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Police uniforms

Ministrstvo za notranje zadeve | Published February 28, 2017  -  Deadline April 3, 2017
35811200, 18832100, 18815000, 18440000, 18443320, 18425000, 18234000, 18443300, 18443340, 18300000, 18412000, 18424000, 18930000, 18332000, 18223000, 18315000, 18420000, 18422000, 18423000, 18800000, 18810000, 18815100, 18100000, 18141000, 18310000

Manufacture and supply of police uniforms. Subject of the contract is more closely defined in the tender documentation.

Coverall firing SE.

Gloves motorcycle.

Boots air, non-combustible.

Biker boots.

Cap with visor (yellow collar).

Belt business, canvas kit.

Mountain beanie, hat with visor Nomex pants LPE.

Podobleka Heat.

Leather Gloves Winter - Ladies, leather gloves winter - M.

Carrying service - M Belt mission, the black kit.

Shirt summer blue kr. Sleeve-m

Shirt winter, blue, long sleeve-m

Shirt winter, blue, long sleeve-f

Shirt white, short sleeve-m

Shirt summer blue kr.rokav-f

Shirt white, long sleeve-f

Shirt white, short sleeve-f.

Jacket CVZ

Jacket woman CVZ

Men's clothing CVZ

Dress woman CVZ

Shirt long sleeve men's CVZ

Shirt long sleeve woman CVZ

Shirt short sleeve men's CVZ

Shirt short-sleeve female CVZ

tie CVZ

Ruta CVZ

Gloves men CVZ

Gloves women CVZ

Socks summer CVZ

Socks Winter CVZ

Stockings CVZ.

CVZ men's shoes, women's shoes CVZ.

SE Shoes summer, winter boots SE - manning.

Tactical gloves SE, gloves thick rope.

Socks Winter SE, SE Socks Summer, Summer Podmajica SE, girdles Summer SE

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