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Heating-plant repair and maintenance work

EVN Wärme GmbH | Published November 18, 2016  -  Deadline January 31, 2017

Framework agreement - implementation of system support for EVN biomass (pellets) heating.

Framework Agreement -

Implementation of system support for EVN biomass (pellets) heating.


The investments reaching to care is local or district heating plants of EVN Wärme GmbH supplying mostly residential buildings, apartment houses as well as commercial businesses, schools, sanatoria u. Ä. With heat for space heating and use hot water. The heating systems are either integrated into the objects to be supplied as a boiler room and pellet storage area in the building objects, or built as a structurally detached building in modular construction.

The heat systems consist of the pellet storage area including filling devices, one or more pellet boiler (20 - 300 kW).., Pellet filling and conveying equipment, ash handling system with ash container, in rare cases, a gas / oil-fired boiler as a reserve account, pressure maintenance and expansion plant, ev. buffer, ev. use hot water and -Boiler all necessary piping, control and shutoff valves, circulation pumps, electrical cabinets and electronic control units.

Equipment level:

Approximately 140 equipment as described above in the entire area of ​​Lower Austria.

Scope of work:

Inspection of plant and control of fuel storage prior.

Organisation of the filling of the fuel storage and acceptance of the delivery of fuel.

Guiding the operating book: registration and documentation of all work carried out as inspections, maintenance, fault finding, fuel supplies, ash disposals.

Guiding the control book to TRVB H118 Annex. 2

Performing maintenance on the operating system in accordance with the operating manual and maintenance schedule.

Implementation of troubleshooting by understanding through According to EVN fault message system or customer call.

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