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Custodial Services, Brownsville, Texas

General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service (PBS) | Published November 19, 2015  -  Deadline January 7, 2016

This is a Pre-Solicitation Notice for an 8(a) Certified Business Request for Proposal (RFP) for an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ)/Firm Fixed Price (FFP) hybrid contract for Custodial Services for Brownsville, Texas in support of General Services Administration (GSA) Public Building Service, Region 7. This Pre-Solicitation references the Sources Sought that was previously issued on August 21, 2015 and Amended on September 1 under Solicitation Number GS-07P-15-JU-D-XXXX. FOR INFORMATION ONLY: This Synopsis is ONLY A NOTIFICATION that a solicitation is anticipated and forthcoming. All questions regarding this SYNOPSIS must be submitted in writing via email to the Contract Specialist as noted. Anticipated IDIQ will be based upon the projected requirements. This contract is for custodial and related services with a Performance-Based Statement of Work (PBSOW) for the following facilities/locations in Brownsville, Texas: Gateway Port of Entry (07020813), 1500 East Elizabeth Street; 442,498 gross sq ft B & M Port of Entry (07020835), 1300 Mexico Blvd.; 323,629 gross sq ft Los Tomates Port of Entry (0702834), 3300 South Expressway 77/83; 2,264,120 gross sq ft Los Indios Port of Entry (07020842), 100 Los Indios Blvd.; 4,056,644 gross sq ft Fort Brown (TX0554LT), 3300 South Expressway 77/83; 512,516 gross sq ft U S Courthouse (TX0316ZZ), 600 East Harrison Street; 448,372 gross sq ft As a performance-based contract, the requirements are stated in terms of desired results with associated quality standards. The contract consists of two major functional areas: standard services and above standard services. Custodial and related services provided by the Contractor are arranged and oversight is provided through one or more of the following entities: GSA's Regional Office, Service Centers, Field Offices, or Local Offices. These entities represent the Property Management organizations that have been adopted by GSA's regional leadership. The estimated duration for this IDIQ will be an initial Base Period of twelve (12) months with up to 4 Option Periods of twelve (12) months each. Custodial services include but are not limited to cleaning, window washing, trash removal, recycling, landscaping, and maintaining the buildings. The Offerors will be expected to demonstrate their qualifications in the following technical areas: Past Performance, Experience, Management Plan (FTEs) and Quality Control. GSA will make award to the responsible Offeror whose offer conforms to the solicitation and offers the best value to the Government, technical factors and price considered. As offers become more technical in merit, the evaluated price becomes more important than price. The award may be made without negotiations of offers. Therefore, Offerors will be requested to submit initial offers with the most favorable terms from a technical and price standpoint. Estimated solicitation issue date is on or about December 7, 2015 under solicitation number GS-07-P-16-JU-D-7001. Proposals are anticipated to be due on or about January 7, 2016. The North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code applicable to this IDIQ is 561720, Janitorial Services. The Small Business Size Standard is $18 Million. The anticipated solicitation is set-aside for 100% for 8(a) business development program contractors. Specifications will not be provided in a hard copy since electronic copy of the solicitation with specifications will be posted on Fed Biz Ops ( Prospective contractors must be registered in SAM prior to award. Lack of registration in the SAM database will make Offerors ineligible for award. Information on SAM registration & ORCA can be obtained at

Grounds Maintenance services for the Brownsville WFO Texas (WFO) National Weather Service Forecast Office (NWS)

Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) | Published January 20, 2016  -  Deadline February 1, 2016

(SEP 2013)FAR 52.223-3 HAZARDOUS MATERIAL IDENTIFICATION AND MATERIAL SAFETY DATA (JAN 1997)FAR 52.223-5 POLLUTION PREVENTION AND RIGHT-TO-KNOW INFORMATION (MAY 2011)FAR 52.223-10 WASTE REDUCTION PROGRAM (MAY 2011)FAR 52.223-11 OZONE-DEPLETING SUBSTANCES (MAY 2001)FAR 52.228-5 INSURANCE - WORK ON A GOVERNMENT INSTALLATION (JAN 1997)FAR 52.237-2 PROTECTION OF GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS, EQUIPMENT, AND VEGETATION (APR 1994) (INSURANCE CERTIFICATE NEEDS TO BE PROVIDED) FAR 52.232-19 AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS FOR THE NEXT FISCAL YEAR (APR 1984) Funds are not presently available for performance under this contract beyond 3/31/2017. The Government's obligation for performance of this contract beyond that date is contingent upon the availability of appropriated funds from which payment for contract purposes can be made. No legal liability on the part of the Government for any payment may arise for performance under this contract beyond 3/31/2017, until funds are made available to the Contracting Officer for performance and until the Contractor receives notice of availability, to be confirmed in writing by the Contracting Officer.(End of clause) RFQ FAR 52.252-5 AUTHORIZED DEVIATIONS IN PROVISIONS (APR 1984) (a) The use in this solicitation of any Federal Acquisition Regulation (48 CFR Chapter 1) provision with an authorized deviation is indicated by the addition of "(DEVIATION)" after the date of the provision. (b) The use in this solicitation of any Commerce Acquisition Regulation (48 CFR Chapter 1352) provision with an authorized deviation is indicated by the addition of "(DEVIATION)" after the name of the regulation. (End of provision) FAR 52.252-6 AUTHORIZED DEVIATIONS IN CLAUSES (APR 1984) (a) The use in this solicitation or contract of any Federal Acquisition Regulation (48 CFR Chapter 1) clause with an authorized deviation is indicated by the addition of "(DEVIATION)" after the date of the clause. (b) The use in this solicitation or contract of Commerce Acquisition Regulation (48 CFR Chapter 1352) clause with an authorized deviation is indicated by the addition of "(DEVIATION)" after the name of the regulation. (End of clause) RFQ FAR DEVIATION - REPRESENTATION BY CORPORATIONS REGARDING AN UNPAID DELINQUENT TAX LIABILITY OR A FELONY CONVICTION UNDER ANY FEDERAL LAW (CLASS DEVIATION) (MARCH 2015)(1) In accordance with Sections 744 and 745 of Division E, Title VII, of the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2015 (Pub. L. 113-235), none of the funds made available by the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2015 funding may be used to enter into a contract with any corporation that- (a) Was convicted of a felony criminal violation under any Federal law within the preceding 24 months, where an awarding agency is aware of the conviction, unless the agency has considered suspension or debarment of the corporation and has made a determination that this further action is not necessary to protect the interests of the Government, or (b) Has any unpaid Federal tax liability that has been assessed, for which all judicial and administrative remedies have been exhausted or have lapsed, and that is not being paid in a timely manner pursuant to an agreement with the authority responsible for collecting the tax liability, where the awarding agency is aware of the unpaid tax liability, unless the agency has considered suspension or debarment of the corporation and made a determination that this further action is not necessary to protect the interests of the Government. (2) The Offeror represents that, as of the date of this offer - (a) It is [ ] is not [ ] a corporation that was convicted of a felony criminal violation under a Federal law within the preceding 24 months.(b) It is [ ] is not [ ] a corporation that has any unpaid Federal tax liability that has been assessed, for which all judicial and administrative remedies have been exhausted or have lapsed, and that is not being paid in a timely manner pursuant to an agreement with the authority responsible for collecting the tax liability. (End of provision) RFQ FAR DEVIATION 52.203-98 PROHIBITION ON CONTRACTING WITH ENTITIES THAT REQUIRE CERTAIN INTERNAL CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENTS -REPRESENTATIONS (DEVIATION 2015-02) (FEB 2015)(a) In accordance with section 743 of Division E, Title VII, of the Consolidated andFurther Continuing Resolution Appropriations Act, 2015 (Pub. L. 113-235), Government agencies are not permitted to use funds appropriated (or otherwise made available) under that or any other Act for contracts with an entity that requires employees or subcontractors of such entity seeking to report fraud, waste, or abuse to sign internal confidentiality agreements or statements prohibiting or otherwise restricting such employees or subcontractors from lawfully reporting such waste, fraud, or abuse to a designated investigative or law enforcement representative of a Federal department or agency authorized to receive such information. (b) The prohibition in paragraph (a) of this provision does not contravene requirements applicable to Standard Form 312, Form 4414, or any other form issued by a Federal department or agency governing the nondisclosure of classified information. (c) Representation. By submission of its offer, the Offeror represents that it does not require employees or subcontractors of such entity seeking to report fraud, waste, or abuse to sign internal confidentiality agreements or statements prohibiting or otherwise restricting such employees or subcontractors from lawfully reporting such waste, fraud, or abuse to a designated investigative or law enforcement representative of a Federal department or agency authorized to receive such information. (End of provision) DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE CLAUSES - FOR FULL TEXT OF A COMMERCE ACQUISITION CLAUSE OR PROVISION YOU MAY GO TO THE FOLLOWING WEBSITE, CAR 1352.201-70, CONTRACTING OFFICER'S AUTHORITY (APRIL 2010)CAR 1352.209-73, COMPLIANCE WITH THE LAWS (APRIL 2010) CAR 1352.209-74, ORGANIZATIONAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST (APRIL 2010) CAR 1352.233-70, Agency Protests (APRIL 2010)(a) An agency protest may be filed with either: (1) the contracting officer, or (2) at a level above the contracting officer, with the appropriate agency Protest Decision Authority. See 64 Fed. Reg. 16,651 (April 6, 1999)(b) Agency protests filed with the Contracting Officer shall be sent to the following address: Suzanne A. Romberg-GarrettContracting OfficerNOAA/AGO Western Acquisition Division-Boulder325 Broadway SOU6Boulder, CO 80305FAX: 303-497-5110 (a) Agency protests filed with the agency Protest Decision Authority shall be sent to the following address: Barry BerkowitzSenior Procurement Executive andDirector, Office of Acquisition ManagementU.S. Department of CommerceRoom 6422Herbert C. Hoover Building14th Street and Constitution Avenue, N.W.Washington DC 20230 FAX: 202-482-1711(d) A complete copy of all agency protests, including all attachments, shall be served upon the Contract Law Division of the Office of the General Counsel within one day of filing a protest with either the Contracting Officer or the Protest Decision Authority. (e) Service upon the Contract Law Division shall be made as follows:U.S. Department of CommerceOffice of the General CounselChief, Contract Law DivisionRoom 5893Herbert C. Hoover Building14th Street and Constitution Avenue, N.W.Washington, D.C. 20230.FAX: (202) 482-5858(End of clause) CAR 1352.233-71, GAO AND COURT OF FEDERAL CLAIMS PROTESTS (APRIL 2010) (a) A protest may be filed with either the Government Accountability Office (GAO) or the Court of Federal Claims unless an agency protest has been filed.(b) A complete copy of all GAO or Court of Federal Claims protests, including all attachments, shall be served upon (i) the Contracting Officer, and (ii) the Contract Law Division of the Office of the General Counsel, within one day of filing a protest with either GAO or the Court of Federal Claims. (c) Service upon the Contract Law Division shall be made as follows: U.S. Department of CommerceOffice of the General CounselChief, Contract Law DivisionRoom 5893Herbert C. Hoover Building14th Street and Constitution Avenue, N.W.Washington, D.C. 20230.FAX: (202) 482-5858(End of clause) (XIV) Defense Priorities and Allocations System (DPAS) and assigned rating does not apply. (XV) Quotes are required to be received in the contracting office no later than 4:00 P.M. MST ON 2/1/2016. All quotes must be faxed or emailed (preferred) to the attention of Suzanne Romberg-Garrett. The fax number is 303- 497-3163 and email address is (XVI) Any questions regarding this solicitation should be directed to Suzanne Garrett's email address of WD 15-2519 (Rev.-2) was first posted on on 01/05/2016************************************************************************************REGISTER OF WAGE DETERMINATIONS UNDER | U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABORTHE SERVICE CONTRACT ACT | EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS ADMINISTRATIONBy direction of the Secretary of Labor | WAGE AND HOUR DIVISION| WASHINGTON D.C. 20210|||| Wage Determination No.: 2015-2519Daniel W. Simms Division of | Revision No.: 2Director Wage Determinations| Date Of Revision: 12/29/2015_______________________________________|____________________________________________Note: Under Executive Order (EO) 13658, an hourly minimum wage of $10.15 forcalendar year 2016 applies to all contracts subject to the Service ContractAct for which the solicitation was issued on or after January 1, 2015. If thiscontract is covered by the EO, the contractor must pay all workers in anyclassification listed on this wage determination at least $10.15 per hour (orthe applicable wage rate listed on this wage determination, if it is higher)for all hours spent performing on the contract in calendar year 2016. The EOminimum wage rate will be adjusted annually. Additional information oncontractor requirements and worker protections under the EO is available Texas Area: Texas Counties of Brooks, Cameron, Dimmit, Duval, Hidalgo, Jim Hogg,Kenedy, La Salle, Maverick, Starr, Webb, Willacy, Zapata, Zavala____________________________________________________________________________________**Fringe Benefits Required Follow the Occupational Listing**OCCUPATION CODE - TITLE FOOTNOTE RATE01000 - Administrative Support And Clerical Occupations01011 - Accounting Clerk I 11.1601012 - Accounting Clerk II 12.5201013 - Accounting Clerk III 14.4801020 - Administrative Assistant 16.8601035 - Court Reporter 15.0301051 - Data Entry Operator I 9.5001052 - Data Entry Operator II 10.3701060 - Dispatcher, Motor Vehicle 14.4801070 - Document Preparation Clerk 10.4601090 - Duplicating Machine Operator 10.4601111 - General Clerk I 10.2101112 - General Clerk II 11.1601113 - General Clerk III 12.5201120 - Housing Referral Assistant 16.6901141 - Messenger Courier 9.9001191 - Order Clerk I 9.7001192 - Order Clerk II 10.5901261 - Personnel Assistant (Employment) I 12.5201262 - Personnel Assistant (Employment) II 15.3301263 - Personnel Assistant (Employment) III 17.1101270 - Production Control Clerk 13.3401290 - Rental Clerk 12.5201300 - Scheduler, Maintenance 12.9001311 - Secretary I 12.9001312 - Secretary II 14.4301313 - Secretary III 16.1001320 - Service Order Dispatcher 12.8201410 - Supply Technician 16.8601420 - Survey Worker 14.3801460 - Switchboard Operator/Receptionist 9.5101531 - Travel Clerk I 10.7101532 - Travel Clerk II 11.7301533 - Travel Clerk III 12.5801611 - Word Processor I 10.1001612 - Word Processor II 12.5001613 - Word Processor III 14.4805000 - Automotive Service Occupations05005 - Automobile Body Repairer, Fiberglass 13.7205010 - Automotive Electrician 13.0405040 - Automotive Glass Installer 12.2105070 - Automotive Worker 12.2105110 - Mobile Equipment Servicer 10.8305130 - Motor Equipment Metal Mechanic 13.7205160 - Motor Equipment Metal Worker 12.2105190 - Motor Vehicle Mechanic 13.7205220 - Motor Vehicle Mechanic Helper 10.2905250 - Motor Vehicle Upholstery Worker 11.5205280 - Motor Vehicle Wrecker 12.2105310 - Painter, Automotive 13.0405340 - Radiator Repair Specialist 12.2105370 - Tire Repairer 10.1005400 - Transmission Repair Specialist 13.7207000 - Food Preparation And Service Occupations07010 - Baker 9.3107041 - Cook I 8.7407042 - Cook II 9.3407070 - Dishwasher 7.2507130 - Food Service Worker 7.2707210 - Meat Cutter 10.6507260 - Waiter/Waitress 8.1109000 - Furniture Maintenance And Repair Occupations09010 - Electrostatic Spray Painter 13.1909040 - Furniture Handler 9.0809080 - Furniture Refinisher 13.3809090 - Furniture Refinisher Helper 10.2209110 - Furniture Repairer, Minor 11.7809130 - Upholsterer 13.3811000 - General Services And Support Occupations11030 - Cleaner, Vehicles 7.6811060 - Elevator Operator 8.4511090 - Gardener 11.1611122 - Housekeeping Aide 8.2711150 - Janitor 9.2911210 - Laborer, Grounds Maintenance 9.0411240 - Maid or Houseman 7.2511260 - Pruner 8.2111270 - Tractor Operator 10.6811330 - Trail Maintenance Worker 9.0411360 - Window Cleaner 9.8712000 - Health Occupations12010 - Ambulance Driver 14.8512011 - Breath Alcohol Technician 15.3012012 - Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant 22.1212015 - Certified Physical Therapist Assistant 22.9912020 - Dental Assistant 13.2212025 - Dental Hygienist 30.9012030 - EKG Technician 24.4212035 - Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist 24.4212040 - Emergency Medical Technician 15.0012071 - Licensed Practical Nurse I 15.5212072 - Licensed Practical Nurse II 17.3712073 - Licensed Practical Nurse III 19.3812100 - Medical Assistant 10.9512130 - Medical Laboratory Technician 14.3612160 - Medical Record Clerk 12.3412190 - Medical Record Technician 13.5412195 - Medical Transcriptionist 14.1612210 - Nuclear Medicine Technologist 34.7112221 - Nursing Assistant I 8.7412222 - Nursing Assistant II 9.8212223 - Nursing Assistant III 10.7212224 - Nursing Assistant IV 12.0312235 - Optical Dispenser 15.7912236 - Optical Technician 25.5212250 - Pharmacy Technician 13.4112280 - Phlebotomist 12.3612305 - Radiologic Technologist 22.1512311 - Registered Nurse I 25.8812312 - Registered Nurse II 31.6812313 - Registered Nurse II, Specialist 31.6812314 - Registered Nurse III 38.3012315 - Registered Nurse III, Anesthetist 38.3012316 - Registered Nurse IV 45.9412317 - Scheduler (Drug and Alcohol Testing) 20.9213000 - Information And Arts Occupations13011 - Exhibits Specialist I 17.3813012 - Exhibits Specialist II 21.5413013 - Exhibits Specialist III 26.3713041 - Illustrator I 17.3813042 - Illustrator II 21.5413043 - Illustrator III 26.3713047 - Librarian 23.8813050 - Library Aide/Clerk 18.3013054 - Library Information Technology Systems 21.54Administrator13058 - Library Technician 13.2213061 - Media Specialist I 15.5413062 - Media Specialist II 17.3813063 - Media Specialist III 19.3913071 - Photographer I 14.6713072 - Photographer II 16.4113073 - Photographer III 20.3513074 - Photographer IV 23.4513075 - Photographer V 29.2613110 - Video Teleconference Technician 15.4314000 - Information Technology Occupations14041 - Computer Operator I 12.3814042 - Computer Operator II 13.8514043 - Computer Operator III 15.4814044 - Computer Operator IV 17.2714045 - Computer Operator V 19.1814071 - Computer Programmer I (see 1) 17.3814072 - Computer Programmer II (see 1) 20.6314073 - Computer Programmer III (see 1) 25.9014074 - Computer Programmer IV (see 1)14101 - Computer Systems Analyst I (see 1) 25.7514102 - Computer Systems Analyst II (see 1) 26.9014103 - Computer Systems Analyst III (see 1)14150 - Peripheral Equipment Operator 12.6814160 - Personal Computer Support Technician 17.2715000 - Instructional Occupations15010 - Aircrew Training Devices Instructor (Non-Rated) 23.4115020 - Aircrew Training Devices Instructor (Rated) 28.3315030 - Air Crew Training Devices Instructor (Pilot) 33.5115050 - Computer Based Training Specialist / Instructor 23.4115060 - Educational Technologist 29.5015070 - Flight Instructor (Pilot) 33.5115080 - Graphic Artist 17.2615090 - Technical Instructor 16.8315095 - Technical Instructor/Course Developer 19.5215110 - Test Proctor 11.1815120 - Tutor 11.1816000 - Laundry, Dry-Cleaning, Pressing And Related Occupations16010 - Assembler 7.9316030 - Counter Attendant 7.9316040 - Dry Cleaner 9.3216070 - Finisher, Flatwork, Machine 7.9316090 - Presser, Hand 7.9316110 - Presser, Machine, Drycleaning 7.9316130 - Presser, Machine, Shirts 7.9316160 - Presser, Machine, Wearing Apparel, Laundry 7.9316190 - Sewing Machine Operator 9.7916220 - Tailor 10.3116250 - Washer, Machine 8.3119000 - Machine Tool Operation And Repair Occupations19010 - Machine-Tool Operator (Tool Room) 13.8419040 - Tool And Die Maker 16.7521000 - Materials Handling And Packing Occupations21020 - Forklift Operator 10.1621030 - Material Coordinator 14.2221040 - Material Expediter 14.2221050 - Material Handling Laborer 9.4421071 - Order Filler 8.8321080 - Production Line Worker (Food Processing) 10.2221110 - Shipping Packer 10.0021130 - Shipping/Receiving Clerk 10.0021140 - Store Worker I 10.2321150 - Stock Clerk 13.6521210 - Tools And Parts Attendant 10.2221410 - Warehouse Specialist 10.2223000 - Mechanics And Maintenance And Repair Occupations23010 - Aerospace Structural Welder 15.9223021 - Aircraft Mechanic I 15.1523022 - Aircraft Mechanic II 15.9223023 - Aircraft Mechanic III 16.7123040 - Aircraft Mechanic Helper 11.2423050 - Aircraft, Painter 14.1723060 - Aircraft Servicer 13.5623080 - Aircraft Worker 13.5923110 - Appliance Mechanic 12.8823120 - Bicycle Repairer 9.4023125 - Cable Splicer 18.0123130 - Carpenter, Maintenance 12.8823140 - Carpet Layer 13.2723160 - Electrician, Maintenance 13.9723181 - Electronics Technician Maintenance I 12.6523182 - Electronics Technician Maintenance II 14.5423183 - Electronics Technician Maintenance III 17.5823260 - Fabric Worker 12.5123290 - Fire Alarm System Mechanic 15.1023310 - Fire Extinguisher Repairer 11.6423311 - Fuel Distribution System Mechanic 15.1823312 - Fuel Distribution System Operator 11.0023370 - General Maintenance Worker 11.7123380 - Ground Support Equipment Mechanic 15.1523381 - Ground Support Equipment Servicer 13.5623382 - Ground Support Equipment Worker 13.5923391 - Gunsmith I 11.4423392 - Gunsmith II 13.0823393 - Gunsmith III 14.7323410 - Heating, Ventilation And Air-Conditioning 12.33Mechanic23411 - Heating, Ventilation And Air Contditioning 12.95Mechanic (Research Facility)23430 - Heavy Equipment Mechanic 16.0223440 - Heavy Equipment Operator 12.0823460 - Instrument Mechanic 15.1023465 - Laboratory/Shelter Mechanic 13.8823470 - Laborer 8.1423510 - Locksmith 12.8823530 - Machinery Maintenance Mechanic 15.3923550 - Machinist, Maintenance 12.7523580 - Maintenance Trades Helper 10.1623591 - Metrology Technician I 15.1023592 - Metrology Technician II 15.9823593 - Metrology Technician III 16.8523640 - Millwright 15.1023710 - Office Appliance Repairer 11.9923760 - Painter, Maintenance 11.7123790 - Pipefitter, Maintenance 13.2323810 - Plumber, Maintenance 12.8723820 - Pneudraulic Systems Mechanic 15.1023850 - Rigger 15.7723870 - Scale Mechanic 13.4123890 - Sheet-Metal Worker, Maintenance 12.3223910 - Small Engine Mechanic 13.4123931 - Telecommunications Mechanic I 18.0423932 - Telecommunications Mechanic II 18.9423950 - Telephone Lineman 15.1523960 - Welder, Combination, Maintenance 13.2723965 - Well Driller 15.1023970 - Woodcraft Worker 14.9123980 - Woodworker 10.8424000 - Personal Needs Occupations24570 - Child Care Attendant 8.3124580 - Child Care Center Clerk 9.6624610 - Chore Aide 7.9824620 - Family Readiness And Support Services 9.22Coordinator24630 - Homemaker 12.2725000 - Plant And System Operations Occupations25010 - Boiler Tender 16.4025040 - Sewage Plant Operator 12.0325070 - Stationary Engineer 16.4025190 - Ventilation Equipment Tender 11.9025210 - Water Treatment Plant Operator 12.0327000 - Protective Service Occupations27004 - Alarm Monitor 12.4627007 - Baggage Inspector 10.0227008 - Corrections Officer 14.9427010 - Court Security Officer 17.3527030 - Detection Dog Handler 14.6327040 - Detention Officer 14.9427070 - Firefighter 17.5827101 - Guard I 10.0227102 - Guard II 14.6327131 - Police Officer I 20.8127132 - Police Officer II 24.0628000 - Recreation Occupations28041 - Carnival Equipment Operator 9.6428042 - Carnival Equipment Repairer 10.1828043 - Carnival Worker 9.2728210 - Gate Attendant/Gate Tender 12.7328310 - Lifeguard 11.3428350 - Park Attendant (Aide) 14.2428510 - Recreation Aide/Health Facility Attendant 10.0928515 - Recreation Specialist 12.2328630 - Sports Official 11.3428690 - Swimming Pool Operator 14.4029000 - Stevedoring/Longshoremen Occupational Services29010 - Blocker And Bracer 12.5629020 - Hatch Tender 12.5629030 - Line Handler 12.5629041 - Stevedore I 12.2029042 - Stevedore II 13.7130000 - Technical Occupations30010 - Air Traffic Control Specialist, Center (HFO) (see 2) 35.7730011 - Air Traffic Control Specialist, Station (HFO) (see 2) 24.6630012 - Air Traffic Control Specialist, Terminal (HFO) (see 2) 27.1630021 - Archeological Technician I 13.9230022 - Archeological Technician II 14.7430023 - Archeological Technician III 17.0730030 - Cartographic Technician 17.0830040 - Civil Engineering Technician 16.5630061 - Drafter/CAD Operator I 13.1130062 - Drafter/CAD Operator II 14.6430063 - Drafter/CAD Operator III 16.3630064 - Drafter/CAD Operator IV 18.6030081 - Engineering Technician I 12.2530082 - Engineering Technician II 13.7730083 - Engineering Technician III 15.3830084 - Engineering Technician IV 19.0830085 - Engineering Technician V 22.3630086 - Engineering Technician VI 27.4030090 - Environmental Technician 19.0030210 - Laboratory Technician 16.3630240 - Mathematical Technician 18.1730361 - Paralegal/Legal Assistant I 15.1430362 - Paralegal/Legal Assistant II 17.3830363 - Paralegal/Legal Assistant III 21.2630364 - Paralegal/Legal Assistant IV 25.7230390 - Photo-Optics Technician 18.1730461 - Technical Writer I 18.1730462 - Technical Writer II 20.9130463 - Technical Writer III 24.9530491 - Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Technician I 22.7430492 - Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Technician II 27.5130493 - Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Technician III 32.9730494 - Unexploded (UXO) Safety Escort 22.7430495 - Unexploded (UXO) Sweep Personnel 22.7430620 - Weather Observer, Combined Upper Air Or (see 2) 16.36Surface Programs30621 - Weather Observer, Senior (see 2) 18.1731000 - Transportation/Mobile Equipment Operation Occupations31020 - Bus Aide 9.3331030 - Bus Driver 13.6831043 - Driver Courier 10.4031260 - Parking and Lot Attendant 8.0031290 - Shuttle Bus Driver 11.2031310 - Taxi Driver 7.3231361 - Truckdriver, Light 11.2031362 - Truckdriver, Medium 12.0731363 - Truckdriver, Heavy 14.6731364 - Truckdriver, Tractor-Trailer 14.6799000 - Miscellaneous Occupations99030 - Cashier 8.4399050 - Desk Clerk 7.7599095 - Embalmer 23.1999251 - Laboratory Animal Caretaker I 13.7199252 - Laboratory Animal Caretaker II 14.3999310 - Mortician 23.1999410 - Pest Controller 13.3399510 - Photofinishing Worker 11.9599710 - Recycling Laborer 11.5499711 - Recycling Specialist 13.7899730 - Refuse Collector 11.0099810 - Sales Clerk 10.7199820 - School Crossing Guard 11.3699830 - Survey Party Chief 18.9999831 - Surveying Aide 12.9199832 - Surveying Technician 15.8899840 - Vending Machine Attendant 10.7099841 - Vending Machine Repairer 12.1499842 - Vending Machine Repairer Helper 10.70   ____________________________________________________________________________________ ALL OCCUPATIONS LISTED ABOVE RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING BENEFITS: HEALTH & WELFARE: $4.27 per hour or $170.80 per week or $740.13 per month VACATION: 2 weeks paid vacation after 1 year of service with a contractor orsuccessor; and 3 weeks after 10 years. Length of service includes the whole span ofcontinuous service with the present contractor or successor, wherever employed, andwith the predecessor contractors in the performance of similar work at the sameFederal facility. (Reg. 29 CFR 4.173) HOLIDAYS: A minimum of ten paid holidays per year: New Year's Day, Martin LutherKing Jr.'s Birthday, Washington's Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day,Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans' Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. (Acontractor may substitute for any of the named holidays another day off with pay inaccordance with a plan communicated to the employees involved.) (See 29 CFR 4.174)   THE OCCUPATIONS WHICH HAVE NUMBERED FOOTNOTES IN PARENTHESES RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING: 1) COMPUTER EMPLOYEES: Under the SCA at section 8(b), this wage determination doesnot apply to any employee who individually qualifies as a bona fide executive,administrative, or professional employee as defined in 29 C.F.R. Part 541. Becausemost Computer System Analysts and Computer Programmers who are compensated at a ratenot less than $27.63 (or on a salary or fee basis at a rate not less than $455 perweek) an hour would likely qualify as exempt computer professionals, (29 C.F.R. 541.400) wage rates may not be listed on this wage determination for all occupationswithin those job families. In addition, because this wage determination may notlist a wage rate for some or all occupations within those job families if the surveydata indicates that the prevailing wage rate for the occupation equals or exceeds$27.63 per hour conformances may be necessary for certain nonexempt employees. Forexample, if an individual employee is nonexempt but nevertheless performs dutieswithin the scope of one of the Computer Systems Analyst or Computer Programmeroccupations for which this wage determination does not specify an SCA wage rate,then the wage rate for that employee must be conformed in accordance with theconformance procedures described in the conformance note included on this wagedetermination. Additionally, because job titles vary widely and change quickly in the computerindustry, job titles are not determinative of the application of the computerprofessional exemption. Therefore, the exemption applies only to computer employeeswho satisfy the compensation requirements and whose primary duty consists of:(1) The application of systems analysis techniques and procedures, includingconsulting with users, to determine hardware, software or system functionalspecifications;(2) The design, development, documentation, analysis, creation, testing ormodification of computer systems or programs, including prototypes, based on andrelated to user or system design specifications;(3) The design, documentation, testing, creation or modification of computerprograms related to machine operating systems; or(4) A combination of the aforementioned duties, the performance of whichrequires the same level of skills. (29 C.F.R. 541.400). 2) AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS AND WEATHER OBSERVERS - NIGHT PAY & SUNDAY PAY: If youwork at night as part of a regular tour of duty, you will earn a night differentialand receive an additional 10% of basic pay for any hours worked between 6pm and 6am.If you are a full-time employed (40 hours a week) and Sunday is part of yourregularly scheduled workweek, you are paid at your rate of basic pay plus a Sundaypremium of 25% of your basic rate for each hour of Sunday work which is not overtime(i.e. occasional work on Sunday outside the normal tour of duty is consideredovertime work). ** HAZARDOUS PAY DIFFERENTIAL ** An 8 percent differential is applicable to employees employed in a position thatrepresents a high degree of hazard when working with or in close proximity toordnance, explosives, and incendiary materials. This includes work such asscreening, blending, dying, mixing, and pressing of sensitive ordnance, explosives,and pyrotechnic compositions such as lead azide, black powder and photoflash powder.All dry-house activities involving propellants or explosives. Demilitarization,modification, renovation, demolition, and maintenance operations on sensitiveordnance, explosives and incendiary materials. All operations involving re-gradingand cleaning of artillery ranges. A 4 percent differential is applicable to employees employed in a position thatrepresents a low degree of hazard when working with, or in close proximity toordnance, (or employees possibly adjacent to) explosives and incendiary materialswhich involves potential injury such as laceration of hands, face, or arms of theemployee engaged in the operation, irritation of the skin, minor burns and the like;minimal damage to immediate or adjacent work area or equipment being used. Alloperations involving, unloading, storage, and hauling of ordnance, explosive, andincendiary ordnance material other than small arms ammunition. These differentialsare only applicable to work that has been specifically designated by the agency forordnance, explosives, and incendiary material differential pay. ** UNIFORM ALLOWANCE ** If employees are required to wear uniforms in the performance of this contract(either by the terms of the Government contract, by the employer, by the state orlocal law, etc.), the cost of furnishing such uniforms and maintaining (bylaundering or dry cleaning) such uniforms is an expense that may not be borne by anemployee where such cost reduces the hourly rate below that required by the wagedetermination. The Department of Labor will accept payment in accordance with thefollowing standards as compliance: The contractor or subcontractor is required to furnish all employees with anadequate number of uniforms without cost or to reimburse employees for the actualcost of the uniforms. In addition, where uniform cleaning and maintenance is madethe responsibility of the employee, all contractors and subcontractors subject tothis wage determination shall (in the absence of a bona fide collective bargainingagreement providing for a different amount, or the furnishing of contraryaffirmative proof as to the actual cost), reimburse all employees for such cleaningand maintenance at a rate of $3.35 per week (or $.67 cents per day). However, inthose instances where the uniforms furnished are made of "wash and wear"materials, may be routinely washed and dried with other personal garments, and donot require any special treatment such as dry cleaning, daily washing, or commerciallaundering in order to meet the cleanliness or appearance standards set by the termsof the Government contract, by the contractor, by law, or by the nature of the work,there is no requirement that employees be reimbursed for uniform maintenance costs. ** SERVICE CONTRACT ACT DIRECTORY OF OCCUPATIONS ** The duties of employees under job titles listed are those described in the"Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations", Fifth Edition (Revision 1),dated September 2015, unless otherwise indicated. REQUEST FOR AUTHORIZATION OF ADDITIONAL CLASSIFICATION AND WAGE RATEStandard Form 1444 (SF-1444) Conformance Process: The contracting officer shall require that any class of service employee which isnot listed herein and which is to be employed under the contract (i.e., the work tobe performed is not performed by any classification listed in the wagedetermination), be classified by the contractor so as to provide a reasonablerelationship (i.e., appropriate level of skill comparison) between such unlistedclassifications and the classifications listed in the wage determination. Suchconformed classes of employees shall be paid the monetary wages and furnished thefringe benefits as are determined (See 29 CFR 4.6(b)(2)(i)). Such conformingprocedures shall be initiated by the contractor prior to the performance of contractwork by such unlisted class(es) of employees (See 29 CFR 4.6(b)(2)(ii)). The Wageand Hour Division shall make a final determination of conformed classification, wagerate, and/or fringe benefits which shall be retroactive to the commencement date ofthe contract (See 29 CFR 4.6(b)(2)(iv)(C)(vi)). When multiple wage determinationsare included in a contract, a separate SF-1444 should be prepared for each wagedetermination to which a class(es) is to be conformed. The process for preparing a conformance request is as follows: 1) When preparing the bid, the contractor identifies the need for a conformedoccupation(s) and computes a proposed rate(s). 2) After contract award, the contractor prepares a written report listing in orderthe proposed classification title(s), a Federal grade equivalency (FGE) for eachproposed classification(s), job description(s), and rationale for proposed wagerate(s), including information regarding the agreement or disagreement of theauthorized representative of the employees involved, or where there is no authorizedrepresentative, the employees themselves. This report should be submitted to thecontracting officer no later than 30 days after such unlisted class(es) of employeesperforms any contract work. 3) The contracting officer reviews the proposed action and promptly submits a reportof the action, together with the agency's recommendations and pertinentinformation including the position of the contractor and the employees, to the Wageand Hour Division, U.S. Department of Labor, for review (See 29 CFR 4.6(b)(2)(ii)). 4) Within 30 days of receipt, the Wage and Hour Division approves, modifies, ordisapproves the action via transmittal to the agency contracting officer, ornotifies the contracting officer that additional time will be required to processthe request. 5) The contracting officer transmits the Wage and Hour decision to the contractor. 6) The contractor informs the affected employees. Information required by the Regulations must be submitted on SF-1444 or bond paper. When preparing a conformance request, the "Service Contract Act Directory ofOccupations" (the Directory) should be used to compare job definitions to ensurethat duties requested are not performed by a classification already listed in thewage determination. Remember, it is not the job title, but the required tasks thatdetermine whether a class is included in an established wage determination.Conformances may not be used to artificially split, combine, or subdivideclassifications listed in the wage determination.  
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