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T-Shirts for the South Dakota National Guard

Department of the Army, National Guard Bureau | Published October 21, 2016  -  Deadline November 18, 2016

PNAP 043-2016 - t-shirts and polos supplies for the activities of Centres Leisure Adeps and Co.

Administration générale du Sport | Published August 5, 2016  -  Deadline August 20, 2024
Supply of T-shirts and polo shirts for the activities of Adeps Leisure Centres, Sport Tips Centres and Sport Service for All. This contract consists of 5 best positions described in the technical specifications attached to the tender documents: • Position 1: polyester T-shirt printed • Position 2: printed cotton T-shirt, • Position 3 Embroidered Polo, • Position 4: only printing polyester shirt • Position 5: single printing cotton t-shirt.

Supply of knitted t-shirts

АДМИНИСТРАЦИЯ ГОРОДА ЮЖНО-САХАЛИНСКА | Published October 7, 2016  -  Deadline October 20, 2017
Supply of knitted t-shirts piece of 60.00 594,67 680,20 35 total: 35 680,20

Providing caps, shorts, T-shirts, sweatshirts and jerseys lycra T-shirts for the staff of the Departmental Fire and Rescue (SDIS) du Var in Draguignan

Sdis du var | Published October 8, 2016
Undefined The public market for the supply of hats, shorts, T-shirts, sweatshirts and jerseys lycra T-shirts for the Departmental Service of Personal Fire and Rescue (SDIS) du Var, it also includes benefits embroidery and screen printing ..

Supply of t-shirts for volunteers with the symbolism of the event, the Open regional championship Young professionals of South Ural

Supply of t-shirts for volunteers with the symbolism of the event: the Open regional championship of the Young professionals of South Ural PCs 150,00 277,67 650,50 41 total: 41 650,50

printing services (lanyard for badge, pencil cases, plates acm prism format, banners, flyers, stickers, T-shirts with transfers).

MINISTÉRIO DA EDUCAÇÃO | Published October 7, 2016  -  Deadline October 24, 2016
Object: Electronic Auction - graphic Services (lanyard for badge, pencil cases, plates acm prism format, banners, flyers, stickers, T-shirts with transfers).

Supply of t-shirts with the logo for the needs of the GBU CDIS Khamovniki

Государственное казенное учреждение города Москвы #034;Дирекция заказчика жилищно-коммунального хозяйства и благоустройства Центрального административного округа#034; | Published October 13, 2016  -  Deadline October 20, 2024
Mens t-shirt, knitwear, cotton PCs 360,00 300,00 000,00 108 total: 108 000,00

sports kit

Lietuvos kariuomenė | Published October 20, 2016  -  Deadline December 1, 2016
Sports kit (shorts, T-shirts)

Cotton T shirt Purchase

Jaunsardzes un informācijas centrs, 9000922253 | Published October 18, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2016
Cotton T shirt Purchase guards form field

Clothing, footwear, luggage articles and accessories

SDIS du Var | Published October 11, 2016  -  Deadline November 21, 2016
The public market for the supply of hats, shorts, T-shirts, sweatshirts and jerseys lycra T-shirts for the staff of the county fire and rescue service (SDIS) du Var, it also includes embroidery services and screen printing.

Supply clothing shirt men's cotton t-shirt for the needs of the GBU Bor STUMPS for small businesses

T-shirt PCs 266,66 26 666,00 100,00 Shirt men's C/b PCs 200 000,00 500,00 400,00 total: 226 of 666.00

Graphic Design Services

Geneva - SWITZERLAND | Published October 17, 2016  -  Deadline October 28, 2016
UNDP hosts a global project of assistance to the Chair and members of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF). The CVF Support Project of UNDP encompasses support for amplifying the communications impact of CVF activities and that of the associated Vulnerable Twenty (V20) Group. This assignment is designed to ensure that the CVF and their campaign on 1.5 degree Celsius (#1o5C) have engaging visual content to share at events and on their websites ( and social media channels including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus. The assignment should involve interactive feedback on graphic designs to ensure the final graphics meet the desired outcomes of the CVF. Scope of work and DeliverablesGraphic Design Develop through the guidance and briefs provided by the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) Support:Phase 1: A brand package of 20x different designs to be used on general project applications including but not limited to – conference delegate identity tags; conference place/tent cards; templates for basic office documents (letters, meeting report etc.); event programmes, brochures and display materials; wall posters, business cards. Graphics should draw on the existing logos, colour palattes and corporate fonts of the CVF, V20 and #1o5C campaign through expanded design applications to meet project operational requirements.Phase 2: Graphical and infographics design for the three following specific applications:5x graphics for the Conference of the Parties (COP 22) to the UNFCCC5x infographics for the Low Carbon Monitor Infographics10x graphics for the CVF campaign on 1.5 degrees Celsius campaign (#1o5C)All graphic designs for phases 1 and 2 should be suitable for any application as specified in the brief provided – application may include but is not limited to: t-shirts; caps; posters; banners; stickers; memory sticks; documents.Phase 2 should have a sampling stage involving a minimum of 3x different sample graphics to allow the client to give comments before proceeding with refining the designUp to 5-6 rounds of changes may be required for complex designs (infographics), while more simple designs may require only 3 rounds of changes;All graphics must be aesthetically pleasing and meet the brief provided by the client;All graphics should be supplied in high- and low-resolution jpg, pdf and png files–files prepared vectorized for large-size commercial printing will also be required for some of the graphics;Some deliverables of Phase One are for urgent production for a conference taking place on 24-25 October, including event posters, delegate badges, conference tent cards;Other Phase One and Phase Two deliverables are for progressive production in particular during the early period of the contract.For Reference: ArrangementFor the duration of the contract, the service provider will report to the Project Manager and Junior Specialist of the Climate Vulnerable Forum Support Unit, Bureau for Policy and Programme Support of UNDP, based at Geneva, and will work in close collaboration with the project team.The cost of the contract shall cover cost of professional services rendered onlyQualifications Selection criteria for the service provider are as follows:Relevant experience in the field of the assignment, with at least 5 years of recognized expertise:a. Thorough knowledge, understanding of and experience with graphical design proved through portfolio of designed productsb. Ability to facilitate and manage required processesc. Ability to provide the required graphic design productsd. Proven experience developing public advocacy/campaign graphicsCorporate Competencies:Innovation Adapts ideas to context:• Adapts deliverables to meet client needs, interprets policy within context and applies with judgment, anticipates obstacles and applies practical solutions, and collaborates to improve methods and delivery.Communication Listens to develop awareness for client needs:• Respects difference of opinion, finds common ground to solve problems, and presents complex, conceptual ideas in practical terms to others.Delivery Completes work under established methods:• Meets goals and timelines for delivery of products or services and accepts responsibility for the outcomes of own work. Recommended Presentation of OfferThe following must be submitted:Company portfolio of similar relevant assignmentsFinancial Proposal covering this assignmentWe kindly request you to submit your Proposal to Graphic design services to the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF).Please be guided by the form attached hereto as Annex 2, in preparing your Proposal. Proposals may be submitted on or before Friday, October 28, 2016 and via email, courier mail or fax to the address below:United Nations Development Programme11-13 chemin des anemons Alfred Your Proposal must be expressed in English, and valid for a minimum period of 90 days.

Protective clothing for DVI team - repeated publication

Česká republika - Ministerstvo vnitra | Published September 20, 2016
The subject of the tender is the supply of protective clothing for members of the DVI team. The subject of the tender is divided into twelve independent parts: Part 1 - jackets, hats, pants Part 2 - Overall Fireproof Part 3 - Underwear, polo shirts, T-shirts Part 4 - Reflective vest Part 5 - boots, waterproof suit, raincoat Part 6 - scarf, socks, jacket, shirt, sweatshirt Part 7 - helmets, gloves Part 8 - Protective clothing Section 9 - Bag of clothes Part 10 - hats, sweaters Part 11 - Tactical vest, belt Part 12 - Badges Polo helmets, gloves, protective clothing bag clothing tactical vest, belt

Supply of soft furniture for kids

The suit winter for children (overalls and jacket) piece 50.00 4 266.67 213 333.50 Tights Warm children piece 40.00 266.67 666.80 10 T-shirts with long sleeves for children 14.14.30 50 pcs 00 395.50 19 775.00 The dress of thick knitted baby pcs 25,00 500,00 12 500,00 Valenki for children on polyurethane soles pairs 42,00 1 800,00 75 600,00 T-shirt girls pcs 40,00 350,00 14 000,00 children's knitted mittens pairs 40.00 133.33 333.20 5 children Tights pairs 11 40.00 283.33 333.20 dress baby knitted pieces 40,00 600,00 24 000,00 headset children (T-shirt + panties) piece 50.00 333.33 16 666.50 Total 403 208.20

Printed matter and related products

Сдружение „Разнообразни и равни“ | Published October 21, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2016
In the present proceeding should be made / produced / printed / delivered - brochures, leaflets, posters, information boards, press releases, notebooks, pens, pencils, watercolors, pastels, chalks, markers, sketchbooks, blocks Drawing , thick drawing paper, glue, paint brushes, containers for paints, glasses, erasers, scissors, copy paper, photo paper, toners for printers, modeling clay, ceramic figurines, cloth, sequins, beads, templates figures, Lego, dolls, puppet Theatre Products culinary competition - / flour, eggs, paint eggs, patches of eggs, sugar, salt / materials for making objects - clay, ceramics; knitting or broderiya- hooks, yarn, panels, threads, needles / kit for arts / kit application, sketchbook, paints, paint brushes, containers for paints, crayons, clay models, wood logs, cutters, yarn / materials / knitting or embroidery / diplomas, cups, books / educational literature, textbooks, teaching materials, sports wear / T-shirts, tracksuits, sneakers / and backpack kits dance / knitwear, ballet slippers, charopogashtnitsi, shirts, skirts (pants) / cameras.

Prior Information Notice for the Provision of Work Wear

British Red Cross | Published October 6, 2016  -  Deadline April 1, 2017
The British Red Cross has a potential requirement for the provision of Work Wear and associated services. These could include the following goods:
*Bespoke work wear - products designed specifically for the Red Cross. This can include, but may not be limited to, fleeces, open-necked shirts, soft-shell jackets, gilets and trousers;
*Customised work wear - standard products which are sources from stock lists and then customised with Red Cross branding. This can include, but may not be limited to, polo shirts and oxford shirts;
*General work wear - standard products that require no customisation. This can include, but may not be limited to magnum boots and moisture management t-shirts.
The following services may also be included:
*The supply and delivery of the above mentioned categories of goods;
*Urgent deliveries;
*Stock-holding of goods;
*Stock audits;
*Provision of an e-portal or other inventory management system.
Interested parties are required to complete the attached Market Research Pro Forma. This will be used by the British Red Cross to gather market information and to determine market capability. Please return the Market Pro Forma to
It is anticipated that this information shall help inform British Red Cross' approach to the provision of these goods and services.

Łódź: Delivery of components uniforms guard the city for municipal police in Lodz.

Straż Miejska w Łodzi | Published July 19, 2016  -  Deadline November 30, 2016
Object of the contract was divided into fourteen parts: 1) Lot 1 - supply of hats summer baseball (CPV; 2) Lot 2 - supply of special trousers (CPV; 3) Lot 3 - supply of T-shirts Polo type (CPV; 4) Lot 4 - supply of operating vests (CPV; 5) Lot 5 - supply of jackets universal (CPV; 6) Lot 6 - supply of leather belts (CPV; 7) Part 7 - year-round supply of shoes (CPV; 8) Part 8 - supply of fleece sweatshirts (CPV; 9) Part 9 - supply of winter gloves (CPV; 10) Part 10 - supply case for legitimacy and identifier (CPV; 11) Part 11 - delivery trousers garrison (CPV; 12) Part 12 - supply of blue short sleeve shirts (CPV; 13) Part 13 - supply of white short-sleeved shirts (CPV; 14) Part 14 - supply reflective vests (CPV; A detailed description of the range consisting of the individual parts contains 1 pcs. Of each item part which submitted tender offer to be rejected. PZP.11.Zamawiający 7 of the Act does not preclude the delegation of implementing the order podwykonawcom.12.Zamawiający requires that the contractor gave in n / a Tasks guarantee of not less than: In Task 1 - 12 months

Vascular prostheses

Szpital Bielański im. ks. J. Popiełuszki Samodzielny Publiczny Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej | Published October 21, 2016  -  Deadline November 23, 2016

PTA and stenting of arteries

Guides hydrophilic and t-shirts leading and punctures peripheral

catheters and leaders specialist

stenting of arteries of the lower limbs

coated balloon pressure drug

Kit (Low Profile) in the treatment method of cross-over to the femoral and iliac arteries with the possibility of conversion to 5 / 6F

Stenting of renal arteries

The stent-valve Indoor PTFE

Carotid artery stenting

Koil peripheral embolization

Guidewires and catheters for procedures below the knee

Stent-valve lekowy

Stent-valve multiple

Stent-valve nitinolowy

Atherectomy catheter for the mechanical

specialized guides

Specialized needle PTA

normally open artery after PTA

Shanties vascular carotid arteries


Embolectomy catheters type Over the Wire

Prostheses simple reinforced PTFE

The prosthesis straight PTFE

Simple knitted prosthesis

Knitted prosthesis bifurcated

Knitted prosthesis Antimicrobial

Patches vascular neck

Knitted colorful ribbons surgery.

Erasers colorful silicone surgery.

Hemostatic powder to anastomoses

loop vascular

hardware support

Radiological cap

Stapler skin.

Clothes delivery in SBD PVVT Tourist in g

Women's winter jacket, pieces pcs 15,00 616,00 54 240,00 3's demi seasonal jackets for adults, polyester 3 pcs 25,00 266,00 81 650,00 Trousers sports for adults, mixed fabric, men's pcs 60,00 566,00 33 960,00 Trousers jeans, men's pcs 25,00 1 572,00 39 300,00 Trousers adult, wool 1 pc 35,00 268,00 44 380,00 women's Blouse, viscose, pcs pcs 24,00 928,00 22 272,00 track suit (jacket, trousers) for men, elastic, cpl cpl 35,00 1 750,00 61 250, 00 Mike ladies, cotton pcs 60,00 196,00 11 760,00 Dress women, hosiery pcs 35,00 1 420,00 49 700,00 Panama women, 100% cotton piece 20, 00 210,00 4 200,00 handkerchief, cotton piece 400,00 200,00 18,00 7 head scarf, 90h90sm, wool mixture, pcs pcs 20,00 203,00 060,00 4 head scarf , 80x80cm, cotton fabric, pieces pcs 50,00 111,00 550,00 5 belt, leather pcs 20,00 261,00 220,00 5 Shirts, men's long sleeve, cotton + polyester, pieces piece 100,00 717,00 71 700,00 Shirts insulated, with long sleeves, flannel pieces pcs 70,00 613,00 910,00 42 a night for an adult shirt, cotton 14.14. 24,140 pcs 120.00 360.60 43 272.00 Underpants female cotton, pieces piece 240,00 136,00 640,00 32 men boxers, family, 100% cotton, pieces pieces 350,00 156 00 600,00 54 T-shirts, knitwear, cotton piece 120,00 418,00 50 160,00 men's T-shirt, jersey, cotton piece 200,00 417,00 83 400,00 women's summer skirt, knitted, piece pcs 20,00 974,00 480,00 Total 19 822 904,00
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