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BPA for Calibration and Cleaning Services for TSI Brand PORTACOUNTS

Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service | Published March 24, 2016

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5yr Contract to provide Janitorial Services for APHIS/PPQ/PDC offices located in Frederick, MD

Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service | Published November 30, 2017

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal Plant Health Inspection Services, Marketing and Regulatory Programs Business Services has awarded a sole source contract to Thrashers Cleaning Services, 146 Fieldstone Ct in Frederick, MD, 21702. The statutory authority permitting the acquisition of this requirement by other than full and open competition is 15 U.S.C. 637(m), as implemented by FAR 6.302-5, "Authorized or Required by Statute," and FAR 19.1506 "Women-Owned Small Business Program Sole Source Awards." This requirement is for a firm fixed priced contract to provide Janitorial Services for APHIS/PPQ/PDC offices located at 69 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite 100, (Building 1), Frederick, MD and 67 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite A2, (Building 2). For a Base period of 12 months and (4) 12 month option periods.This is a sole source notice published for informational purposes only and is NOT a request for proposals. Therefore, no solicitation documents exist for this requirement. Oral communications will not be accepted in response to this notice. All questions or comments regarding this notice shall be addressed in writing to Carol Dingess at email address: Federal agencies may award sole source contracts to Women-Owned Small Businesses (WOSBs) and to Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Businesses (EDWOSBs), according to a final rule published by the U.S. Small Business Administration.  

65--Beds Replacement MED/SUR for the Minneapolis VA Health Care System (MVAHCS)

Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Service Area Organization Central | Published August 23, 2016  -  Deadline September 9, 2016

This is a COMBINED SYNOPSIS/SOLICITATION for commercial items (supplies) prepared in accordance with the format at FAR Subpart 12.6., as supplemented with additional information included in this notice, and is being conducted pursuant to FAR Part Subpart 12.6 and FAR Part 13. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; proposals are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued. A Firm-Fixed-Price contract will be awarded in accordance with FAR Part 13. The Government intends to evaluate offers and may award a contract on the basis of initial offers received, without discussions. Therefore, the offer's initial offer should contain the offeror's best terms from a price and technical standpoint. However, the Government reserves the right to conduct discussions if later determined by the Contracting Officer to be necessary. The government may reject any or all offers if such action is in the public interest; accept other than the lowest offer; and waive informalities and minor irregularities. (ii) The solicitation number is VA240C-16-Q-0016 and is issued as a Request for Quotation (RFQ) (iii) The provisions and clauses incorporated into this solicitation document are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular 2005-89, July 14, 216. Provisions and clauses incorporated by reference have the same force and effect as if they were given in full text. The full text of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Veterans Affairs Acquisition Regulations supplement (VAAR) can be accessed on the Internet at (FAR) and (VAAR) (iv) This solicitation is issued as a set-aside for Service Disabled Veteran owned Businesses. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code is 339113, and the size standard is 750 employees. (v) This requirement consists of seven (7) line items: CLIN (1) BED, PATIENT, MED/SUR, FULLY MOTORIZED, GENERAL-PURPOSE, FLAT DECK AND ELECTRIC. SEE SOW FOR DETAILED SPECS/REQUIREMENTS. 340 Each. CLIN (2) MATTRESS, SEE SOW FOR DETAILED SPEC/REQUIREMENT, 340 each. CLIN (3) TRAPEZE/PATIENT HELPER BAR, 80 Each. CLIN (4) BOLSTER, IF REQUIRED BY MANUFACTURE PER THE SPECS, 340 each. CLIN (5) POWER SOURCE FOR CONVERTIBLE MATTRESS, 150 each. CLIN (6) TRAINING FOR NURSING STAFF & MAINTAINERS, 1 Job CLIN (7) TRADE-IN: HILL-ROM VERSA CARE BED - 319 each. STRYKER PATRIOT BED - 37 each. FRAMES ONLY. (vi) SOW/Specification General Requirements Minneapolis VA Health Care System (MVAHCS) seeks firm, fixed bids for the replacement of Med/Surg Hospital Beds. "Med/Surg Hospital Beds" are fully motorized, general-purpose, electric beds located in acute and sub-acute care locations throughout the medical center. The hospital bed system is designed for patients weighing between 90 and 350 lbs., and who are shorter than 6'1" in height. This project shall ONLY include Hospital Beds designed for general (Med/Surg) applications to include the following product descriptions: Hospital Beds, General Purpose, Hospital Beds, Med/Surg, Beds, Hospital - Electric. Throughout this document the Med/Surg Hospital Bed system may also be referred to as the following: The "System", The "Bed", The "Unit", The "Device". This project will NOT include other types of hospital or specialty beds designed for specific applications to include the following: Hospital Beds, ICU (Intensive Care Unit), Hospital Beds, Specialty Care, Hospital Beds, Bariatric, or Hospital Beds, Hi-Lo. The entire Med/Surg Hospital Bed and Mattresses shall be provided by the vendor (and/or the vendor's sub-contractor). The "proposal" shall include all equipment, materials, installation services, and training services specified in this Statement of Work (SOW) document. In addition, the vendor shall provide a hospital bed system (defined as bed frame, mattress, side rails, head and foot board, and any mattress or accessories added to the bed), which demonstrate compliance to all aspects of the International Standard IEC 60601-2-52. Quantity: " Med/Surg Hospital Beds = 340 each " Mattresses = 340 each " Trapeze/Patient Helper Bar = 80 each " Bolsters = 340 " Power Source for Convertible Mattress = 150 Project Management " The vendor shall provide implementation services as part of the bed purchase. " Implementation Services shall include, but are not limited to, a project manager, a detailed project timeline with defined roles and responsibilities (including vendor provided and MVAHCS resources), on-site installation coordination of all equipment and accessories, a training plan, and schedule for Go-Live. Delivery and Installation Services " Materials provided shall be new equipment, parts, and accessories as specified in the SOW. " The vendor shall deliver materials to the job site in OEM's original unopened containers, clearly labeled with the OEM's name, equipment model and serial identification numbers, and Purchase Order (PO) number. " The vendor is responsible for inventorying materials prior to delivery to MVAHCS to check for accuracy in quantity and part number. " The MVAHCS shall identify and provide limited daily storage of vendor parts/supplies at the time of delivery and reject items that do not conform to this requirement. " All on-site installation services shall be vendor-provided by technical staff (not sales reps) fully trained to service and install bed products, parts, and accessories as specified in the SOW. Trade-In/Disposal " Vendor shall provide trade-in value (or promotion discount) for the following MVAHCS acute care hospital beds: " Hill-Rom - VersaCare (qty = 319) " Stryker - Patriot (qty = 37) Disposal of Waste " The vendor shall provide, maintain, and dispose all material waste and packaging associated with the beds/products and/or waste generated during the installation services. " Vendor will be responsible for moving waste materials from job site(s) to a vendor-provided waste container, and then off site. Technical Support " Vendor will supply 24/7/365 hour phone technical support for the duration of ownership of the equipment " Response time for parts and labor will be no more than 24 hours available 24/7 Facility Engineering Technical Training " The vendor shall provide technical training for overall maintenance and service of MVAMC technical staff to include factory service training courses (if Applicable). A minimum of six (6) MVAHCS Facility Engineering staff shall receive the training. Training shall include tuition, hotel, meals, and travel expenses for factory based training. " Vendor shall provide any special service tools and/or test equipment comparable with that provided to the OEM's service personnel Service and Operator Manuals " The vendor shall provide the following documentation for the proposed bed system: " Two copies of the operator's manual for each 100 beds purchased. " Two copies of complete technical service manuals including troubleshooting guides, necessary diagnostic software and equipment, schematic diagrams, and parts lists for every 100 beds purchased. " Electronic versions of both operators manual and technical service manuals " Abbreviated operating instructions should be included on all beds. " DVD or web based training for both operator's manual and service if available. " The bed operator's manual must specify the mattress size to reduce risk of patient entrapment between bed and side rail. The vendor shall provide the following documentation for the mattress motors: " One copy of the operator's manual for each motor purchased. " Two copies of complete technical service manuals including troubleshooting guides, necessary diagnostic software and equipment, schematic diagrams, and parts lists. " Electronic versions of both operators manual and technical service manuals " If the operation of the motor is not self-explanatory, abbreviated operating instructions must be included and attached to all motors. On-Site User Training " Upon delivery of the beds, qualified instructors must provide user training for staff on day, evening, and night shifts at times to be determined by the facility. " Training must be offered 7 days a week for the first two weeks and four days a week for the next 2 weeks " Ongoing training Annually as requested. Past Performance " The vendor shall supply no fewer than 3 reference sites that are currently using the product identified in the proposal. " Each reference shall include at least 2 points of contact detailing full name, title, and phone number. " VA reference sites are preferred. ? Specific Bed Requirements Requirements Description Construction Quality " The equipment should be simple to use, operate, and maintain. " The equipment should be well constructed with durable materials to withstand typical abuse and cleaning. " The bed must have a flat deck and be able to accept any mattress that fits a flat deck bed. " The equipment should have no sharp edges. " All external components should be securely mounted. " The equipment should provide adequate protection against moving and electrically energized parts. " The equipment should be designed to provide easy access to serviceable parts. " Switches, knobs, and other controls should be designed for conditions of heavy use. " Cord connections should be secure to resist accidental disconnection " Labels and markings should be clear, legible, and durable enough to withstand routine cleaning and normal wear. " Appropriate warning labels should be provided on the equipment. Overall Dimensions " Total bed dimensions: " Width with side rails up must not exceed 42" " Length fully retracted must not exceed 92" " Height from floor to the top of the helper bar/trapeze attached must not exceed 83" Positioning Features " All positioning features (head up, knee gatch) must be electric and available with battery back-up " Height range: Highest at least 30"and lowest at least 16" " Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg: (Minimum 120/100 with visible gauge to indicate degree of angle) " Manual CPR release " The vendor shall provide mounting points and/or retrofit kits compatible with MVAMC's current call light system. " Frame must accommodate both cervical and lower extremity traction (traction devices must move with bed frame) " All frames will include hardware/adapters to receive trapezes/helper bars " Bed must come with a means to extend the sleep deck without tools to accommodate mattresses between 80" and 84" Controls " The controls (e.g., switches, knobs) visible and clearly identified and their function self-evident (control design should prevent misinterpretation of displays and control settings). " Switches and controls protected against accidental setting changes. " Patient lock out feature for all controls. " Controls sealed against penetration of liquids. " Patient Controls (including height of bed and head up and down) within the reach of the patient on both sides of bed and easy to operate " Staff Controls built into frame located on both upper side rails Side Rails " 4 side rails designed to cover a minimum of 60% of side of bed " 2 side rails located at head of bed (larger) and 2 side rails located at foot of bed. " The side rails (dimensions and gaps between) must comply with IEC/EN 60601-2-52 Standard for Medical Beds " Locking mechanism must stand a 30,000 cycle test up and down. " Side rails raise and lower easily Casters & Brakes " 5" Casters " All casters are controlled by central locking system. " Casters may be set in steer, neutral, and locked positions " Brakes easy to apply from side or end Nurse Call and Bed Exit Alarms " Bed shall have an integrated bed exit alarm and nurse call feature able to connect with existing VA NCS Rauland-Borg Responder IV/V System. " The 37-pin interface cable between bed and NCS shall be provided. " Alarms are based on patient weight with a minimum of 3 zones (minimal movement, exiting bed, out of bed), adjustable tone, and adjustable volume of alarm Patient Scale " The bed shall have an integrated patient scale built into frame or side rail that is easy to use. " The scale shall have an accuracy of +/- 3% of the patient's actual weight up to 350 lbs. (or weight capacity of bed). " The scale shall function in all bed positions except reverse Trendelenburg " The scale shall display the patient's weight in both kilograms and pounds. " Scale readings must be visible in low light. Additional Safety Features " The bed shall provide an obstacle detection system designed to prevent patient entrapment/crushing between the floor and the bottom of the bed. " Underbed lights available. Electrical Requirements " The bed shall operate on regular 110 VAC medical provided power, and connect to standard electrical receptacles. " The bed shall operate at 15 amperes or less. " Meets UL2601 and IBC 60601-1 standards " Cords must have storage option during transport. Battery " The bed shall provide battery back-up function to control bed height (if not able to do so manually), position (head up and down), and length in the event of power failure. " Battery back-up must engage automatically or be easily labeled and accessible " A fully charged battery should last 2 hour minimum Accessories " Accessories will not interfere with current equipment in rooms including ceiling lifts " Beds should come with the following accessories for every bed frame: " Oxygen Tank Holders (H size tank) " Trapeze receptacles at the head of the bed " IV Poles - Collapsible or Stowable " Patient hand control pendant " Auxiliary AC Outlet " Beds should come with trapeze/patient helper. " Power Source for Convertible Mattress RME Infection Control " The vendor shall provide training and written instructions, procedures, and documentation necessary to properly and safely disinfect the equipment and accessories between patient uses. " The bed frame must be constructed to prevent fluids from entering mechanical areas. Warranty " The vendor shall provide details of standard warranty. " Vendor shall indicate availability and cost of extended parts warranty options. " During the warranty period, the vendor shall provide all inclusive service (parts, labor, preventive maintenance, travel and unlimited repairs) at no additional cost Monday-Friday between the hours of 7:00 am - 4:30 pm (excluding holidays). " Software updates are included for the lifetime of the bed. Specific Mattress Specifications Requirements Description Mattress Features Definition of support surface/mattress: "A specialized device for pressure redistribution designed for management of tissue loads, micro-climate, and/or other therapeutic functions" The vendor must provide a mattress that meets all of the following features: " Mattress will be comprised of a combination of viscoelastic foam (a porous polymer material that conforms in proportion to the applied weight.) and air (low density fluid with minimal resistance to flow) for pressure redistribution. " Mattress will have microclimate (the temperature and humidity of the interface between the support surface and the individual) management as evidenced by patient's skin being dry. " Mattress will have the option to convert from non-powered to powered low air loss technology (feature of a support surface that provides a flow of air to assist in managing the heat and humidity (microclimate) of the skin. " Mattress must include the features of alternating pressure (feature of support surface that provides pressure redistribution via cyclic changes in loading and uploading as characterized by frequency, duration, amplitude and rate of change parameters) and lateral rotation (feature of a support surface that provides rotation about a longitudinal axis as characterized by degree of patient turn, duration and frequency). " Interface pressures must never exceed 32 mmHg. " Heel zone of mattress provides enhanced pressure redistribution compared to the rest of the mattress The mattress cover must meet the following features: " Allow for partial immersion into foam " Mattress cover vapour permeability (MVTR) (defined as moisture vapour transmission rate) minimum of 300g/m2/24hrs. " durable " stain resistant " mildew resistant " flame retardant " designed to reduce the risk of friction and/or sheer forces during repositioning with a low friction fabric " meets infection control guidelines of water proofing (prevents contamination of foam), welded seams (prevent ingress of fluids), waterfall flaps (cover over zippers) " must not degrade with the use of standard hospital grade disinfectants Mattress dimensions: " 36" x a minimum of 80" x minimum of 6" thick. Mattress Bolster If the mattress is shorter than the bed frame, the vendor must provide a means to accommodate the extension of the bed frame that is made of a similar material as the mattress (must have same cover type with either viscoelastic foam or air). Item offered must meet minimum salient characteristics of item described within the Schedule of Items and Specification within the SOW. Offeror to provide technical brochures to support functionality features as described within the SOW/Schedule of Items. In addition, Electronic data or virtual link in order to examine capabilities shall be provided. Offerors shall provide in detail for each specification that is required that the particular specification is or is not offered with a reference to the quote/brochure/data provided that the specification required is in fact offered. If offering a product that specified herein, the vendors are required to provide descriptive literature in sufficient detail to determine if the items quoted are technically acceptable. Offeror shall also provide evidence of being an Authorized Reseller (Distributor) for product offered. This can be substantiated with a link to Manufacturer's web site that supports offeror's distributorship or other proof from the manufacturer. Offeror must provide at least three recent and relevant past performance references (including contract numbers, amount of contract award, point of contact with email address, telephone numbers and other relevant information, and a description of product/work performed under the contract. (vii) Delivery FOB Destination to Department of Veterans Affairs Healthcare System, One Veterans Drive, Minneapolis, MN 55417 (viii) 52.212-1 Instructions to Offerors - commercial Items, apply to this solicitation with the following addenda, VAAR 852.233-70 Protest Content; VAAR 852.236-76 Correspondence; VAAR 852.237-70 Contractor Responsibilities; VAAR 852.270-1, Sub- Part 13.5 Test Items - This procurement is being conducted under the Sub-Part 13.5 test program where simplified acquisition procedures apply and the conduct of the procurement will be in accordance with Parts 12, 13of the FAR or some combination thereof. (ix) 52.212-2, Evaluation - Commercial Items: FAR provision 52.212-2 does not apply to this solicitation. Pursuant to FAR subpart 13.106-2, the Government will award a firm fixed price contract resulting from this solicitation to the responsible offeror whose offer conforming to the solicitation will be most advantageous to the Government, price and other factors considered. Proposals will be evaluated on the following factors; Technical Requirements, Past Performance, and Price. Technical evaluation and Past Performance, when combined are equal to price. (x) 52.212-3 Offeror Representations and Certifications - Commercial Items- Offeror's are to include a COMPLETED COPY OF PROVISION 52.212-3 WITH QUOTE, a copy of the provision may be attained from ; (xi) 52.212-4 Contract Terms and Conditions - Commercial Items: apply to this solicitation with the following addenda; VAAR 852.203-70 Commercial Advertising, VAAR 852.211-70 Service Data Manual, VAAR 852.237-76 Electronic Invoice Submission. , VAAR 852.219-10 VA Notice of Total Service Disabled veteran-Owned Small Business Set-Aside, 852.232-72 Electronic Submission of Payment Requests, 852.246-70 Guarantee, 852.246-71 Inspection, 52.252-2. Clauses Incorporated by Reference: 52.204-16, 52.204-18, 52.204-20, 52.204-4, 852-211-72, 852.211-75 Product Specifications, (xii) 52.212-5 Contracts Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Statutes or Executive Orders - Commercial Items; The following FAR clauses identified at paragraph b of FAR 52.212.5 are considered checked and are applicable to this acquisition: 52.203-6, 52.203-99, 52.209-6, 52.219-28, 52.222-3 , 52.222-19, 52.222-21; 52.222-26; 52.222-35, 52.222-36, 52.222-37, 52.222-50, 52.223-18, 52.225-1,52-225-3 Alternate III, 52.225-13; 52.232-34 (xiii) Standard warranty and Software updates are included for the lifetime of the bed. (xiv) The Defense Priorities and Allocations System (DPAS) is not Applicable to this acquisition (xv) RESPONSES ARE DUE FRIDAY, September 9, 2016, by 1:00 p.m. central standard time (CST). Electronic offers will be accepted; submit quotation to - Service Area Office Central Region, 708 South Third St, Suite 108E, Minneapolis, MN 55414. (xvi) Point of contact for this solicitation is Julie Willie, 612-344-2177 or e-mail with subject line referencing the Solicitation number. All Inquires must be in writing, and submitted by September 7, 2016 by 10:00 AM CST, by email to
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