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Insurance services

Commune de Sprimont | Published December 1, 2017

See II.1.1.

- fire insurance and related perils,

- all-risks electronic insurance,

- all risks insurance capitals.

- car insurance,

- omnium missions.

- General RC

- Security of the elected

- Compulsory option - Construction site all-risk insurance with extension to the RC guarantee

- Objective liability in case of fire or explosion

- CR and bodily injury - school insurance

- CR and personal injury - senior service activities

- CR and personal injury - communal council of children

- CR and bodily injury - out-of-school care

- CR and personal injury - social cohesion plan

- CR and bodily injury - Advisory Committee of Seniors

- CR of asylum seekers.

- Work accident.

- Fire insurance of the woods of the Commune.

Invitation to submit offers - construction of an additional hall to the communal workshops - direct Negotiated procedure with advertising

Commune de Sprimont | Published November 19, 2015  -  Deadline January 4, 2016

Construction of an additional hall to the communal workshops
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