance with the procedures deuxétapes international competitive bidding (ICB) described in the Guidelines: Procurement of supply contracts, detravaux and services ( other than consulting services) financed speak credits or grants from IBRD and IDA credits in 2011 put AJOUR version July 2014 are admitted to soumissionnertous candidate countries that meet the eligibility criteria, such as quedéfinis call to tender dossier, and criteria qualificationminimum. The disqualification criteria for bidders, including members of joint ventures, sub-contractors and manufacturers, included in the tender file etcomprennent including: Net average annual turnover: a sales affairesannuel by at least US $ fifty million (50,000,000), calculated lamanière follows: total authorized payments received for marchésen ongoing and / or completed within five (05) years divisépar five (05). General experience: market experience aTitle contractor, subcontractor, or management contracting in the ten (10) years from 1 January 2006. The similarity focus on taillephysique, complexity, methods / technology or other caractéristiquestelles as described in Section VII Scope of expérienceminimale construction Travaux.Une in the following main activities: drinking traitementd'eau station (30,000m3 / d) pumping station réservoirsen waterproof concrete construction big Pose conduitesdiamètre greater than DN400. Financial Resources: The Bidder doitdémontrer it has liquid assets or access to assets nongrevés ora credit lines, etc. other than advance of any startup, desmontants sufficient to meet cash requirements necessary EXECUTION work subject of this tender at US $ five (05) million and net other commitments. Of détailssupplémentaires are provided in the tender documents. The candidatsintéressés eligible can obtain a complémentd'information with the CEP-O / REGIDESOet can review the Bidding Documents at the address below indiquéeci from 9.00 to 16 hours. The Bidding Documents will be given contreprésentation of proof of payment, or sent by courier moyennantun additional $ 300 USD and the CEP-O / REGIDESO will enaucun castenue responsible for delays or losses suffered in its delivery .Seules submissions candidate who bought the offresseront accepted call records. It will take place as follows: Bidders whose offer of the first étapecontient major deviations from the requirements énoncéesdans ledossier tender, the number and / or nature are such that an offer lapréparation fully compliant raisonnablementpas êtreeffectuée can do seron
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