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Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work

INASEP | Published September 29, 2015  -  Deadline December 11, 2015

Laying of collectors and construction of 6 pumping stations.

Collecteur de Wépion (K38,4 à K42,4) - lot 2

INASEP | Published September 15, 2016  -  Deadline October 28, 2016

Pose de collecteurs et construction de 7 stations de pompage

Invitation to submit offers - Works for the construction of a bypass of the storage silos dewatered sludge - Negotiated procedure with direct advertising

INASEP | Published May 10, 2016  -  Deadline June 23, 2016
45232420, 42993200, 42996900, 45232422, 45252100, 45252130, 45252140, 45259100

Sludge dewatering of Gembloux station is provided by a belt filter located on the first floor of the technical building of the station. The sludge is then whitewashed in spaces situated just below the local dehydration and finally conveyed to the storage silos.

Thixotropic characteristic of the sludge is highly stressed by transportation in the conveying screw. Despite a reduction of the rotational speed of the vertical screw, the latter cause much shear and degrade the consistency of the sludge. Thus, in certain periods, consistency is so degraded that holding heap can be reached which causes complaints of farmers who can no longer validly store limed sludge on agricultural land (spreading).

This contract is to carry out adjustments to the conveying elements of whitewashed mud and moving the injection of lime close to the belt filter.

The sludge storage in both existing silos is maintained, the operator can select the most suitable solution according to the quality of dehydration.


CPAS de GESVES | Published November 20, 2014  -  Deadline December 30, 2014

Replacing the chassis by a "set of doors and windows made with white PVC profiles in the mass." Strikes Specifications: Dimensions triple strike closed profiles: see note Building depth: minimum 74 mm Colours: White (the color is to be submitted to the project author) Finish: satin inside and outside structured profiles are coated with a film PVC with an acrylic layer with exterior wood structure. The profiles must be coated with a technical approval certification UBAtc. The thickness of the PVC film with an acrylic layer is at least 200 microns. The tensile strength is 20 N / mm² at least. The color of the chassis will be RAL 9010, Renolit No. 1.9152-05, white. The guarantee will be 10 years, during which the discoloration will be up to level 4 on the gray scale according to ISO 105 / A03. Outside following thresholds: determining UF = max 1.30 W / m2K

road works and drainage street Captain Fernémont in Tamines

INASEP | Published June 29, 2016  -  Deadline September 5, 2016

Short description of the work:

The works mainly comprise the following:

- Demolition of roads including his chest, sidewalks and faulty drainage system.

- Construction of a new road and sidewalks with the implementation of a retarder plate at the crossroads and a crossing sidewalk.

- Installation of a new pipe containing the mixed water from the road and dwellings.

Natural water

Inasep | Published December 6, 2014
Viabuild SudAvenue des Moissons 30APerwez 1360 +32 81654070 +32 81226044

The contract is for the construction of a sewage collector Wépion and 2 pumping stations and conduct of possible refoulement. The work consists primarily at achieving the laying of pipelines located in the floor of Dinant. 2 pumping required are pumping P2 and P6. Collector Director: - creation of a gravity collector ductile iron, including various books recovery of waste water, - realization of two pumping stations and their discharge line - realization of the electromechanical equipment of the network.

Invitation to submit offers - Works to correct weaknesses nurse constructive forming pipes and connections at the sewage pumping station feeding the treatment of Namur - Negotiated procedure with direct advertising

INASEP | Published October 19, 2015  -  Deadline November 20, 2015
45231300, 45232152, 45232411, 45232420, 45232423, 45232440, 45248000, 45252000, 45252100, 45252120, 45252127

All waste water from the agglomeration Namuroise is pumped by a pump located under the overpass Beez, it is composed of three pumps of which the unit capacity is 1800m³ / hour. The diameters of the general collector and discharge pipes are respectively 600mm and 1000mm. Repairs of successive fortunes of the reach of new passes on existing welds and carrying a box to contain the welds is not an indication that a large leak may one day occur. An accident like this would have major consequences both for the electromechanical equipment on operating club this time pumping. INASEP, operator of this work can not take the risk of such an environmental accident would generate the discharge of wastewater from the city of Namur for several weeks, the environmental impact would be even more critical if it intervened in times of Low-flow and / or high temperatures. A study of the existing nurse led to the conclusion that the thicknesses of the component lines they were too weak to absorb the dynamic stresses, in view of this report INASEP commissioned the study of a new nurse, this study includes after sizing and calculation note and the plans and design of a new nanny made of steel 316L Stainless. The purpose of this contract is therefore to build the nurse according to the plans and design calculations provided by the work of master to install it within the deadlines, supplies and accessory facilities are included in this market.
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