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Cleaning and sanitation services

Högskolan i Kristianstad | Published March 18, 2017  -  Deadline April 20, 2017
90900000, 90910000, 90911000, 90911200, 90911300

The contract relates to cleaning of the University of Kristianstad all premises and adjacent to our campus in Kristianstad. In total we have 16 buildings of varying size and with a total anvil surface of about 30 000 m². We intend to sign a contract with a supplier regarding the total task of cleaning where regular cleaning, floor care maintenance, window cleaning, entrance mats, cleaning of textiles as well as possible. Extra services included.

Occupational clothing

Region Skåne, Koncerninköp | Published February 22, 2017  -  Deadline April 3, 2017
18110000, 18100000, 18130000

Clothes to cleaning staff at the Regional Service and staff at the National Dental.


Kristianstads kommun/Upphandlingsenheten | Published March 25, 2017  -  Deadline May 2, 2017
45236000, 45214200

Issue No: TN 2015/212.

The following information does not constitute a basis for tendering purposes only and orientation.

The item includes construction of school F-6, special education, school AST, catering, sports hall, administrative spaces, div, garage / storage buildings and school grounds with plants, parking spaces, communication areas, playing fields and playground equipment.

The school will have 800 students and 150 staff. The building consists of 8 assembled buildings, and a number of storage and garage. In building A is the main entrance and reception as well as a library and music rooms.

From building A reach most of the other buildings. In the north, connecting the buildings F and G - in Building F is the administration and in building G special schools with a department for more disabled (F) and a section for students with autism spectrum condition (AST). This building also has separate entrances.

West of the building A are buildings D and E - two-storey buildings are identical except for the connecting entrance to Building A. Here lies the primary school premises and leisure activities.

South of the building A is building B with dining rooms, kitchens, wood- work rooms and staff areas (staff rooms, janitorial and cleaning center). In connection with the janitor loading the loading yard is building H - janitor garage and recycling building.

West of the building B is Building C - sports hall with changing rooms.


A building constructed in situ concrete frame and steel pillars with curtain walls of glass partitions.

Building B, C, D and E being constructed in precast concrete with facing bricks and facade of steel.

Building F and G being constructed with stud frame and facade materials of sheet materials.

Gross area about 13 300 m².

Treated land area of ​​about 48 000 m².

See more under point AFB.22 in the specifications.

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