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Iron River bridge

Statens vegvesen Region nord | Published April 6, 2016  -  Deadline May 4, 2016

The work includes the construction of a new bridge over Iron River on EV6 Sorkjosen, Nordreisa Municipality.

Work will commence in spring 2016 with the reorganization of traffic and the removal of existing bridge

Traffic should be able to go unhindered past the building site during the entire construction period and it is assumed that the contractor beforehand acquaint themselves well with local and traffic conditions.

Admission Prize scope:

- Establishing bypass

- Removal of existing bridge

- Excavation of soils

- Formwork, armering- and concrete work

- Erosion protection of riverbed

- Erection of railings

- Miscellaneous associated roadworks

Nordlibekken- and Strømsør tverrelv bridge

Statens vegvesen Region nord | Published June 20, 2016  -  Deadline July 12, 2016

The work includes building two new bridges on county road 847 in Bardu municipality respectively over Nordli Pelvis and Strømsør tverrelv.

Distance between construction sites are ca.900 m.

Work will commence in summer 2016 with the establishment of bypass and removal of existing bridges. Concrete work completed by 12.12.2016 and traffic should be conducted on the bridges.

Traffic should be able to go unhindered past the building site during the entire construction period and it is assumed that the contractor in advance familiarize themselves with local and traffic conditions.

Admission Prize scope:

- Establishment, operation and removal of the bypass

- Removal of existing bridges and railings

- Dredging Works

- Formwork, armering- and concrete work

- Erection of railings

- Miscellaneous corresponding blasting and roadworks

Breivik As USER demolition

Statens vegvesen Region nord | Published August 13, 2015  -  Deadline September 7, 2015

Construction of Breivikeidet bridge was started in autumn 2009. In the spring of 2010 it was registered large settlements in the area and especially the abutments axis 2. Work on construction of the bridge was then stopped. Bridge deck is not cast or reinforced. Breivik As bridge would replace a 50 year old bridge. The bridge is 35 meters long and designed as a cooperative construction. Abutments are founded on rockfill filling with nonwovens surface against the road bed. Over rubble fill ingens leveling is a layer lean concrete surfaces for abutments. Abutments of concrete crushed and removed acc. waste plan and the area returned to the most original state. The main beams and cross dismantled and removed, the value of this accrues contractor. Because of sentences may be stresses in the girders, the dismantling of the cross beams and requires special attention. Because of problems with the terrain carrying capacity must probably part of the works performed on frozen ground. Menger specified in Chapter D1 Description.

Collect Contract bruvedlikehold Troms 2015-16

Statens vegvesen Region nord | Published February 11, 2015  -  Deadline March 9, 2015

NPRA Region North has responsibility for the maintenance of bridges along highways and county roads in Troms county. It is believed to sell for 8-10 million annually on this contract, depending on public funding and unforeseen events / damages on bridges in Troms. The tasks will vary from concrete work, joint replacement, repair and laying new joint thresholds and replacement / repair of railings and balustrades parts. Paving and moisture protection of bridges will also constitute a major part of the contract as well as other odd works in conjunction with bruvedlikehold in Troms County. The client has the option to extend the contract with one plus one year, from 2017-01-01 to 2017-12-31 and 2018-01-01 to 2018-12-31 from. Below mentioned missions are examples of assignments. Changes may occur. All work is performed only on order from the builder's representative. Veg Municipal Brunr. Brunavn Damage / execution EV6 Nordreisa 19-0358 Nordreisa 1 Repairs hit steel beam and Fugue thresholds EV6 Nordreisa 19-0361 Nordreisa 2 Rep. guardrail EV6 Balsfjord 19-1213 Vollan bridge Rep. guardrail Fv91 Tromso 19-0865 Roussevanka bridge Rehabilitation of abutments Fv862 Tromso 19-0511 Tromso Bridge Replacement of joint elements. EV6 Nordreisa 19-1398 Thirteen bridge Rep. guardrail Fv293 Tromso 19-0414 Flat Voll bridge Rep. cover Fv84 Sorreisa 19-0247 Nordstraumen Rep. cover and railings.
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