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Start working 2015th

Tiszagyenda Község Önkormányzata | Published November 18, 2015
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03100000, 03200000, 03320000, 09200000, 18100000, 39141000, 44110000

According to the Start Work pilot program to tender construction of achieving 'Public Employment Start Work Sample Program 2015 "project, the purchase of goods by implementing in the form: the first tender part of: Protective and work clothing the second tender Part: Low-value fixed assets 3 tender part: Construction materials 4 bid Part One: High-value fixed assets 5 tender parts: Power sixth tender parts: Fuel seventh tender part: Pet acquisition Name No Cost How Much Statement Unit Quantity Contract Part A: Work and protective clothing Work safety boots pieces of 87 clothing-pants pieces of 87 clothing-jacket ks 87 Raincoat piece 87 Work gloves pieces 87 Contract Part A: Small-value fixed assets Cage piece 100 Ventilation with 3 interior doors with 6 Radiator zöldségfeldolgozóba piece 11 Luminaires zöldségfeldolgozóba pcs 22 Energy-saving fluorescent lamps in zöldségfeldolgozóba Number 12 Fire in the henhouse x 1 Air in tojástárolóba x 1 Contract Part One: Building materials Gravel m3 80 Cement q 200 insulating paper roll 12 Steel material price tojató building x 5 Steel Cutting, Welding tojató building x 1 Steel assembly tojató building x 1 7 side panels (insulated szenvicspanel) tojató building one 5 8 roof panels ( insulated szenvicspanel) tojató building db 5 Insulated plastic door tojató building x 1 Insulated window tojató building with 6 Steel material price social building x 5 Steel Cutting, Welding of social building x 1 Steel Assembling social building x 1 Side panel (insulated szenvicspanel) social building one 5 Roof Panel (insulated szenvicspanel) social building db 5 Insulated plastic door social building with 3 Insulated window social building x 5 channel iron piece 50 Channel fm 40 Gooseneck with 3 Drop tubes with 3 spits with 3 Clamps for 6 Reinforcement is 106 bipolar switch zöldségfeldolgozóba piece 28 Recessed earthed socket lid zöldségfeldolgozóba piece 30 MCU (1.5) cable zöldségfeldolgozóba m 310 MCU (01/05) wire chicken coop m 20 MT conductor (3 * 1) chicken coop m 100 Omnidirectional floodlights Number 12 two-pole switch chicken coop for 6 Recessed grounded power outlet chicken coop for 6 Junction box henhouse pieces Contract Part 10: High-value fixed assets control electronics x 1 x 1 Offer Garden tractor parts: Power Jércetáp kg 900 kg Tojótáp 4600 Contract Part A: Fuel 1. Fuel Contract Part l 2100: Animal Pullet purchasing 300 pieces
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