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Protective and safety clothing

Collectivité territoriale Martinique | Published April 15, 2017  -  Deadline May 15, 2017
35113400, 18100000, 18143000, 18830000

The services mainly include:

High visibility clothing.

Work clothes.

Personal protective equipment.

footwear equipment.

- two-tone jackets and trousers High Visibility Class II severable (colors: blue and orange - white and orange)

- two-tone combinations High Visibility Class II severable (colors: blue and orange)

- High Visibility T-shirt (color: yellow and orange)

- Rain clothes High Visibility Class III

Coats and rain parka PVC or similar

- safety vests and armbands (color: yellow).

- Working shirt (color: white)

- T-shirts and Polo shirts (colors: white, blue, orange and green)

- Working jeans (color: blue)

- jackets and pants two-tone 100% cotton (colors: blue and orange)

- pants and work jacket (colors: beige or ecru and green)

- trousers and men smocks (colors: beige and khaki)

- Overalls and coveralls to mechanics,

- coats of gardening,

- work clothes for maintenance personnel wife

- caps (colors: white, blue, orange) and cap with neck cover,

- disposable coveralls,

- hats and umbrellas.

- hardhats and anti-shock caps,

- Anti noise and hearing protection headsets,

- eye protection (goggles, headband, glasses and welding helmet liquid crystals, grinding mask)

- Door visors, visors and masks glasses

- Eye wash

- respiratory protection (dust mask, masks and half-mask filters and filter cartridges)

- hand protection (gloves and gloves)

- body protection (welding aprons, safety pants, waist belt, knee pads work).

- high and low safety shoes (men and women)

- shoes secur ...

Supply and delivery of various cleaning products products, personal / household hygiene, equipment, desk items, disposable cloth

Ccas d'aix en provence | Published April 10, 2017  -  Deadline May 5, 2017

Supply and delivery of lot 1 'cleaning products, detergents', Lot 2' Hand Hygiene products, gloves, sanitary / domestic paper and accessories, trash bags' lot 3 'Cleaning Equipment', lot 4 'Products maintenance for restoration 'lot 5' reception & accessory 'lot 6' personal hygiene products 'and lot 7 disposable linen' to the CCAS of Aix-en-Provence (Contract No 17.01F)
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