Public tenders for asphalt-works in Romania

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paving and asphalting works

Municipiul Alexandria | Published April 11, 2012
SC Proinvest SRL Str. Bucuresti, bl.714De, sc.D, et.1 ap.3 140073 Alexandria ROMANIA Telephone: +40 247315897 Fax: +40 247421072
45233222, 45262300

Reabilitarea alei carosabile.

Paving and asphalting works

Municipiul Oradea | Published November 24, 2016
Drumuri Orasenesti SA
45233222, 45300000

Public procurement quantities of new works similar to those contained in the initial documentation, the correspondent in it and to be made mandatory under the objective of "Redevelopment squares store in Oradea Cris' works contract no. 233 437 / 09.21.2015.

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