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Construction-site supervision services

Община Перник | Published December 3, 2016  -  Deadline January 9, 2017

The subject of the contract relates to the selection of a contractor / contractors to exercise construction supervision during construction, necessary for the realization of the objects of the project "Improving the urban environment in Pernik" according to the grant agreement № BG16RFOP001-1.018-0002-S01 implemented by the Municipality of Pernik, it is divided into 3 lots.

Contractor supervised during construction on all kinds of works, performed by the builder of the facilities in accordance with statutory powers and duties of the contractor as a person exercising construction supervision of construction:

- Participate in the drafting of a protocol Model 1 for transmission and reception of the approved investment project and construction permit for the performance of this work;

- Composition Model Protocol 2 for opening the construction site and determining the construction line and level of construction in enforceable building permit. In three (3) days of compiling this report certify the order book of the construction and 7 (seven) days from the certification shall notify in writing the municipality and specialized control bodies certified order book;

- Prepares and displayed order book for each of the sites and transmit them to the contractor of the construction;

- Signs all acts and protocols during construction to be drawn up under the current law, which is empowered to be a compiler or a person committed a check or a person in the presence of which is composed document;

- To compile and organize the submission on behalf of the Employer of all necessary documents, requests, applications and more. Documents before the competent authorities to carry out the investment process without interruption;

6 of the SPA prepared in accordance with Decree № 2/31 July 2003 commissioning of buildings in Bulgaria and minimum warranty periods for completed works, facilities and construction sites.

In fulfillment of its obligations Contractor:

- Exercise continuous construction supervision over the implementation of works under technical projects and requirements of the regulations;

- An examination of the executed works on quantities and prices and sign protocols for acceptance of the completed works made by the Contractor;

72/2003) during the construction activities;

Footpath construction work

Община Перник | Published November 26, 2016  -  Deadline December 30, 2016

Basic and repair of street pavement and sidewalks and local roads in Pernik Municipality 4 lots:

Lot 1: Basic and repair of street pavement and sidewalks East Region;

Lot 2: major and current repairs of street pavement and sidewalks West Region;

Lot 3: basic and repair of pavement and pavement in the municipality of Pernik;

Lot 4: basic and repair of municipal roads.

The subject of this contract covers the implementation of construction works related to repairs (basic / current) on the carriageway of streets, without changing the design and construction of new and repair existing sidewalks.

The subject of this contract covers the implementation of construction works related to the repair of pavement and pavement in the Municipality of Pernik. Cancellation and rearrangement of pavement; breaking and rearrangement of existing paving slabs; preparation of new pavement of vibropressed plates; rearrangement of existing curbs; installation of new curbs and others.

PER1092 / I-1, Pernik, Dupnitsa / coldest -Kralev dollars, PER1094 / I-1 Vladaia Pernik / - Dragichevo - / PER1095 /, PER1095 / I-1 Vladaia Pernik / - Station Dragichevo, PER1098 / III-605, Batanovtsi-Velkovtsi / - Yardjilovtsi, PER1105 / III-802 / Divotino Lyulin-Golemo Buchino / SOF1110 /, PER1108 / I-6 Radomir Pernik / - Crystal Pernik,. Bella water- / I- 6 /, PER2091 / I-1, Pernik-Lower sledge / - Bosnek - Chuipetlovo, PER2097 / III-605, Batanovtsi-pk. Vitanovtsi / - Bogdanov dol, PER2099 / III-605, Batanovtsi - pk Yardjilovtsi / - Vitanovtsi - / II-63 /, PER2102 / II-63 Meshtitsa-Breznik / - Rasnik - Raduy, PER2104 / II-63 Meshtitsa-Breznik / - Viskyar, PER2106 / I-6 Radomir Pernik / - DB hospital "St. Panteleimon ", PER3093 / III-1003 Pernik-Rudartsi / - farm Vitosha, PER3096 / III-6032, Kosacha - Leskovets / -Planinitsa, PER3100 / PER2099, Batanovtsi-Vitanovtsi / - Zidartsi, PER3101 / III-605, pk . Velkovtsi-Noevtsi / - Selishten e ...

Building construction work

Община Перник | Published November 2, 2016  -  Deadline December 8, 2016
"Implementation of Engineering - design and execution of works relating to the implementation of the National Programme for Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings in the Municipality of Pernik" on lots:

"Execution of construction works in the building of Specialized Hospital for continued treatment and rehabilitation" Ltd. -. Pernik (SBPLR) in the realization of the project "Improving working conditions in SBPLR city. Pernik", financed by Fund "Working Conditions"

Специализирана болница за долекуване, продължително лечение и рехабилитация /СБДПЛР/ - Перник ЕООД | Published December 7, 2016  -  Deadline December 22, 2016
Repair in "Specialized Hospital for continued treatment and rehabilitation" Ltd. should improve working conditions in workplaces / surgeries, manipulation, rest rooms / by improving the indoor climate by: a) replace heating systems - covers dismantling of existing supply and installation of new pipes - in hallways, rest rooms and doctors' offices (workplaces). b) replace plumbing - covers dismantling of existing, procurement and installation of new pipes - in hallways, rest rooms and doctors' offices (workplaces). c) improve sanitation - by carrying out repair work premises and residential premises - for accommodation and recreation staff providing emergency - 24 hour medical care, including: • Repair of the walls and ceiling - includes restoration of plaster including painting and plaster; • Repair floor - involves placing a tile on the floor. • Repair of sanitary facilities - involves placing a shower taps, faucets and sinks monoblock.
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