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Purchase contract for work clothing in order to perform contracting work for közfoglalkoztatottak clothing and basic supplies purchase

Fürged Község Önkormányzata | Published November 23, 2015
"Pro-Team" Rehabilitációs Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.

To purchase contract for the supply of közfoglalkoztatottak contracting for work clothes work clothing and basic supplies tailor-made procurement tender documents indicated below. Point 12 of § 13 paragraph (1) and § 15 in the context of public employment in 2015-2018. közfoglalkoztatottak's wish to support the work of value creation and long-term sustainable economic activity, social co-shaping the közfoglalkoztatottak return to the primary labor market. Based purpose of contracting work clothing used in the areas of public employment, the development of its product range, creating products for sewing tailoring capacity of the tape. Based 31.). In order to be implemented by the contracting sub-regional (district) start work on the basis of the sample program has received funding from the Ministry of the Interior (as support) decision, which is based on the 2011 CVIII on public procurement. Act (hereinafter. PPA) Part Three 'sales contract for supply of közfoglalkoztatottak Contracting for work clothes and work clothes made basic supplies purchase "called procurement procedure upon 122 / A, according to. Contracting közfoglalkoztatottak the present public procurement procedure is required for the following work to produce workwear clothing and basic supplies customized wishes to acquire: - 3,555 pieces of dungarees - 3555 pcs jacket. The task required work clothing as defined above, to produce work clothing and basic supplies tailor-made transport contractor (s) in this procurement process. IV, 23.) Govt.. According to Chapter shall certify in the offer.
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