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Provision of laundry with linen rental hospital for Beskid Oncology Centre - City Hospital. John Paul II in Bielsko-Biala - 5 / U / 2014 / PN.

Beskidzkie Centrum Onkologii – Szpital Miejski im. Jana Pawła II w Bielsku-Białej | Published October 24, 2014  -  Deadline December 2, 2014
98310000, 98311000, 98311200, 98315000

Summary of hospital linen rental subject specifying its color, size and quantity needed to complete the order presented in Annex 6 to the Terms of Reference, and a detailed description of the underwear specifying its properties, ie. The composition, weight, and the manner of its use are defined in Annex 7 to the Terms of Reference. Time of service can not exceed 24 hours from the receipt of the Employer dirty laundry to the handover by the Contractor clean, except for the mattress with a dust cover, where the time of the service may not exceed five days, and except for clothing, blankets, pillows where the time of service not exceed 3 days. In addition, to find you offered for rent underwear hospital should meet the requirements set out in Annex 7 to the ToR. Plater 17 and the supply of clean linen to store the Employer will take place from Monday to Friday from 6: 00-7: 00 transport Contractor's cost. The service must be performed in accordance with applicable sanitary and hygienic requirements which are imposed on the process of washing (eg. Protective clothing must be washed separately disinfected contaminated bedding, underwear and diapers neonatal disinfected chemical-thermal) and in accordance with the terms of the applicable technology and in health care. Furthermore, all to the service compositions and preparations should ensure proper quality wash without causing accelerated wear underwear and allergy patients and especially newborns and proper quality disinfecting means of transport. Additional requirements for the service provided: - laundered linen should be clean, dry and wymaglowana - securing clean laundry by her foiled (asortymentowo, package weight of 5 kg - a maximum of 5 poszew pack, 10 sheets, pillow cases 20 to 30 pcs., Compresses or sleepers after 20 to 30 pcs., Surgical shirts 10 pcs., operators, 5 pcs., diapers tetrowe 20 pcs.) and packing plastic bags separately for each branch; - Transportation underwear styles on hangers packed in a separate transparent plastic bags; - Washing underwear styles using static fluid; - Labeling the bags with clean underwear of range and weight; - Provide documentation of the quantity of clean linen; - Laundry service should be implemented on a daily basis (washing should be delivered to the Employer every day except on public holidays and public holidays). - Rules for the submission of laundry operations: operator - the operator lodge in half lengthwise - operator straps on the outside - the sleeves put together - the whole breadth twice submitted in accordance with provided to siwz photographs - Appendix 8 hereto sheets - sheet apply equally across - to ensure the contract period soluble laundry bags infectious in an amount of about 1 000 pieces. The contractor is obliged after signing the contract for a period not longer than 1.5 months from the date of signing to provide the Employer hospital linen hire is subject to quantity and quality specified in Appendices 6 and No. 7 to the Terms of Reference. Accounting for laundry and linen disinfection owned by the Contractor (rented) will occur on the basis of the number of pieces of underwear pure supplied to the Hospital in the presence of the Contractor and the Employer. W / in receipt confirms the signature of the employee the Employer and the Contractor employee. Lingerie, owned by the Employer, committed to the laundry will permanently marked by the Employer. The selected contractor should have a disinfection chamber on the property, the lease, the lease or any other form or should use the services of subcontractors, which the chamber has a term of the contract. The selected contractor will perform the services covered by the contract in their own or rented premises, using their own equipment or rented, their own materials and products, and using its own employees or subcontractors.

Office cleaning services

Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych, Oddział w Bielsku-Białej | Published December 1, 2015
Gemina Sp. z o.o.
90919200, 90911300, 90914000, 90612000, 90620000, 90630000, 77211500, 77314100, 98310000

Object Description: This is an office building with 3 floors-ground basement to be used for offices and archives, warehouses and technical rooms. Building "B" is a building of five floors above ground, basement type "Leipzig" for the purpose of offices and archives, warehouses and technical rooms. Building "C" is an office building on 5 floors above ground, not basement to be used for offices and archives and technical rooms. The complex ZUS Branch in Sosnowiec are garages in the amount - 7 pieces. The building has a basement, 3 floors above ground intended for offices and archives, warehouses and technical rooms. It is an office building with 3 floors above ground without basement to be used for offices and archives, warehouses and technical rooms. On the property is a utility room (BLASZAK). Statement area: The area covered by the inner horizontal cleaning: 1 May 25 - surface cleaning 2 493.30 m2 Partisan 1 - surface cleaning 5 263, 29 m2 Partisan 1 - surface cleaning 2 176,00 m2 Kosciuszko 48 - surface cleaning 2 638.35 m2 Grunwald 274 - surface cleaning 1 730.05 m2 Blanowskiej 2 - surface cleaning 1 933.30 m2 Total area cleaning: 16 234.29 m2 outer surface hardened (area): 1) ZUS Branch in Sosnowiec (including building A + B + C) - Area 4 508.37 m2 Kosciuszko 48 - Area 1 382.61 m2 274 Grunwald - Area 1 569.40 m2 Blanowskiej 2 EN Standard form 02 - Contract notice 5/20 - size 2 300,00 m2 Total area: 9 760 , 38 m2 outer green: 1) ZUS Branch in Sosnowiec (including building A + B + C) - 1 528,00 m2 area Kosciuszko 48 - 357.08 m2 area of ​​2 274 Grunwald - area of ​​823.40 m2 Blanowskiej 2 - Area 831 00 m2 Total area: 539.48 m2 5 Estimated amount of transmitted clothing and bedding sets per month - about 45 aprons doctors - about 10 sweatshirts medical - about 4 trousers doctors - about 10 screens - about 4 duvet covers, - about 8 pillowcases - about 10 towels,
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