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Rybnik: Current maintenance of provincial roads - partial repairs of road surface on the surfaces of small and large size - Stage II.

Zarząd Dróg Powiatowych | Published July 15, 2016  -  Deadline December 10, 2016
1. The contract is: Current maintenance of provincial roads in the area of ​​repairs partial surface of the roadway surfaces of small and large-size mixtures of mineral - asphalt heat produced in factories bitumen using milling within provincial roads: Opole - Crossing. DW 919, 919 episodes. the Crossing. DW 920 in Rudy Crossing to the DW 408 Sośnicowicach Rybnik 921 episodes. from DW 919 in Przeryciu the Crossing. DW 924 in the Forge Nieborów 923 episodes. from DW 919 Markowice - to Crossing. DW 935 in Rzuchowie 924 episodes. from DW 921 in Knurów - to gr. m. Zory Rybnik - the Crossing. DW 932 in Świerklany 932 episodes. from DW 930 in Świerklany - to gr. m. Zory Rybnik order includes work consisting in the elimination of bumps, holes and other damage caused by the current operation in bituminous surfaces. The works related to the execution of repairs include: - repairing cavities and bumps - large-size space - obłamanych edge - repair of damaged longitudinal weld technological bays of hot asphalt. 2. The scope of work includes the estimated .: 300 m2, 2800 m2. 2000 m. The area includes the small damage, the width of which is not greater than half the width of the roadway. To the surface of large size they are classified as damage, the width of which is greater than or equal to the width of the roadway, and the area of ​​not less than 100 m2. Repair damaged bituminous concrete asphalt with milling consists of: - wyfrezowaniu indicated damaged areas to the required depth milling machine electronically controlled, allowing milling to a certain depth, - cleaning the repaired place - heated bitumen and sprinkling the repair site (or using emulsion cold) - rozścieleniu of mineral - asphalt in one or two layers, depending on the depth of damage by manual or mechanical - density of individual layers arranged mixtures - lubricated bitumen surface of the upper layer on the connections with the old surface, - transport the mixture from the factory to the installation location, - transport reclaimed from the surface structure on the storage yard to the headquarters of Circuit Road in Bełk or any other place indicated by the Purchaser.

Rybnik: Delivery of fuel and operation of the boiler room in the building at ul.Hetmańskiej 5 in Rybnik

Zakład Gospodarki Mieszkaniowej w Rybniku | Published July 22, 2016  -  Deadline May 31, 2017
Hetmańska 5. Employer provides the duration of the heating season for a maximum period of 258 days (from 16.09.2016 r. To 05.31.2017 r.). Employer provides temporary suspension or resumption of the heating season depending on weather conditions causing the need for temporary cessation or the further supply of heat to warm the building. Purchaser in advance at least 1 day notify the Contractor (by phone or e-mail): 1) at the start and end of the heating season, 2) suspension of the heating season, 3) the resumption of the heating season. Hetmańska 5 in Rybnik, purchase of fuel, its supply to the boiler room, export, storage and disposal of waste generated in the combustion process, in accordance with applicable regulations in this regard. Hetman 1a, b, c, d, 5a, b and 7a. It is the responsibility of the Contractor should be: 25 - 30MJ / kg), 2) current supply of solid fuel, 3) current removal of slag, 4) securing constant maintenance boiler, 5) venting, 6) regular cleaning of the oven and burners with increasing pollution, regulation and professional maintenance of the heating system guarantees trouble-free, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly operation, 7) cyclic checking pressure instalacjach- complement of water, 8) verify the operation of safety valves, 9) to check activities of control devices and safety devices, 10) checking and ventilation and aeration for heating, 11) reporting failures and faults and their quick removal, 12) reporting renovation needs arising during operation, 13) make an inventory of spare parts, 14) running riot periodic, 15) maintaining the cleanliness of heating and boiler with facilities, 16) maintenance of code temperature in heated apartments, 17) keeping the notebook working boiler, 18) document in a notebook work boiler carried out activities with a brief description, the date and legible signature of the person operating the boiler, 19) execution of the contract in the use of boiler by person / s qualified to deal with the operation of equipment, installation and networks group 2 the position of operation and supervision in the amount consistent with the statement of the Contractor's offer, 20) submission of a list of persons engaged in the subject of the order in the use of boiler qualified to deal with the operation of equipment, and the installation of group 2 on the position of operation and supervision, along with a photocopy of the above. qualifications in terms of: a) the first term: 3 days from the date of the agreement, b) successive deadlines: for 5 days each month (in the period from 10.01.2016 r. to 05.31.2017 r.), 21) carrying out the operation for temperature maintenance water network in accordance with the table above mentioned booklet stamped and numbered pages provide Purchaser, 23) ensuring the performance of the above. order instigated a period not excluding public holidays, 23) providing for the contractual period of minimum reserves of solid fuel in the amount of 5 tons, which is to remain in the boiler room even after the end of the season, 24) having the entire period covered by the agreement, paid insurance policy civil liability in the scope of business for an amount of at least 100,000.00 zł, 25 - 30 MJ / kg) in tonnes for the period 16.09.2016 r. - 31.12.2016. in the period to 05.01.2017 r. and for the period 01.01.2017 r. - 05.31.2017 r. in the period to 06.06.2017 r. 26) execution of the contract for the period indicated by the Employer, the boiler room is equipped with 2 boilers with a capacity of 250 kW and the other 400 kW having facilities regulacyjno- security - collecting vessel open system.
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