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School cleaning services

Hawthorn High School | Published January 10, 2017  -  Deadline February 10, 2017

The successful tenderer will be required to provide cleaning services at Hawthorn High School (the Client), Hawthorn, Pontypridd.

Hawthorn High School consists of eight detached buildings and is housed on a green field site close to the River Taff with extensive playing fields and leisure area. The School also manages an adjacent Swimming Pool, Youth Centre and Community Education Centre. The School has use of sports facilities during the day in term-time, however they are used by the community during evenings, weekends and School holidays.

A new, single-storey Sports Hall shall be opening on the site in January 2017, offering four volley ball courts. There shall be a requirement for some periodic cleaning of sports facilities during weekend and holidays.

The cleaning contract will commence on 1.8.2017 for an initial period of three years, with the opportunity to extend for a further period of up to three years at the discretion of the governing body.

The successful contractor will invoice the Client for one-twelfth of the annual cost on a monthly basis, also guaranteeing both the number of input hours to the contract and the quality of cleaning provision. Any variations to the contract that are requested by the Client should be invoiced at the agreed rate and should be calculated on an hourly rate per employee needed to carry out the variation to the satisfaction of the contract supervising officer. The Client's requirement shall be for 190 academic days, 5 inset days and 20 days periodic cleaning per annum.

Whilst the monthly charge will represent one-twelfth of the contract cost, a reconciliation will take place monthly to reconcile the actual hours worked within the contract. If the hours worked are less than those budgeted for a credit will be required by the Client. The Client requires that the tendered amount of hours are worked at all times and the successful contractor is expected to have a system in place to cover for both planned and unplanned leave.

The successful contractor shall provide a comprehensive cleaning service to the school site, so as to promote a clean, healthy and safe environment which presents a positive image to all users and visitors.

The school site must at all times meet health, safety and environmental standards appropriate to the site and its use and the successful Contractor must comply with the Client's health, safety and environmental policies and procedures. The cleaning services must be provided so as not to interrupt the routine of the Client.

The general standard of cleaning shall be in accordance with the BICSc Cleaning Standards, with BICSc training given to all cleaning operatives employed within this contract.

We are seeking a suitably experienced contractor who has current experience of working within the secondary school or HE/FE market place, ideally with a strong operational base within the Pontypridd area, thus allowing for both adequate contract support and the operational flexibility that is to be delivered in support of the contract as and when required.

The scope of the contract covers all cleaning provision within school buildings. The successful contractor will be expected to deliver a concise and detailed method of management reporting at the end of each month thus updating the senior management team within the School on the contract performance.

The projected cost of cleaning for the current year is circa 74 000 GBP (excluding the pool and new sports hall), however it is believed that through improved equipment and cleaning material innovation and the effective recruitment, training and supervision of cleaning staff there may be some opportunity for improvement. This sum currently includes one periodic clean of external windows and internal high level areas per annum.

The successful contractor shall be required to provide an auditable staff sign in and out system.

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