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General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service (PBS) | Published April 12, 2016  -  Deadline April 28, 2016

RICHARD H. POFF FEDERAL BUILDING 210 FRANKLIN RD. SW, ROANOKE, VA VA DOOR REPAIRS PROJECT VA0095ZZ STATEMENT OF WORK SCOPE OF WORK: The overall scope of this project is to repair doors and replace specified hardware on floors 6 and 8~13 at the Richard H. Poff Federal Building, Roanoke, Virginia. Reference attached spreadsheet labeled (VA Door Survey 12-11-2015) for specific locations & hardware to be replaced. 1. Handicap Buttons - Remove (14 each) handicap buttons and provide stainless steel cover plate over recessed wall box. Rewire the existing key pad controllers directly to the automatic swing door operators to allow automatic door operations once the key pad is activated by card key. Repair wall and paint around cover plate as required. Return removed hardware to the VA office. 2. Electromagnetic Door Locks (Glass Doors / Mortise) - Replace (8 each) recessed magnetic locks and replace with new. Return old electromagnetic door locks to GSA. Reference door survey for exact location. Existing model is manufactured by Schlage Mortise M Model number GF3000. 3. Electromagnetic Door Locks (Wood Doors / Surface Mount) - Remove (12 each) recessed electromagnetic door locks and provide cover plate to match door frame cladding. See government provided drawing SK-A-033 for cover plate details. Provide and install (12 each) new surface mounted electromagnetic door locks. Provide mounting hardware submittal for acceptance prior to installation. Connect magnetic locks to existing controllers. New electromagnetic locks shall be Schlage M420/422. 4. Door Closers - Replace (9 each) door closers to match existing. Wood doors have a recessed floor mounted door closer make by "Dorma." Glass door closers are located within the top rail of the door. Specifications shall meet or exceed existing units. 5. Metal Cladding - Replace (8 each) decorative metal cladding around doors with new. Existing metal cladding above doors is damaged and requires replacement. New cladding shall be exact dimensions, thickness, and finish as existing. 6. Relocate Doors - Remove and reinstall (2 each) door leafs and swap location with the 8th floor N/E and 12th floor Southwest. 7. Door Stop - Provide (26 each) rubber door stoppers at all glass door locations. Match existing government provided sample. 8. Door Alignment - Adjust (31 each) sets of doors to be realigned with clearances between the doors, header, jamb and threshold as recommended by door manufacturer. 9. Card Reader - Replace (1 each) card reader on the 9th floor Southwest entrance with Identiv TS Government Card Readers compatible with current system. 12/30/2015 RICHARD H. POFF FEDERAL BUILDING 210 FRANKLIN RD. SW, ROANOKE, VA VA DOOR REPAIRS PROJECT VA0095ZZ STATEMENT OF WORK Page 3 of 8 PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: 210 FRANKLIN ROAD, ROOM 753, ROANOKE, VIRGINIA 24011 - VA0436ZZ POINT OF CONTACT: David J. Vernon Project Manager, TEL: 540-266-2580 TIME OF PERFORMANCE: All work to take place during normal working hours of 7:30 am - 4:30 pm. Coordinate with the GSA representative and VA representatives on work that may cause noise or odor disruptions. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: All work shall be completed within 120 days after receipt of the notice to proceed. Work shall be completed in two phases. The contractor shall have 90 days to procure materials and complete security clearances. The actual work on site shall be completed within 30 calendar days. CONDITIONS AFFECTING THE WORK: It shall be the responsibility of the contractors to inspect the site, determine the quantity of work involved, compare the specifications with the work to be done, and inform themselves as to all conditions, including other work, if any, being performed. Failure to do so will in no way relieve the contractor from the necessity of furnishing any materials or performing any work that may be required to carry out the contract in accordance with the true intent and meaning of the specifications without additional cost to the Government. TERMINATION FOR THE CONVENIENCE OF THE GOVERNMENT: The Contracting Officer (CO), by written notice, may terminate performance of work under this contract in whole or in part, when it is in the best interest of the Government. The termination of the contract and compensation to the contractor shall be governed by the General Procurement Regulations in effect on the date of the contract (41 CFR 1-8). LAWS AND ORDINANCES: The contractor shall comply with all laws, ordinances, and regulations (Federal, State, County, City or otherwise). 12/30/2015 RICHARD H. POFF FEDERAL BUILDING 210 FRANKLIN RD. SW, ROANOKE, VA VA DOOR REPAIRS PROJECT VA0095ZZ STATEMENT OF WORK Page 4 of 8 SCHEDULING CONTRACT WORK: The contractor shall make necessary arrangements with the Project Manager to perform the work and shall arrange and schedule his work so that the minimum amount of interference with Government activities will result. USE OF BUILDING FACILITIES: The contractor may use utility services and toilet facilities of the building, subject to the approval of the Buildings Manager. The contractor shall prohibit his employees from disturbing papers on desks, opening desk drawers or cabinets, or using telephone or office equipment provided for official Government use. The contractor shall require his employees to comply with the instructions, pertaining to conduct and building regulations, issued by duly appointed officials, such as the Buildings Manager, guards, inspectors, etc. ACCIDENT PREVENTION - SAFETY: The contractor shall use physical means to restrict access or direct flow of pedestrians and vehicles around work areas. Barricades, ropes, signs, lights, etc., are to be used in accordance safety practices and must be approved by the Buildings Manager. Contractor operations or conduct which create unsafe or unhealthful conditions for building occupants or places Government property in undo jeopardy, are prohibited. FIRE HAZARDS: The contractor shall take every precaution to prevent fire during the performance of this contract. The contractor shall furnish a covered metal receptacle to be kept on the exterior of the building to place the rein on all combustible materials, such as oily rags, waste, etc., used in performance of the work. Paint product containers are to be kept sealed at all times except when in use. The contractor must provide and have available at all times, portable fire extinguishers suitable for potential hazard(s) involved. He must also obtain from the Buildings Manager, a separate daily permit for any welding or cutting on a day-to-day basis. MATERIALS: The contractor shall furnish all supplies, materials, and equipment necessary for the performance of the work included in this contract unless otherwise specified. Materials and supplies to be used shall be commercially available products of reputable manufacturers or suppliers and shall be of a quality that meets or exceeds current hardware. Upon request, the contractor shall submit to the Buildings Manager a list giving the name of the manufacturer, the brand name and the intended use of each of the materials that he proposes to use in the performance of the work. 12/30/2015 RICHARD H. POFF FEDERAL BUILDING 210 FRANKLIN RD. SW, ROANOKE, VA VA DOOR REPAIRS PROJECT VA0095ZZ STATEMENT OF WORK Page 5 of 8 CONTRACTOR EMPLOYEES: Each employee of the contractor shall be a citizen of the United States of America, or an alien who has been lawfully admitted for permanent residence as evidenced by Alien Registration Receipt Card For 1-151, or, who presents other evidence from the Immigration and Naturalization Service that employment will not affect his immigration status. DEBRIS AND CLEANING: Remove and dispose of debris and dirt as it accumulates. Upon completion of work, remove spatters, droppings, smudges, etc., and leave the premises clean. Unless otherwise specified, all materials and equipment removed shall become the property of the contractor who shall remove them from the job site. WARRANTY: Unless otherwise provided in the specifications, the contractor guarantees all work to be in accordance with contract requirements and free from defective or inferior materials, equipment and workmanship for one (1) year after date of acceptance by the contracting officer. INSPECTION: All material, workmanship, and equipment shall be subject to the inspection and approval of the Contracting Officer (CO) or his representative. All work deemed unsatisfactorily performed shall be promptly corrected and made acceptable to the Government. WORKMANSHIP: All work shall be coordinated and scheduled with the Contracting Officer (CO) and the Contracting Officer (CO) has the right to reject any unsatisfactory or unsuitable material or workmanship. Any damage caused by the contractor to the building(s), any of its contents of tenants shall be the responsibility of the contractor to correct immediately. All work shall be accomplished with the best practices of the trade. INDEMNITY: The contractor shall save and keep harmless and indemnify the Government against any and all liability claims, and costs of whatsoever kind and nature of injury to or death of any person or persons and for loss of damage to any property (Government or otherwise) occurring in connection with or in any way incident to or arising out of the occupancy, use service, operations or performance of work in connection with this contract, resulting in whole or in part from the negligent acts or omissions of the contractor. 12/30/2015 RICHARD H. POFF FEDERAL BUILDING 210 FRANKLIN RD. SW, ROANOKE, VA VA DOOR REPAIRS PROJECT VA0095ZZ STATEMENT OF WORK Page 6 of 8 SAFETY AND HEALTH: All work shall comply with applicable requirements of 29 CFR 1910/1926 and 40 CFR 761. All work shall comply with applicable state and municipal safety and health requirements. Where there is a conflict between applicable regulations, the most stringent will apply. The contractor shall assume full responsibility and liability for compliance with all applicable regulations pertaining to the health and safety of personnel during the execution off work, and shall hold the Government harmless for any action on its part or that of its employees or subcontractors, which results in illness or death. The contractor shall provide all necessary safety equipment and ensure that such equipment and all relevant safety procedures are adequate for the job being performed and are utilized properly. FAR 52.222-6 DAVIS-BACON ACT (FEB 1995) - (applicable to contracts in excess of $2,000) (a) All laborers and mechanics employed or working upon the site of the work will be paid unconditionally and not less often than once a week, and without subsequent deduction or rebate on any account (except such payroll deductions as are permitted by regulations issued by the Secretary of Labor under the Copeland Act (29 CFR Part 3)), the full amount of wages and bona fide fringe benefits (or cash equivalents thereof) due at time of payment computed at rates not less than those contained in the wage determination of the Secretary of Labor which is attached hereto and made a part hereof, regardless of any contractual relationship which may be alleged to exist between the Contractor and such laborers and mechanics. Contributions made or costs reasonably anticipated for bona fide fringe benefits under section 1(b)(2) of the Davis-Bacon Act on behalf of laborers or mechanics are considered wages paid to such laborers or mechanics, subject to the provisions of paragraph (d) of this clause; also, regular contributions made or costs incurred for more than a weekly period (but not less often than quarterly) under plans, funds, or programs which cover the particular weekly period, are deemed to be constructively made or incurred during such period. Such laborers and mechanics shall be paid not less than the appropriate wage rate and fringe benefits in the wage determination for the classification of work actually performed, without regard to skill, except as provided in the clause entitled "Apprentices and Trainees". Laborers or mechanics performing work in more than one classification may be compensated at the rate specified for each classification for the time actually worked therein; provided, that the employer's payroll records accurately set forth the time spent in each classification in which work is performed. The wage determination (including any additional classifications and wage rates conformed under paragraph (b) of this clause) and the Davis- Bacon poster (WH-1321) shall be posted at all times by the Contractor and its subcontractors at the site of the work in a prominent and accessible place where it can be easily seen by the workers. (b)(1) The Contracting Officer shall require that any class of laborers or mechanics which is not listed in the wage determination and which is to be employed under the contract shall be 12/30/2015 RICHARD H. POFF FEDERAL BUILDING 210 FRANKLIN RD. SW, ROANOKE, VA VA DOOR REPAIRS PROJECT VA0095ZZ STATEMENT OF WORK Page 7 of 8 classified in conformance with the wage determination. The Contracting Officer shall approve an additional classification and wage rate and fringe benefits therefor only when all the following criteria have been met: (i) The work to be performed by the classification requested is not performed by a classification in the wage determination. (ii) The classification is utilized in the area by the construction industry. (iii) The proposed wage rate, including any bona fide fringe benefits, bears a reasonable relationship to the wage rates contained in the wage determination. (2) If the Contractor and the laborers and mechanics to be employed in the classification (if known), or their representatives, and the Contracting Officer agree on the classification and wage rate (including the amount designated for fringe benefits, where appropriate), a report of the action taken shall be sent by the Contracting Officer to the Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division, Employment Standards Administration, U. S. Department of Labor, Washington, DC 20210. The Administrator or an authorized representative will approve, modify, or disapprove every additional classification action within 30 days of receipt and so advise the Contracting Officer or will notify the Contracting Officer within the 30-day period that additional time is necessary. (3) In the event the Contractor, the laborers or mechanics to be employed in the classification, or their representatives, and the Contracting Officer do not agree on the proposed classification and wage rate (including the amount designated for fringe benefits, where appropriate), the Contracting Officer shall refer the questions, including the views of all interested parties and the recommendation of the Contracting Officer, to the Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division for determination. The Administrator, or an authorized representative, will issue a determination within 30 days of receipt and so advise the Contracting Officer or will notify the Contracting Officer within the 30 day period that additional time is necessary. (4) The wage rate (including fringe benefits, where appropriate) determined pursuant to subparagraphs (b)(2) and (b)(3) of this clause shall be paid to all workers performing work in the classification under this contract from the first day on which work is performed in the classification. (c) Whenever the minimum wage rate prescribed in the contract for a class of laborers or mechanics includes fringe benefit which is not expressed as an hourly rate, the Contractor shall either pay the benefit as stated in the wage determination or shall pay another bona fide fringe benefit or an hourly cash equivalent thereof. (d) If the Contractor does not make payments to a trustee or other third person, the costs reasonably anticipated in providing bona fide fringe benefits under a plan or program; provided, 12/30/2015 RICHARD H. POFF FEDERAL BUILDING 210 FRANKLIN RD. SW, ROANOKE, VA VA DOOR REPAIRS PROJECT VA0095ZZ STATEMENT OF WORK Page 8 of 8 that the Secretary of Labor has found, upon the written request of the Contractor, that the applicable standards of the Davis-Bacon Act have been met. The Secretary of Labor may require the Contractor to set aside in a separate account assets for the meeting of obligations under the plan or program. (End of Clause) GENERAL INDUSTRY SAFETY AND HEALTH STANDARDS: The Department of Labor OSHA requires that all contractors involved in construction on Government owned property comply with the Incorporation of General Industry Safety and Health Standards applicable to Construction Work and Technical Amendments; Final Rule 29 CFR Parts 1910 & 126 as published in the Federal Register Volume 58, No. 124, June 30, 1993. Any contractor that performs construction type work on any GSA project as defined by the Scope of the referenced regulation is required to (1) provide and maintain his own protective equipment and devices etc., and (2) require all subcontractors used on site to follow these same provisions in the regulation. SECURITY CLEARANCES: Contractor shall be aware that all employees (contractor and sub-contractor employees) scheduled to work under this contract through the duration of the contract shall follow GSA clearance procedures. All contractor employees shall wear ID badges and the ID badges shall be displayed at all times while on the job site. The contractor must consider clearance time & be prepared to meet all project completion dates. END OF STATEMENT OF WORK 12/30/2015
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