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Framework agreement delivery Clothing Fire and Rescue Service

Landeshauptstadt Potsdam - Feuerwehr | Published November 14, 2016  -  Deadline December 6, 2016
18100000, 18113000, 35811100, 18230000, 18440000

Framework agreement for the supply of Fireman's clothing, small-scale fire protective clothing, - equipment and Rescue Service Apparel

Framework agreement delivery Clothing Fire and Rescue Service

Landeshauptstadt Potsdam - Feuerwehr | Published November 14, 2016  -  Deadline December 6, 2016
18230000, 18100000, 18440000, 18113000, 35811100

Secondary school construction work

KIS – Kommunaler Immobilen Service, Eigenbetrieb der Landeshauptstadt | Published January 15, 2016
Herkules Schwebetore GmbH

Delivery and installation of a baffle clothing incl. Doors.

Secondary school construction work

KIS – Kommunaler Immobilen Service, Eigenbetrieb der Landeshauptstadt Potsdam | Published September 26, 2015  -  Deadline October 27, 2015

Delivery and installation of a baffle clothing incl. Doors.

Clinic construction work

St. Josefs Krankenhaus Potsdam (SJKP) – Sanssouci | Published October 30, 2015  -  Deadline December 14, 2015
45215130, 45421153, 45421141, 45422000, 45421151

Erweiterungsneubau 2. BA of SJK Potsdam - joinery II / built-in furniture and clothing for a new hospital with the appropriate quality requirements.

Remediation GES Schilfhof 2 BA, 06 Los Trockenbauarbeiten

KIS-Kommunaler Immobilien Service Landeshauptstadt Potsdam | Published February 16, 2017  -  Deadline March 16, 2017

Los 06 - Trockenbauarbeiten - site equipment Gewerk - GK-mounting walls Q3, approximately 350 m² - GK wall lining Q3, approximately 150 m² - GK installation walls Q3, approximately 300 m² - GK-fire protective clothing F90, about 50 m² - grouting, 930 m - GKI ceiling, 250m² - GK-acoustic ceiling without joints: 500 m² - acoustic ceiling mineral wool plates 1200 / 600mm, approximately 2.200m²

Insulation work

ProPotsdam GmbH | Published September 22, 2017  -  Deadline October 20, 2017
45320000, 45321000, 45443000

On the construction site is a development with five almost similar residential buildings with a total of 95 apartments planned. The four-horseposts are designed uniformly without height staggering with five floors. It is a solid construction.

Required services: Facades.

Required services:

- construction site equipment,

- ETICS - insulation and reinforcement,

- plaster / coating,

- apron clothing,

- Plumbing work.

Heavy current and FM IT systems

Oberlinklinik gGmbH | Published February 10, 2017  -  Deadline March 13, 2017

gGmbH Oberlin Clinic, Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße 24, 14482 Potsdam: Surgical UE_OP-Converted extension heavy current and FM IT systems Scope: KG440 power installations - 4 St standing distribution TN-S network - 6 St-standing cabinets IT network - 4 St OP panel - switching and monitoring equipment - 12,000 m cables - 200 lights - Of 150 as cleanroom luminaire - Special potential compensation - 200 outlets - Dali - components - KNX components - dismantling standing cabinets - dismantling about 5000 m line - 30 m² fire protection clothing - 10 St fire bulkheads KG 450 FM / IT equipment - 4 St signaling systems - clock system with 1 master clock and 7 slave clocks - 1 FM / IT-standing cabinets stocked - 4000m Cat 7 data line -. 250 junction boxes - 100m fiber optic cable - 1000m fire alarm line KG 491 Baustrom - 1 St Baustromverteiler - 100 m cables - Baubeleuchtung

Buildings of particular historical or architectural interest

Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg, Vergabestelle | Published October 1, 2015
Stefan Fittkau Metallbau + Kunstschmiede GmbH
45212350, 45443000, 45223100, 45223210

Within the framework of the fifth phase of construction of the shell renovation of Schloss Charlottenburg is to build a lift shaft with a connecting bridge to the existing building as a post and beam construction made of steel in the east wing of the Old Palace Konditorhof. The foundation with base and an elevator shaft of reinforced concrete are produced on site. On the steel structure of the elevator shaft and a connecting bridge aluminum facade cassette is mounted, which in turn is to be provided with clothing from Baubronzeplatten. Other measures of this bill of the facade insulation, and roof waterproofing and drainage of the elevator shaft and connecting bridge. For all services, a business planning to work erstellen.Die this service specification is found in a small inner courtyard of the castle (l / b = about 11.80 m / 5.20 m) instead, the only accessible on foot and not with vehicles is. For the transport of goods from and into the courtyard is provided on site on the park side of the east wing a tower crane and for the entire construction of the 5th BAs vorgehalten.Die work found in a listed building and parking area instead and shall comply with cautiously while being gentle.

Refuse and waste related services

Landeshauptstadt Potsdam | Published November 10, 2017
90500000, 19620000

The services include the installation, emptying, care and maintenance of old clothes containers for old textiles and old shoes on stands in the city of Potsdam, transport (including transhipment to the recycling plant and recycling.) The used textiles and old shoes are to be properly and harmless recycled They are to be sorted and reused as a matter of priority and recycled according to the ranking of the 5-stage waste hierarchy of the Recycling Management Act and the EU Waste Framework Directive 2008/98 / EC.

The scope of services is based on the average quantities collected so far in the last five years of approx. 640 Mg / a.

The scope of services includes:

- the presentation of the collection containers for used textiles and old shoes,

- their entertainment and regular (weekly) emptying,

- the cleaning of container stands of deposits to be allocated from the collection at each emptying

- interim cleaning in the event of exceptional contamination around the container stands of deposits to be allocated from the collection,

- the maintenance and care of used clothes containers,

- the disposal of residual waste from the old clothing containers caused by incorrect filling,

- the transport of the collected old textiles and old shoes to the transfer station

- handling and transport to the recovery facility,

- the weighing of the collected old textiles and old shoes

- and the proper and harmless recovery according to § 6 KrWG.

Security services

Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben, Stabsbereich Einkauf, Abteilung 2 (Vergabe) | Published November 24, 2017
WIKING Industrie- & Transportschutz Berlin und Brandenburg GmbH
79710000, 79711000, 79714000, 79713000

Lot 1 - implementation of security services:

3 properties in Berlin; Federal Office for Central Services and Open Property Issues, Federal Tax Office, Federal Compensation Office


Property protection gate, indoor and outdoor guarding, patrols, handling of visitor traffic, flag service on instructions of the user, briefing rescue services and fire brigade

Description of services and equipment of the tender documents

Lot 2 - implementation of security services:

1 property in Berlin; tricorn



Description of services and equipment of the tender documents.

Tasks of the object protection:

Gate control and reception service

Accompaniment in the house; all representatives and agents of the owner are also considered visitors).

- Keep a gate book or digital visitor list (registration of visitors, companies, abnormalities etc.) (see description point 3).

Documentation in the key book.

8:00 - 16:30).

- receiving information and targeted forwarding; however, no acceptance of orders from third parties (especially the owner or his agents) without consultation with the property management.

- Post and parcel pick-up outside and within regular office hours, including information to the addressees and notification of the responsible employees at goods receipt / delivery.

- Parking instruction (as per instructions).

- Operation of access and door systems, in particular the barrier to the aboveground parking lot.

- Monitoring of the underground car park access to the houses Umbo I and II.

- Monitoring of building services (fire alarm system, alarm systems, etc.) / see description point 3,).

- Initiation of measures in dangerous situations (according to service instructions).

- Monitoring of the building environment (see description point 3).

- Instruction of rescue services and fire brigade.

- Flag service on the instructions of the user (see description point 3).

- Assistance with an emergency call from the disabled toilet.

Site patrol service (part of the property protection)

- House inspections: after hours (Mon - Fri: 21:00), three indoor and outdoor rounds, and on weekends (Saturday: 13:00) and on public holidays, six daily and one-half rounds daily, including the initiation of action incidents (accidents, burglary, fire etc. and snow and ice removal in the entrance area),

- Closing / unlocking doors, switching off devices and lights, checking windows for closure,

- Property security for special incidents, briefing of rescue services / police on site,

- Control and operation of safety-related control, monitoring and alarm systems (shutdown and connection of systems / see description point 3).

Tasks of the object manager (object manager)

- The object manager has overall responsibility for the security to be provided by the contractor and maintains contact with the client.

Service description, but is available from 8:00 to 16:00.

- Organization, planning and control of trouble-free operation.

- Recognizing and correcting deviations in order fulfillment.

- Management of emergency and special situations.

- Responsible for maintaining a high quality standard of the service provided.

- Guidance and control of employees.

- coordination of staff.

Equipment, supervision of the proper service clothing of employees.

- Compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.

- Ensuring the gapless reporting to the AG with the help of a manually kept watch book.

- Provision of a current staff deployment list with telephone accessibility of the security staff.

Occupational safety law of all forces.

- Acceptance and processing of separate orders of the AG.

Tasks of the object protection

Gate control and reception service

- Pursuit services.

Accompaniment in the house).

- keeping a gate book and manual visitor list (registration of visitors, companies, abnormalities, etc.)

Documentation in the key book.

- Postal and parcel pick up outside or within regular office hours.

- Monitoring of building services (building control, fire alarm, alarm systems, etc.).

- Initiation of alarm measures and alarm tracking (according to service instructions).

- Monitoring of the building environment via video system (see description point 3).

Site patrol service (part of the property protection)

- Inspections in the house and initiation of measures

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