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Tarnobrzeg: Delivery of purity Regional Hospital. Zofia Zamoyski Tarnowskiej in Tarnobrzeg

Wojewódzki Szpital im. Zofii z Zamoyskich Tarnowskiej w Tarnobrzegu | Published July 14, 2016  -  Deadline August 31, 2017
I. Object of the contract: The contract is for gradual delivery of purity Regional Hospital. Zofia Zamoyski Tarnowskiej in Tarnobrzeg, included in 14 packages. II. Description of the order: 1. CPV according to the Common Procurement Vocabulary: 39830000-9 Cleaning products 39220000-0 Kitchen equipment, household items and catering supplies 33760000-5 Toilet paper, handkerchiefs, hand towels and serviettes 39224300-1 Brooms and brushes and other articles for household cleaning 39831300-9 cleaner floors 18930000-7 Sacks and bags 33721100-1 Razors 2. a detailed description of the order contained in Annex 2 to the Terms of Reference - price Form. 3. specified in the Terms of Reference types and names of the producers are exemplary. The parameters specified by the Employer standard represent the technical, operational, usable, functional and other characteristics relevant to the subject of the contract, and the indicated brand or trade name defines the class of the product, not the specific manufacturer. The contractor can offer equivalent products, provided that they have not worse technical parameters than those described and specified in the tender documents. 4. measure equivalent Purchaser understands a measure based on the same main active ingredient, having the same duration of action, spectrum of activity and shelf life. Measure equivalent also has the same qualitative data, indications and contraindications for use. 5. The Contractor is responsible for the quality, compliance with the technical and quality described the object of the contract ..
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