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Finishing entrance area construction

Vrij Katholiek Onderwijs te Zomergem | Published October 27, 2016  -  Deadline November 23, 2016

Finishing a whole entrance area construction of a school.

Road construction works

Gemeente Zomergem | Published November 28, 2015  -  Deadline January 22, 2016

184005_Aanleggen of cycle paths along the N461 to Zomergem and Knesselare. The present contract consists of: - the preparatory work; - Keeping in function of the existing drainage; - Breaking up the road and bicycle path; - The construction of new gravity sewers; - Keeping a discharge pipe; - Digging new drainage canals; - The construction of an underground pumping station; - Building a number of underground works of art; - The construction of a discharge structure; - The thorough clearing of the brook; - Build kopmuren; - Making domestic and gully connections; - The construction of a new roadway; - The creation of cycle paths; - The construction of driveways; - The application of road markings; - Installation of traffic signs; - Green construction; - Maintenance of the green construction for two years. The contract is divided into three main parts, namely: - main part 1: working Haagstraat, Nekke, Hoetsel and Spin Houtstraat huisnr between 1 and 16 (part where entire road network is renewed); - Main section 2: working Gentweg (territory Zomergem) Gentseweg and Rozestraat territory in Knesselare; - Head part 3: work between bridge over canal Ghent-Ostend and connection head portion 1. The order is further detailed in Part 3 - Technical provisions. For the purposes of the rules on public procurement should be considered this task as a works contract. If procedure is opted for an open tender.

Cycle path construction work

Gemeente Zomergem | Published July 9, 2016
Verhelst Aannemingen NV
45233162, 45232440, 45233220

N461 Zomergem (Spin Houtstraat Haagstraat, Hoetsel, Nekke and Gentweg) and Knesselare (Gentseweg and Rozestraat) - Water cycle, rehabilitation widespread discharges, eliminating flooding and road structural maintenance.

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