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Cleaning services

Sparsholt & Andover Colleges | Published November 16, 2016  -  Deadline December 15, 2016

The current cleaning contract is due for renewal from June 2017 and is being tendered for quality and best value. Cleaning Services are required at both Sparsholt College and Andover College. Term time and non term time cleaning for all sites including residential areas. Expressions of interest are being sought from companies experienced in further education sites and who have a proven track record in this field. The contract is for a 3 year contract with possible 2 year extension. Approximate value of contract is 400 000 GBP per annum.

Cleaning services tender for Sparsholt and Andover Colleges.

Building Cleaning Contract.

Winchester City Council | Published August 25, 2015  -  Deadline September 21, 2015

Building Cleaning services for Winchester Guildhall, City Offices, West Wing, Abbey House and 68 St Georges Street, Winchester.

School cleaning services

Hampshire County Council | Published May 12, 2017  -  Deadline June 12, 2017

Hampshire County Council invites applications from suitably experienced organisations who wish to be considered for Cleaning Services to Various Schools.

Please refer to Part 1,2, 5, 7 and 8, Table C for the various commencement dates. Please note from the commencement date of each contract, the duration will be for a period of 3 years (with the option to extend for a further 2 years).

The weighting criteria will be Quality:70 and Price: 30. For further details please refer to the Invitation to Tender documents.

Please note the value is an estimate, based on the various Schools' engagement with the Supplier.

Interested parties should register their interest in the project via the In-Tend website, and complete and submit the tender return document together with any supporting information requested by 14:00 on Monday 12.6.2017.

Cleaning services.

Cleaning Services.

Peter Symonds College Cleaning Services.

Peter Symonds College | Published February 5, 2015
Peter Symonds College

Peter Symonds Sixth Form College is acknowledged to be one of the finest colleges in the country. In 2007 the College celebrated the 400th Anniversary of its Foundation. In addition to the day students there are boarding houses for students and house parents. The College has been an open access college since 1974 and caters for up to 3 700 full time students from the local area as well as boarders, including sixth formers from the Falkland Islands. The origins of the former boys' grammar school go back to the 17th century. Currently the College operates an in-house cleaning service with approximately 36 members in the cleaning team.

Miscellaneous repair and maintenance services

Sparsholt College | Published January 6, 2017
Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd

This contract is for the mechanical servicing and electrical safety checks of all plant at Sparsholt and Andover Colleges. Servicing and maintenance must be carried out by a sufficient number of qualified staff who work to an industry best practice and all works shall comply with the latest Codes of Practice and to the latest British Standards. The Service provider must ensure that fully qualified specialists are employed where required. Refrigerant handlers must hold an appropriate F gas qualification in accordance with current regulations. All contractors working on site must have been CRB checked. The contractor must be familiar with all aspects of the Health and Safety at Work Act with particular reference to asbestos and control of legionella. The Service will include:

— Routine Servicing, cleaning and inspection;

— Repairs and replacements of defective worn parts;

— Out of hours ‘call-out’ for breakdown situations;

— Minor works and repairs;

— Record keeping.

Highway maintenance work

Hampshire County Council | Published March 4, 2017
Skanska Construction UK Ltd
45233139, 34922100, 44113810, 45220000, 45232450, 45233140, 45233141, 45233142, 45233150, 45233223, 45233228, 45233229, 45233251, 45233253, 45316200, 45316210, 45316212, 50232200, 50511000, 63712710, 71631480, 77211300, 77211400, 77211500, 77312100, 90640000, 90690000, 48331000, 45221110, 45221111, 45221112, 45221113, 45221119, 45221211

Hampshire County Council (HCC) invited applications from suitably experienced organisations who wished to be considered for selection to tender for the Hampshire Highways Service Contract 2017- 2024 (extendible to 2029). The purpose of this Contract is to secure a partner to provide highway maintenance services including contracting expertise and other services for the maintenance and improvement of the HCC highway network. Whilst the upper estimated threshold for the contract will be 1 500 000 000 GBP, it is envisaged that the annual throughput will be in the region of 30 000 000 GBP.

This Contract will involve working closely with HCC staff to provide highway, verge and winter maintenance operations such as: Carriageway surfacing and surface dressing, foot-way and carriageway patching and minor repairs, kerbing and paving maintenance and installation, including special kerbs and high quality paving materials, drainage cleaning, drainage and ducting installation and maintenance, traffic management and traffic management design, installation of traffic signs, road studs and markings, installation of street furniture, and traffic signal equipment, installation of specialist surfacing and anti-skid, installation and maintenance of vehicle restraint systems, arboriculture, soft landscaping and vegetation work, winter maintenance operations, highway defect repairs, highway recycling, provision of a highway emergency response service and claims handling damage to highways infrastructure, weeds, maintenance of highway structures, cattle grids.

Hampshire County Council Soft Facilities Management Services.

Hampshire County Council | Published November 14, 2015
90910000, 79710000, 64120000, 98311200, 90920000, 90900000, 55524000, 64110000, 90919200, 90513000, 90922000, 55500000, 90911000, 90600000, 55520000, 50532000, 90911300, 39310000, 98311100, 90500000, 90919000, 64100000, 90911200, 90919300

Hampshire County Council (HCC) currently have a number of Framework Contracts covering the provision of ‘Soft’ Facilities Management Services (Soft FM) across the county for their Corporate Estate, including Hampshire Constabulary, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, and other key partner organisations such as Schools and Academies. These Framework Agreements are due to expire during 2017 and as part of the future planning of our next generation of services we are publishing this Prior Information Notice (PIN) to engage early with the market to request expressions of interest in joining us in an innovative and collaborative replacement for the current contracting methodology. Soft FM for the purposes of this PIN can be defined as (but not restricted to): — Premises Cleaning — Window Cleaning — Laundry Service — Catering Services — Waste Collection Storage and Disposal Services — Washroom and Hygiene Services — Pest Control Services — Out of hours Security Services — Portable Appliance Testing — Postal Services — Courier Services The proposed approach is to move away from individual Framework Agreements for each sub category and the existing mini-competition process for calling off contracts for each user within a sub category to a more streamlined and efficient Term Contract with a single Strategic Partner. The intention is for the Strategic Partner to l provide all the identified sub category services across the county from a ‘catalogue’ based schedule. It is hoped that a high proportion of the services within the ‘catalogue’ will be provided by Local and Regional Small abd Medium type organisations benefitting from the lead of a Main Contractor who is the Strategic Partner for HCC. In order to gain the maximum benefit from this arrangement it is proposed that the Term Contract be let for a minimum period of five years with a maximum extension period of a further five years. The ‘catalogue’ will provide each user with a menu of services to choose from within each sub category and it will be incumbent on the Strategic Partner to appoint the most appropriate provider or supplier to respond to the requirement. It is expected that this approach will provide efficiencies in operation and management of the contract for the Strategic Partner helping the user to obtain the best value for money across a broad range of goods and services which the Strategic Partner would not be able to access if they were one of many Framework Agreement holders. The extended time frame for the contract gives the Strategic Partner a greater horizon for business planning and the successful sub contractors more certainty of business in the medium term, beyond the three to four year period normally available through a Framework Agreement. Hampshire County Council now invites prospective Strategic Partners and Sub Contractors to express their interest in participating in this Term Contract for Soft FM by registering and providing the following details: — Company Name and Address — Company Registration Number (if applicable) — Strategic Partner or Sub Contractor If Sub Contractor, which category or categories you are expressing an interest in. A Supplier Early Engagement meeting will be held at the premises of the County Council The Castle, Winchester SO23 8UJ in The Ashburton Hall, Elizabeth II building on 23.11.2015 from 10:30 to 13:00. During the session, we will provide more details about our proposal and there will be an opportunity for a Q and A session with HCC Representatives. The session will end with a networking session which will allow attendees to informally network within and across sub categories in preparation for the proposed formal tender activity. Expressions of interest should be forwarded via email to no later than the 22.11.2015 A draft

Floor-maintenance machines

Hampshire County Council | Published May 11, 2017  -  Deadline June 13, 2017
39713400, 39713410, 39713430, 39713431, 39713420

Hampshire County Council invites applications from suitably experienced organisations who wish to be considered for selection to tender for the supply of floor cleaning machines and accessories.

Lot 1 — products delivered to CBC warehouses or end user — centralised billing

Lot 2 — products delivered to end user — billed to end user

The framework will commence on 1.8.2017 and will be for a period of four years (48 months).

Interested parties should register their interest in the project via the In-Tend website, and complete and submit the tender return document together with any supporting information requested by 14:00 hrs on Tuesday 13.6.2017.

The supply of tub vacuum cleaners and accessories to be delivered to CBC warehouse or to an end user but with centralised billing, for quantity see specification.

To supply upright vacuum cleaners and accessories to CBC warehouse or end users, with centralised billing.

Supply Wet and dry vacuum cleaners/carpet washers to CBC warehouse and end user with centralised billing.

To supply Motorised scrubbing and polishing machines to CBC warehouse and end user with centralised billing.

To supply and bill Tub vacuum cleaners to end users.

To supply and bill Upright Vacuum cleaners and accessories to end users.

To Supply and bill Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner/carpet washer to end users.

To supply and bill Motorised scrubbing and polishing machines to the end users.

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