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Occupational clothing

Fredrikstad kommune | Published February 25, 2017  -  Deadline April 26, 2017
18110000, 18800000, 18100000, 33199000, 85112100, 39514000

The Contracting Authority hereby invites tenderers to a competition for entering into framework agreement regarding the purchase of work-wear, footwear, bedding, towels and clothes to enterprises in the section for health and welfare, the section for education and development and the department for cleaning in the section for technical operations.

The procurement is divided into 2 groups, and each group shall be evaluated individually. The tenderer can submit tender offers on 1 or both groups. The tender offers cannot be conditional on awarding in both groups.

Product Group 1 — Work-wear and footwear (tabs 1 and 2 in Appendix 3, price form).

Product Group 2 — Work-wear for health and culinary clothing, as well as bedding, towels and cloths (tabs 3, 4 and 5 in Appendix 3, price form).

The Contracting Authority will enter into contract with 1 main service provider in each product group.

Purchase of shell clothing to NVE

Norges Vassdrags- og Energidirektorat (NVE) | Published April 3, 2017  -  Deadline May 2, 2017

NVE want two kinds of sets of shell clothing (jacket and pants) to their employees who work in the fields. It will be offered one set for summer and one set for winter. Alternatively, it offered a combination set for summer and winter. The clothing must be of solid quality and withstand high mountain use. NVE intends to buy into a stock of shell clothing. The budget is NOK 500 000 excl. VAT. For more detailed information, see specification. We ask that all requirements, both in paragraph 4 and in Appendix 1, read carefully and taken into account when submitting tenders.

Operational Clothing and associated products operation Department clothing, masks, headgear, highlighter, lifting sheet and other associated product

Sykehusinnkjøp HF | Published April 18, 2017

1.0 Department Clothing:
1.1 Series clothing with cuff
1.2 Warm Up Jacket
1.3 Series clothing uncuffed
1.4 Renluftsdresser
2. Eyes and face protection
3.0 Face masks:
3.1.1 Surgical masks class 2 with and without visor
3.1.2 Surgical masks class 2 with additional adjustment to the mouth
3.2 Surgical masks liquid tight, with and without visor
4. Surgical Helmets and caps
5. Headband
6. A disposable Carpet
7. Surgical highlighter
8. Cleaning Kit for EDA and spinal Haukeland
9. Lift Sheets
10. Nålebokser / knife holder
11. Tie Blood emptiness

Transport of clean and unclean clothing between laundry and institutions in Karmøy

Karmøy kommune | Published October 2, 2017

Transport of clean and unclean clothing between laundry and institutions in Karmøy

Workwear and protective clothing (1) (1)

Stiftelsen Tradebroker | Published August 3, 2017

Tradebroker on behalf of its member companies, intends to enter into two parallel framework agreements acc. the request wording.

Washing and dry-cleaning services

Tromsø Kommune | Published March 30, 2017  -  Deadline May 2, 2017
98310000, 19260000, 42933000, 79991000, 98312000

Tromsø kommune wants tender offers on laundry services for the municipality's care units, nursing homes, residential collectives and the like. The agreement has a 2-year duration with the option to extend for a further 2-years, 1 year at a time.

The agreement concerns delivery of washing services, and shall secure such services of the correct quality, price and delivery time for the municipality during the agreement period.

The annual consumption has previously been around 4 000 000 NOK excluding VAT, but will increase as a result of new institutions (Helsehuset and Otium), and the home service also wants to utilise the scheme.

The agreement will principally concern the municipality's institutions within health and care services, but can also be used by all of the municipality's entities/service locations as needed.

Tromsø kommune shall hire linens, including doonas and pillows.

The tender contest includes:

— Washing, finishing and transport of textiles to the municipality's entities, as well as the return of used linens to be washed.

— Clothing automats for personal clothing (Supply automat and return unit). Initially, this was approved for installation in Otium and Helsehuset, but also other units have signalled that they wish to implement this.

— PDA warehouse management of department textiles with associated service from the laundry.

Operational Clothing and associated products operation Department clothing, masks, headgear, highlighter, lifting sheet and other associated product

Sykehusinnkjøp HF | Published April 12, 2017  -  Deadline May 26, 2017

Bind blood emptiness for use in surgery / orthopedics

Special workwear

Sykehusinnkjøp HF | Published April 14, 2017  -  Deadline May 22, 2017
18130000, 18143000, 35113450, 35113490, 33735000, 33735100, 18142000, 18443500, 33734100, 18444000, 44423710, 90721500, 90731300, 35113410, 18444100, 33157100, 33171110, 35113400, 18440000, 18444110, 18443330, 33711530, 18443000, 18443300, 18443100, 39510000, 39511000, 30192124, 22612000, 30192125, 39518100, 39518200, 33141220, 33141310, 39236000, 44421722, 33141320, 33141321, 33141322, 33141323, 33141324, 33141325, 33141326, 33141116, 33141530

1.0 Department clothing:

1.1 Department clothing with sleeves,

1.2 Warm jackets,

1.3 Department clothing without sleeves,

1.4 Pure air suits;

2. Eye and face protection;

3.0 Gauze masks:

3.1.1 Surgical gauze masks classification 2 with and without visors,

3.1.2 Surgical gauze masks classification 2 with extra mouth adjustment,

3.2 Surgical gauze masks, with an without visors;

4. Operation helmets and caps;

5. Head bands;

6. Disposable blankets;

7. Surgical marking pens;

8. Washing sets for EDA and spinal, Haukeland;

9. Lifting sheets;

10. Cannula containers/knife holders;

11. Bandages for Ischemia.

Disposable department clothing for hospital, 2-part with sleeves, legs and waist.

Disposable heating jacket in various sizes, short and long arms for use in hospitals.

Disposable department clothing for use in hospitals — without sleeves.

Disposable pure air suits for operations/surgery.

Disposable and multiple use glasses and visors for use during surgery.

3.1.1. Gauze masks, standard.

3.1.2. Gauze masks anti-fogging for wearers of glasses.

3.1.3. Gauze masks for specifically sensitive.

3.1.4. Gauze masks, standard, extra broad for beard etc.

3.1.5. Gauze masks with visor. Surgical gauze masks classification 2 with mouth adjustment/shape. Gauze masks for specifically sensitive, with adjustment/shape for mouth, classification 2.

3.2.1 Gauze mask visor.

3.2.2 Gauze mask visor, anti-fogging.

3.2.3 Gauze masks visor, anti-reflective.

3.2.4 Gauze masks visor, anti-reflective and anti-fogging.

3.2.5 Gauze mask, splash proof.

3.2.6 Offer for especially sensitive classification 2R.

4.1. Cap/hat without elastic (used for patients).

4.2. Cap/hat Round equivalent, 52 cm or equivalent.

4.3. Cap/hat Round equivalent, 55 cm or equivalent.

4.4. Cap/hat equivalent with sweatband. Elastic in the neck, reinforced. Or equivalent.

4.5. Helmet with throat fastening.

4.6. Cap/hat, with elastic in the neck (side cap), or equivalent.

4.7. Helmet/hat with sweatband with regulation on top of the hood, elastic under chin and covers the throat.

4.8. Helmet/hat with sweatband, with regulation on top of the hat, elastic under chin. Covers the throat, chest and out on the shoulders.

Headband/sweatband for use during operations/surgeries.

Disposable mat for patients for use during/after operations and for moving of patients.

Surgical marking pens.

Setts for insertion of EDA and spinal.

9.1 Watertight, unsterilised table sheet,100*240 cm.

9.2 Lifting sheet, water tight with absorption equivalent 100*240 cm.

9.3 Lifting sheet, water tight with absorption equivalent 78*140 cm (flat sheet).

9.4 Pillowcases.

9.5 Watertight table arm sheet.

Boxes for storing sharp items related to operations/surgical intervention. Safety against stabbing injuries.

Bandages for Ischemia for use during surgical intervention/orthopaedics.

Sports goods and equipment

Hedmark Fylkeskommune | Published March 10, 2017  -  Deadline April 24, 2017
37400000, 37451100, 37451700, 37420000, 37421000, 37440000, 37450000

Procurement of sports equipment, primarily for use in nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools and sixth form colleges. In addition, service controls shall be procured for gym halls, sports halls and swimming pools.

The following product groups shall be included in the contract, but the contract is not only limited to these:

— -Activity sets

— -Badminton and tennis equipment

— -Balance

— -Balls (various)

— -Basketball equipment

— -Table tennis

— -Football

— -Athletics

— -Leisure games

— -First aid

— -Gymnastics

— -Indoor bandy and hockey (excluding ice hockey equipment for personal use)

— -Handball

— -Martial arts

— -KIN-ball

— -Clocks and measuring equipment

— -Mats

— -Storage

— -Orienteering

— -Ribbed walls

— -Sense rooms

— -Speedminton

— -Therapy furniture

— -Accessories balls

— -Trampolines

— -Gym studios and fitness

— -Spinning bicycles

— -Training equipment

— -Gymnastics and RG

— -Volleyball equipment

The following product groups will not be included in the contract:

— -Sports clothing/textiles

— -Skates and ice hockey equipment for personal use

— -Canoes and kayaks

— -Tents and Sami tents

— -Camping stoves and primuses

— -Avalanche searchers and search probes

— -Spades/axes/saws

— -GPS

— -All personal equipment for outdoor life (sleeping bags, sacks, clothing etc.).

Framework agreement on laundry service, inventory management and rental of clothing machines

Tromsø Kommune | Published March 29, 2017

Tromsø municipality wishes offer laundry services for municipal care units, nursing homes, housing collective and the like. The agreement is for two years, with options to extend for one year at a time for a further two years.
The agreement for the delivery of laundry facilities, and shall ensure the municipality access to such services at the right quality, price and delivery time during the contract period.
Annual consumption has remained at about 4 million NOK. excluding VAT, but will increase slightly as a result of new institutions apply (Helsehuset and Otium), and that home care may also want to use the system.
The agreement will initially apply municipal institutions within the health and care, but can be used by all municipal entities / service locations when needed.

Framework agreement on laundry service, inventory management and rental of clothing machines

Tromsø Kommune | Published March 29, 2017  -  Deadline May 2, 2017

Tromso municipality to hire all of the Service, including blankets and pillows. Tender procedure comprising: - Wash, finishing and transport of textiles for municipal entities, and return of soiled clothes to new sink. - Apparel Automatic personaltøy (Disclosure Machine and return device). Initially this is adopted installed in Otium and Helsehuset, but also other entities have indicated that they want to introduce this. - PDA inventory management department fabrics with associated service of laundry.

Washing and dry-cleaning services

Universitetet i Oslo | Published April 11, 2017  -  Deadline May 8, 2017
98310000, 98311000

The objective of the contract is to ensure the UiO's (University of Oslo) always have available cleaned clinics clothing.

Note! Obligatory tender inspection. Participation in the tender inspection is obligatory.

The framework agreement mainly includes laundry services for the Institute for clinical odontology (IKO), with two locations. The framework agreement also includes laundry services for approx. 15 other locations at UiO, including various laboratories and the animals stable. These locations will henceforth be referred to as ‘Utestasjoner’ in the tender documentation. UiO has a long tradition and has high requirements in relation to uniforms, which shall represent UiO.

The framework agreement mainly includes:

— Laundry and finishing treatment of clothes owned by UiO.

— The procurement of clothes.

— Hire, laundry and finishing treatment of clothes owned by the Service provider.

— The hire of clothes that are stored at the Spare Clothes Storage at UiO.

— The service provider shall collect dirty clothes and deliver clean clothes to UiO's locations.

— Examples of clothes to be cleaned are:

White Clinics clothes, Green Surgical clothes, Hijabs, Beddings, Table linen, Towels, Laboratory coats, etc.

Purchase of laundry facilities

Halden Kommune | Published July 4, 2017

The contract will mainly comprise rent and washing the bed linens and Terry, hire and washing clothing and wash residents' private and washing municipality fabrics. Subscribers will be all entities within the health and care in Halden and Aremark Municipality, including nursing homes, assisted living, home care, as well as emergency and Central Kitchen. All other municipal units in need of laundry facilities shall have the same terms.
See tender documents for further details.

Acquiring MFV Surgical Products

SYKEHUSINNKJØP HF | Published March 30, 2017

The competition will mainly include all product groups within the purchasing group "Operation" with the exception of the procedure trays and wash kit (separate tender). This means: - Table Top Roofing - Instrument Covering - Operation clothing - Surgical gloves - Surgical Swabs and sponges - Oppdekkingsprodukter - Soak, hoses and bags - Surgical Products, Others In addition, it assessed taken into a new product area within disposable leiringsprodukter for operation. Delivery of products to the hospitals will be via South-East Supply Center.

2017/1089 - Procurement of working clothes and footwear for technical personnel

Hedmark Fylkeskommune | Published August 3, 2017

Hedmark county will sign a new framework agreement for the purchase of workwear and footwear for technical personnel.

17/1069 - Acquisition of sports equipment

Hedmark Fylkeskommune | Published March 9, 2017  -  Deadline April 24, 2017

The following product groups to be included in the agreement, but the agreement is not limited to these: --Aktivitetssett --Badminton- and tennis equipment --Balanse --Baller (various) --Basketballutstyr --Bordtennis --Fotball --Friidrett --Fritidsleker - -Førstehjelp --Gymnastikk --Innebandy and hockey (eg hockey equipment for personal use) --Håndball --Kampsport --KIN-ball --Watches and measuring --Matter --Oppbevaring --Orientering --Ribbevegger --Sanserom - speedminton --Terapimøbler --Accessories balls --Trampoliner --Treningsstudio and fitness --Treningssykler --Treningsutstyr --Turn and RG --Volleyballutstyr following product groups will not be included in the agreement: --Idrettstøy / textiles --Skøyter and hockey equipment for personal use --Kano and kayaks --Telt and lavvo --Stormkjøkken and primuses --Skredsøkere and search bars --Spader / axes / saws --GPS --everything of personal outdoor recreation equipment (sleeping bags, backpacks, clothing etc).

ANSK-0431-16 Wash, Renting and Buying klinikktøy

Universitetet i Oslo | Published April 7, 2017  -  Deadline May 8, 2017

NOTE !: MANDATORY SITE VISIT. PARTICIPATION on inspection IS MANDATORY. The agreement mainly includes laundry facilities for the Department of Clinical Dentistry (IKO) with two locations. The agreement also includes laundry facilities for about 15 other locations at the University, including various laboratory and animal stables. These are called as "outstations" further documentation. University has a long tradition and high demands on their uniforms that will be representative of the University. The agreement mainly includes: • Wash and finishing of fabric held by the University. • Acquisition Service • Rental, washing and finishing of clothing owned by the Supplier. • Rental Service will be located at the Reserve Bullion Inventory at the University. • Supplier shall collect soiled and deliver clean clothes to UiO locations. • Examples of laundry to be washed are: White Klinikktøy, Green Operation Noise, hijab, bedding, linen, towels, Lab Coats and more.

Framework agreement for the supply of workwear, footwear, bed linens, towels and cloths for municipalities Fredrikstad and Hvaler

Fredrikstad kommune | Published February 23, 2017  -  Deadline April 26, 2017

Product Group 2 - workwear health and kokketøy and bed linens, towels and cloths (arrow 3.4 and 5 of Annex 3, price schedule)
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